Mother, son, and fuck buddy

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Kate got off work pretty much on time, at 9.10pm and arrived home at 9.35pm. The house was in darkness and she didn’t know how to interpret that. Either Madeleine had gone home and Jake was so shagged out that he’d gone to bed early, or maybe they were still at it but doing it in the dark. She looked at the cars parked in the street, but that didn’t help because she hadn’t thought to ask Madeleine which car was hers.

She let herself in the front door, turned on a light, and listened — nothing. She walked across the lounge room and down the corridor, past her room, and as she passed the bathroom she noticed a soft light coming from Jake’s room, not the room light, but maybe his bed light. When she got to his door, it was a little more than half closed, so she knocked — no response. She leaned in a little and looked. She could see Jake’s head on the pillow and it looked as if he was blissfully asleep, so she went in quietly. It wasn’t until she was near the bed that she noticed a second body in bed next to him, Madeleine. She was asleep too, snuggled into Jake’s back with her arm around him. She smiled and was about to leave the room when she noticed the pile of clothes on Jake’s desk, and a chair near the bed. On an impulse she turned the chair to face the bed, and sat down, both actions made slight noises but they didn’t seem to disturb the sleeping couple.

She sat there and smiled wistfully as she looked down on the contented faces of her son and his new fuck buddy friend, and was so glad it had obviously gone well this evening. She had been dying to get home and find out how it went. She had found it difficult to concentrate at work, wondering what they might be doing at home at any given time. She put her bag on the bedside table and accidentally knocked a book, which fell to the floor.

Jake opened his eyes and said, “Mum!… what time is it?”

“About quarter to ten. Sorry — didn’t mean to wake you up. Just got home and was hoping you were still awake so you could tell me all about it. I wouldn’t have come in if I’d known Maddy was still here.”

“No, that’s all right, Mum. We didn’t turn in for the night. We were just having a break and must have drifted off,” he said as he sat up, inadvertently pulling the covers off Madeleine in the process.

Looking down on Madeleine’s nakedness, illuminated by the soft bed light, Kate said, “You must’ve had fun if it tired you out that much.”

Jake said, “We did, Mum — thanks for asking, and I’m dying to tell you all about it when we have a private moment.”

Either having the bedclothes pulled off her, or the voices, woke Madeleine and, wide eyed, mouth open, she gasped and then said, “Mrs C… I mean Kate! — we must have passed out. Sorry. I thought I’d be gone before you came home.” Then she remembered she was naked and grabbed some of the bedclothes and tried to cover her pendulous breasts. This action uncovered Jake’s lap and exposed his penis. Madeleine looked at Jake’s cock, and then at Kate, and said, “Sorry,” as she tried to cover him up without exposing herself again.

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