Maid From Heaven

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Hi friends, I have been reading the various encounters that you all have had with your maids. This became my ultimate fantasy. Unfortunately, I never got the chance till this incident happened.

To tell you about myself I am 27yrs 6’ tall average male from south India. This episode happened less than a year ago. I am writing my experience with lots of encouragement from Uma.

Two years ago I moved to Bangalore because of a family decision to build a house there. I was given the job since dad was very busy. I had to supervise the entire thing, after 1yr the house was ready.

After house warming I shifted here and my parents went back to our hometown. We are a well to do business family with business spread across India which is managed by my father and me.

I work from home mostly and business in Bangalore was my responsibility. While I was settling down, I was slowly furnishing the entire place with some tasteful furnishings. Meanwhile I had a big problem getting a maid servant to do the daily chores.

I checked and none of our servants were ready to stay and work here. I had spoken to so many maids that if they knew someone to refer them to me. Out of the blue when I was lazing on an early Saturday morning, my neighbour’s maid rang my doorbell.

I answered the door, she said Uma who she has brought is looking for work. She can give a complete guarantee of her, the only criteria being she needed a place to stay. I looked at Uma and saw an innocent young village woman.

She was very fair and just 5-2 in height. Same time, she was very dirty which gave me second thoughts. The other maid said she was in a hurry and left saying we could discuss and leave a message with our neighbour.

I looked at Uma and my fantasies came to mind so I decided to try her. If I could get her to do everything my way, then things might be great. I invited her inside locking the door telling her to get comfortable.

When I was closing the door after letting her in, her full backside brushed my body. Uma did not react and sat on the floor curled up. I asked “why are you sitting on the floor?” She said “the servant’s place is at the master’s feet”.

Coming from a modern culture I said “I don’t look at it that way and would appreciate if you sat on the chair”. She said “I am very dirty right now so don’t not want to spoil your expensive furniture”.

I agreed saying “you need to tidy up and cannot be like this”, she nodded and asked “do you have a place for me to stay?” I said yes and her eyes lit up. She asked “can I take a bath first because it is more than a week and am feeling very dirty”.

I liked her and asked “should we first discuss your salary and terms? If you agree then you can proceed”. She said “if you have a place for me to stay that is all I need. I don’t care about money and everything else can wait”.

She said “I am very sure there is nothing you want which I cannot not do”. This was more than what I was expecting so I agreed. I said “my bathroom is the only one currently furnished with all the necessities”.

I took her to my attached big bathroom. My bathroom has a double tub and all the bells and whistles. I said “you can take a bath here”. Uma was confused looking at the fittings. She asked “can get a bucket to take bath”.

I showed her how to operate the hand and overhead shower. She was excited looking at the water falling from the overhead shower. She said “I would love to use the shower”. I asked “do you have any other clothes with you?

I want you to dispose all your current clothes”. She said “what I am wearing now is all I have left. Do you have any old clothes I can wear?” I could only think of my mother’s clothes for her and took her to my parent’s room.

I opened my mom’s wardrobe taking out mom’s old saris and nighties. I asked “do you have any preference”. Uma replied “I will wear anything”. We figured mom’s clothes were more than double Uma’s size because mom is very obese at 120kg.

Uma said “these are too big”. I took her to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe showing her “this is the best alternative I have. If you do not mind you can wear till I buy you new ones”.

Uma looked at me saying “these are men’s clothes, what will people say”. I said “I don’t care what people say as long as you are ok with it. I am willing to help you, only if you do exactly what I tell you.

Everything should remain a secret between us”. I gave my white T-shirt and a track pant to her. I took her to the bathroom and put my clothes on the hangar. I adjusted the shower to warm saying “turn it on when you want it”.

I stepped out of the bathroom closing the door telling her to lock it. The devil in me made me curious to see her naked, I went to the key hole and peeped inside. Uma removed her clothes and stood naked facing my full size mirror.

I froze at the sight of her naked body. Her old clothes hid her curves nicely and I saw she had a busty figure like Sunny Leone. Uma was better than my wildest imagination. She had big shapely breasts with forward pointed nipples exactly like fat mangoes.

Her flat waist curved very nicely leading to curvy butt. She had a dense forest over her pussy. It completely hid her pussy lips which I wanted to see. As if she read my mind, she spread her legs separating her pubic hair.

She separated her pussy lips and started fingering her pussy while rubbing her boobs with her hand. She was masturbating which made it clear she had sexual needs making me eager to fuck her.

This was like a fantasy which I had masturbated a million times to. She got in the bath tub opening the shower and sat down playing under the water scrubbing her feet. I don’t have a feet fetish but I love women who keep them clean.

She cleaned her feet and came to the rest of her body scrubbing herself from her legs going upwards. She lay in the tub under the falling water spreading her legs. She was rubbing her crotch slowly at first and soon very vigorously letting out Aahs.

The water from the shower was falling directly on her pussy giving her pleasure. Watching her masturbate gave me a hard on. I held my dick and started stroking it imagining I was fucking her.

She continued rubbing her pussy for a few more minutes vigorously and screamed “Oui Maa, mar gayi” quite loudly. She then realized where she was and got up and sat in the tub staring at the door with a nervous look.

She waited for a few minutes till she felt no one heard her and stood under the shower. She washed her pussy and wet her body including her long hair. She took the shampoo and lathered her hair.

She took the bath gel and lathered her body making more froth spending extra time on her boobs and pussy. As you know the shower washes all the soap from your body when you stand under it, the ground below becomes slippery with the foam.

Uma did not realize this and slipped and fell on her back with a loud thud screaming loudly. I pretended to come running and stood outside the bathroom door asking her “are you ok?” Uma said Saab “I slipped and fell”.

I asked “are you able to stand and come to the door?” She said “my leg is hurting a lot so I cannot stand”. I asked “can you somehow unlock the door, so I can help you?” She said “door was never locked”.

I asked “Is it ok for me to come in to help you?” Uma replied with a few seconds delay, yes. I opened the bathroom door stepping inside. I saw her lying naked in the bath tub covering her boobs with one hand and her pussy with the other.

Her hands were not enough to cover her assets. Uma apologized saying “I am very ashamed about this”. I said “it is ok, I am worried if you have hurt yourself seriously”. I took a towel from the rack and covered her front body.

I said “hold it and where did you hurt yourself?” She used the same hand with which she was covering her chest placing it below her right thigh showing me. I stepped into the tub between her legs and came to her right side.

I tried to lift her leg slowly holding from below. Uma said “it is hurting a lot but I will bear it”. My eyes were on her pussy because the towel had slid and she was not covering it. I got a good look at her pussy thru her bush.

I said “you still have a lot of soap on your body. You follow my instructions, I am going to make you stand and wash the soap”. I stepped in front and put both her hands around my neck.

I hugged her lifting her slowly making her stand. During this the towel fell and we ended up hugging each other with my cock touching her crotch. I was scared if she realised. After I made her stand, I said “hold the hand rail for balance”.

I apologized about the towel incident. Uma looked at me and said “Saab, you have seen everything so I don’t need the towel anymore. If any other man would have seen me like this, he would have surely raped me.

You are a gentleman and I feel safe in your hands”. I kept the towel back on the rack and was happy I was making good progress with her. Hopefully very soon I would be fucking her with her consent.

Uma reminded me saying “my leg is still hurting a lot”. I came behind her and raised her right thigh from below confirming where the pain was and placed her foot on the armrest.

While I was supporting her with my one hand around her, my face rubbed against her butt giving me a view of her rear hole. I stood behind her and asked “what are you going to do about your hair”.

She said “I will wash it myself.” I turned on the overhead shower standing behind her holding her firmly with my hands on her ribcage while Uma bent forward washing her hair. I daringly raised my hands and touched her boobs from the sides.

After waiting a few moments and seeing no reaction from her I began lightly caressing her boobs from the side. Soon she was done washing her hair, I checked her hair and asked her to shampoo her hair again.

Without questioning she started doing it. Because of all our movements my hands were cupping half her boobs now. I realized her nipples were at my fingertips. I gently began pressing her nipples between my fingertips.

I realised we were standing so close that our bodies were touching and my clothes were fully wet. My cock was rock hard buried in-between her butt cheeks. I did not care how she would react because it felt great.

All I wanted was to fuck her as soon as I can. Uma finished shampooing her hair, I told her to tie it on her head. I saw she was breathing heavily probably because I had been caressing her boobs and nipples.

I said “hold the hand rail and stand so I can bathe you”. Uma said “Saab I am feeling very ashamed because you are giving me a bath. Also your clothes are fully wet because of me”.

I came in front saying “don’t worry too much because I want to take care of you and don’t tell anyone about this”. Uma smiled saying “don’t worry Saab, this will remain between us only. Please give me a chance to take good care of your needs”.

I was feeling great as I was inching closer to my dream fuck. To keep her engrossed, I asked “are you married or is there someone who is worrying about you now?”

I picked up the hand shower and aimed it at her neck and chest to wash the soap and ran my hands all over taking time feeling her boobs. Uma said “yes I am married but I do not want to go back to that hell.

With great difficulty I escaped with help from a good man. I have a family but after my marriage they disowned me instead of rescuing me. I had a mama who really cared for me and we were in love.

We wanted to get married but my parents did not allow. So there is no one left for me to go back to”. I kept quiet and continued washing her boobs. I went down to her tummy and kneeled in front while doing it.

I pointed the hand shower at her crotch and Uma jerked. I placed my hand on her crotch separating her hairy bush and touching her pussy. Uma was letting out soft Aahs while I was doing this.

I said spread your legs and she did. Her pussy was wet with her slimy juice oozing out. I looked at her, Uma had her eyes closed. I licked my fingers tasting her juices. As I rubbed her pussy, Uma spread her legs further grinding her crotch against my hand.

I spread her pussy lips bringing my mouth closer and gave a quick lick to her clit. Uma placed her hand behind my head pushing it harder to her clit as her body trembled. She let out a loud moan and I pushed two fingers in her pussy making her moan louder.

I alternately kept licking her pussy and fingering it. I pushed one finger in her butt with two fingers still inside her pussy and she had an intense orgasm. Her entire body wriggled with her orgasm pressing my face hard against her pussy.

I continued licking with my fingers going to and fro inside both her holes till she recovered and stood straight. Uma said “I am very ashamed about what happened”. I continued down her legs rubbing her thighs including her feet washing all the soap off.

When I was done, I came behind her and washed her back from neck downwards. I spread her ass cheeks pointing the water to her butt hole washing with my hand confident she will not object.

I asked “how many times did you soap yourself”, “she said this was the first”. I said “you need more cleaning. Please hold the hand rail and stand so I can bathe you again”. Uma said “Saab I would die of shame making you do anything more”.

I asked “what choice do you have right now? I washed the soap from your body from your earlier bath, so where is the shame left between us now?” She remained quiet while I poured the bath gel on the applicator.

I lathered from her neck downwards rubbing her boobs with the applicator and my bare palm on the other. I looked at her face and her eyes were closed again and she was letting out feeble Aahs breathing heavily.

Uma said “Saab you are taking very good care of me as if I was someone very dear to you. I do not understand why because I am just your servant”. I said “I am only trying to help. For me you are a human being first and this is how I take care of my people”.

What I said worked like an icebreaker and Uma hugged me crying on my shoulder. All the soapy froth from her body was now on my clothes and my erection was pressing against her crotch.

I consoled her running my hands on her soapy neck while my other hand was holding her back. Uma broke the hug and looked at my face with teary eyes saying “Saab, I strongly feel something very nice about you and feel I can blindly trust you”.

I said “I am happy to hear and you will surely get your chances”. I continued lathering her body and spending a good amount of time massaging her boobs. I was doing it confidently knowing she will not object.

I came to her navel pushing my finger inside. Uma said “Saab your touch feels exactly like my mama and I am not able to control myself”. I said “tell me more about your mama”. She said “things were totally different between me and my mama so I cannot answer”.

I insisted, “I am asking if I am as good as your mama”. She said “Saab please leave it because mama and me were also lovers. I can never compare you to my mama, besides that you are equally good”.

I knew she was slipping closer to me. She said “you are so much younger than my mama, every time I feel your touch, it reminds me of him”. I went down to her pussy and rubbed with the applicator separating her bush and she spread her legs giving me more access.

I separated her pussy lips with my fingers pushing inside pretending to clean while Uma’s voice was now groggy. Uma held my head gyrating her bottom on my fingers pushing them deeper inside her pussy.

I pointed my soapy ring finger in her ass entering naturally with her motion. She was now riding my fingers in her pussy and ass. I remained still and saw she was having another strong orgasm.

After it subsided, she composed herself saying “I don’t know what came on me, I did not mean any of what just happened and am very ashamed about it”. I said “it was normal and don’t feel bad about it”.

My fingers were still inside her pussy and ass while we were talking. I removed them and continued to lather her legs. I continued doing it especially massaging her inner thighs making sure my knuckles brushed her pussy often.

To keep her engrossed, I asked “where is your mama now? She said he passed away in a road accident otherwise I would have married and settled with him”. I said sorry about that and she said “it is ok; it was very long ago”.

I stood holding her face with my hands and looked into her eyes, I said “you are the most beautiful person at heart I have ever met”. Uma blushed again, I don’t know how I managed to say this.

Uma was staring at my face all dazed and she hugged me tightly and burst out crying again. I lifted her face and planted a kiss on her forehead saying “it is ok, please stop crying”. We broke the hug and I came behind her.

I added more bath gel to the applicator and lathered her neck going down her back till her butt. I told her to bend forward. I separated her ass cheeks scrubbing her butt hard with the applicator including her pussy.

Uma herself bent further holding the tap and opening her legs further giving me full access. I used this chance to rub her pussy nicely. I hugged her from behind and said “wash your hair” opening the overhead shower.

I was cupping her boobs from behind confidently this time. Uma washed her hair and was about to tie it, I interrupted her saying “you need to apply the conditioner which will make your hair soft”, giving her the conditioner.

While she applied the conditioner, I continued massaging her boobs gently keeping her nipples in-between my fingers. When she was done she tied her hair over her head and stood holding the hand rail.

I came in front taking the hand shower and washed her body from neck downwards. I spent extra time on her boobs, belly and pussy and now she was openly moaning louder. I hugged her from behind opening the top shower telling her to wash the conditioner.

When she was done I switched off the water and she tied her hair above her head. I knelt facing her pussy and Uma spread her legs. I spread her pussy lips pointing the shower stream while finger fucking her love hole making her squirm in pleasure.

I washed her thighs and legs including her feet. I came behind her and did the same giving extra attention to her butt. This time she herself bent forward opening her legs. I made the most out of this chance by fingering both her holes together.

I switched off the shower and put her left hand over my shoulder and my right hand around her holding her. I reached all around her back cupping her right boob firmly. I helped her step out of the shower onto the dry bathroom mat near the door.

I said “hold the door knob for support”. I picked up a towel and I slowly wiped from her head going downwards spending a lot of time on her boobs continuing further down to her waist and pussy.

I continued talking to her, “I said you have a very beautiful and sexy body”. Uma blushed and turned her face the other way. I asked “did I said anything wrong”, she covered her face with her hands smiling from ear to ear saying “Saab you are like god send for me.

I really like you and will do anything to make you happy, just give me a chance”. I said “between us we are good friends and that is our first secret, you need to listen and do exactly as I tell you”.

She said “Saab I never imagined to put you in this situation, I am so ashamed for making you do all this”. After I had towelled her, I placed one hand around her back and the other under her knees carrying her and placed her on my bed.

I spread a bedsheet on her covering her till her thighs. I asked her to lift her right leg which she couldn’t so I had to her raise it and placed a pillow below it. I took a fresh set of clothes from my wardrobe and went to the bathroom and changed.

I brought a pain spray and sat between her legs lifting her leg placing her ankle on my shoulder. This displaced the bedsheet revealing her pussy so I covered it again. I sprayed her leg and massaged it during which I rubbed my knuckles against her pussy often.

She said “Saab I will never be able to repay your debt”, I comforted her saying its ok. I gave her a pain killer while she was still lying on my bed. I looked at her and said “get some sleep and we will talk later” and I left.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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