A son’s desire becomes his mother’s desire and more

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Jacob Harris woke up a little after 8:00 a.m. He yawned, stretched, scratched his balls, and then threw the covers back to appreciate his morning erection, big and thick with the veins bulging, full of blood. But, of course, he had to pee. His “morning wood” wasn’t about sex so much and the name he’d heard his father call it—a piss hard—seemed appropriate because after he’d manage to take that long morning piss his cock would be flaccid, or nearly so. He yawned again, got out of bed and headed for the hall bathroom. He didn’t bother putting on any clothes.

His mom and dad would have left for work already. His father, Michael, was an executive at West Coast Insurance Group and always wanted to get to his office half an hour before official business hours, which started at 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Jacob’s mother, the marketing vice president at GynaDyne, a pharmaceutical company that specialized in women’s products, had to be at work by 8:00 a.m.

After taking care of his morning business, Jacob lay back down on his bed and thought about his future. He was twenty-five years old and had a master’s degree from River City U. in electrical engineering. He’d gotten a job almost immediately after getting his master’s degree, but then that company had gone belly up and now, here he was, living at home again and looking for work. It wasn’t as embarrassing as he’d thought it would be. He knew other young people in the same boat. And, of course, he loved his parents and they loved him and were only too happy to help him out.

Thinking of loving his parents or, rather, one parent in particular, Jacob began tugging on his cock and pulling up one of his favorite fantasies in his mental video player. He knew he was a sick puppy but ever since he was eighteen he’d been masturbating to the thoughts and images of having sex with his mother. After all, she was a damned attractive woman, even at age forty-six.

Patricia Harris was five feet, seven inches tall with great muscle tone and no appreciable fat. Her thick, straight chestnut-colored hair was cut in a stylish bob that came to three or four inches below her ears. And her eyes were a beautiful, rich green.

She kept herself fit and trim with proper diet and exercise and, who knew, maybe even some of the products that she developed marketing strategies for at GynaDyne. In any case, no one, including Jacob thought she looked a day over forty. Some even guess her younger than that.

Since he was alone in the house, Jacob hadn’t bothered to shut the door to his bedroom all the way. He liked walking around the house naked or lying on his bed masturbating when his parents were gone. He didn’t have to worry about being heard or having his mom or dad knocking on his door at an inopportune time.

The Harris’s were casual about clothing, not that they were always walking around their house naked, but seeing his mother or father without clothes wasn’t uncommon for Jacob and vice versa. He’d grown up with it and it seemed natural. Of course, they never did it when any of Jacob’s friends were at the house. But sometimes they would be getting prepared to go to a nude beach, either on the coast or in the upper reaches of the Little River, and one or more of Jacob’s friends would show up including, sometimes, a girl or two that were friends with Jacob or girlfriends of Jacob’s male friends. It would be explained to them where they were going and that it would be a nudist outing, although no one would have to go totally nude, it was a personal choice. Since the young men and women were all adults, the Harris’s left it up to them to come with them or not. They all chose to come with them. Even the girls didn’t have a problem with going with them.

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