My First Love Navya – Part 5

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 4 before starting this.

I went to home and had some breakfast and went to my room and slept. I didn’t went to institution for next two days. After two days went to college and my friends asked why I didn’t came to college from last one week. I said I am having fever from last one week. So I didn’t came to college. Navya said she went to her village with their mom and dad. So no one got doubt on us.

We used to meet as regularly we do in the institution. After a week we got an announcement that farewell for final year students is going to happen. Our seniors asked us help for decorating the auditorium. Some of us accepted to help them. On the before day of farewell there was some festival celebrations happening in the auditorium. On that day few girls came in saree to the college. To my surprise Navya also came in saree.

Me: You are looking so beautiful. You don’t know how to wear saree right. How did you wear?
Navya: I learnt it for you. Am I looking good?
Me: You are looking so beautiful in saree. If no one is around I would have lifted you up and kissed you all over the body.
Navya: Hey shh.. stay calm someone may listen.
Me: Anyhow today night we need to stay here to decorate auditorium for tomorrow farewell. I will find some chance to kiss you.

She given a smile in shy and went away from me. Shilpa and Shylu are listening to us. But we didn’t notice them. All the day went normal and in the evening some of our seniors guided how to decorate the auditorium and said they will come tomorrow morning and asked us to complete it by that time. 4 seniors 2 from girls and 2 from boys stayed along with us. We are around 20 people including both girls and boys. Shilpa and Shylu are also there. We completed auditorium stage decoration by around 10 O’clock in the night. No one wanted to go home at that time even security didn’t allowed us to start to home at that time. So all of us decided to stay in the institution. We planned to stay under the trees in the lawn.

One of my senior given auditorium keys to me and asked to lock the auditorium by keeping all the decoration materials inside the auditorium. I asked Navya to help me to bring the decoration materials to the auditorium. She started to adjust all the things into two bags and I went to auditorium with some materials and waiting for her in the auditorium. After sometime she came to auditorium by holding two bags of decoration materials in her hands. She came inside auditorium and stood there by holding bags in her hand. I went nearby to her and started to kiss on the lips. She is not responding and stood like that. I am kissing on her cheeks and on her waist and shoulders and on the all the places. I didn’t understand why she is not responding and stood up and hold her face and went nearer to her and slowly asked her

Me: What happened to you? Why are you not responding? Are you not interested to kiss me now?
Navya: I saw Shilpa following me while coming to auditorium.
I lifted my head up and saw. Shilpa is standing and watching us just a few steps away from us. I didn’t understand what to do and went nearby to her and holded her tight without shouting and took her into the auditorium dressing room. I asked Navya to hold her and I turned off the lights and went and closed the auditorium door from inside and went back to the dressing room. The dressing room is covered from all sides and having only one main entrance and one bathroom. We turned on the light in the room. Navya released her mouth. She started to shout help and calling the people. Immediately Navya slapped her hard on the face. The room is completely closed and no one can listen. Navya repeatedly slapped her on the face. Shilpa face became red. I have seen another version of Navya at that time. Navya made Shilpa to lay on the floor and hold her tight and asked me to tear her pussy and fuck her. I got shocked. I asked Are you sure. She shouted at me to fuck her in anger. Shilpa is shouting no, no, no, no, no.

Shilpa figure is 32-24-32. I went nearby to Shilpa and removed her kurta pant. I removed her panty also. I said Navya I will make Shilpa completely naked. She accepted and I moved her top till her shoulders and Navya dragged it completely out and removed. Now is Shilpa is only on her bra. I placed my hand on bra and tried to squeezing. I am not feeling softness of her boobs. I tried to remove her bra. She is having another layer of bra. I removed that as well. She is having few more layers of bra.

I and Navya started to laugh at her by seeing multiple layers of bra to show her boobs as big. I took my phone and started to record everything. I removed all layers of bra. Her boobs size is only 28. She is not having good figure as well and trying to show that she is hot in front of people. We both are laughing by seeing her and she is trying to cover herself and feeling shy. I went nearby to her and hold her hair and asked her to suck my dick. She didn’t accept. Navya came and hold her hair tight and started to slap her on the face and on her back and telling to suck my dick. I inserted my hands in her pussy and slapping on her ass cheeks. Finally she accepted to suck my dick and started to give blow job. My dick got fully erected. We made her to lay on the floor. I removed my clothes completely and widened her legs and inserted my dick into her pussy. She pretended to shout louder in pain. Immediately Navya closed her mouth.

Navya: You want to spy us right. Spy us now and tell to everyone that we fucked you. Are you feeling pain. We felt more pain when you disturbed us. Now enjoy the fucking pain.

Navya said to don’t stop fucking her even if she says she is feeling pain. I started to fuck her hard. We noticed that she is not virgin. We asked about her virginity. She said she lost her virginity to Raj Sir before some days. We got shocked.

Navya: You bitch. You getting fucked with the staff and spying on us and trying to get good name in the staff. You deserves to fuck hard.

She said sorry. Even though Navya didn’t want to leave her. I am fucking her hard. She started to moan and enjoy the fuck and looking at me in lust. Navya got anger and removed her panty and sat on her face and asked her to lick her pussy. Navya is enjoying her licking and moaning and I am squeezing Navya boobs and fucking Shilpa pussy. I fucked for 20 mins and said I am about to cum. Navya said to release it in her pussy. Shilpa is shouting no, no. But due to Navya pussy in her mouth we are listening it as umm, umm. I released sperm in her pussy and we both came away from her. She is breathing heavily and relaxed after sometime and said

Shilpa: Hahahaha….. You want me to become pregnant. I know what to do to not become pregnant.
Me: Yeah you may not become pregnant. But we are having secret of your boobs. If you speak anything outside and continued spying on us. I will show this to all. I will upload this to the internet.
Shilpa: You can blackmail me by showing this. But you can’t stop my friend without telling this to all. She might have already went and told to all the people.

We got shocked by listening to her.

Me: Who is that?
Shilpa: You very well known her. My friend Shylu. She came along with me. She stood outside auditorium and I came inside to watch you.

We got shocked and I went in hurry towards the auditorium door. I moved the curtain aside and watched outside from the glass. I didn’t saw anyone outside the auditorium. I got relaxed and while going back to dressing room I saw someone is crying and feeling fear behind entrance door curtain. I went nearby and looked. It is Shylu. She got frightened by seeing me and begging me to leave her. I said if she comes calm with me I won’t hurt her. She accepted and came along with me. We both went into the dressing room. Shilpa got shocked by seeing her. Navya got anger and came to beat her. I stopped Navya and said

Me: Wait, wait I promised her that we won’t hurt her if she came along with me.
Navya: Don’t you remember what they did?
Me: Yeah, I accept what they did is wrong.
Shilpa: What are doing here? Why you didn’t went and called all the people?
Shylu: I saw that he closed your mouth and taking you into the room. In a fear of that they will do something to you. I came inside to help you. But within the time he came back again and closed the door. I hide behind the curtain. I have listened all the things happened to you in the room by standing nearby to the room door. When you told about me I got fear and went back to hide behind the curtain.
Navya: See still you want to forgive them. They tried to spy and catch us. They didn’t get the appropriate chance or else they would have caught us.

I accepted with Navya and hold Shylu tight from behind and Navya slapped her hard on the face repeatedly. Shilpa came and tried to stop Navya. Navya started to fight with Shilpa and made her to lay down and tied her hands and legs with her dress and dupatta and inserted her panty in her mouth. Now she came back to Shylu and started slapping her.

Shylu: You promised me that you hurt me if I come with you.
Me: Yeah I am not hurting you. I am just holding you.
Shylu: But Navya is beating me very hard.
Me: She is very angry on you and also she didn’t promised you that she won’t hurt you.

Navya repeatedly slapped her for sometime and she got tired and asked to leave her and fuck her. Shylu said no, no.

Me: Accept Shylu otherwise Navya will beat you again. See how hard she beat Shilpa for not accepting to have sex. See all her body became red due to her slaps.

Shylu figure is 36-28-36. I got a doubt that she is also wearing multiple layers of bra and squeezed her boobs to check. She is having real boobs of that size. I started to record Shylu as well on the mobile. She moaned softly. I started to squeeze her boobs and lick neck slowly inserting my hand inside her dress. She is wearing sleeveless kurta and dupatta. I removed her dupatta and slowly removing her kurta. She slowly started to respond and accepted to have sex with me. Navya went nearby to Shilpa and made her to turn towards us and telling to her

Navya: See how intelligent is your friend. She accepted to have sex to escape from beating. What you will do if I make your mouth free now.

Shilpa signalled her to free her mouth. Navya immediately removed panty from her mouth. Shilpa started to scold Shylu for accepting to have sex for escaping from beating. I removed Shylu dress completely and Navya dragged Shilpa on the floor to Shylu. I am squeezing Shylu boobs and Navya took Shilpa mouth to Shylu pussy and asked her to lick. Shilpa didn’t accept. Navya made her to press her mouth to Shylu pussy and I asked Shylu to wrap her legs around Shilpa face and make them free if she licks your pussy. Shylu immediately wrapped legs on her face and made Shilpa face to stuck in between her thighs at her pussy. After sometime Shilpa started to lick her pussy and Shylu made her free from wrap. I sat on Shylu boobs and inserted my dick in her mouth and Navya came and sat in front of me and we both started to kiss and I am squeezing her boobs and she is moaning. Shylu released orgasm and Shilpa face fully drenched with it. We both laughed by seeing her face. We said Shilpa to lick her pussy more till we say to stop. She continued to lick. After sometime Shylu released another orgasm. I went to Shylu pussy and pointed my dick to her pussy. Navya dragged Shilpa away and started to lick her pussy. She is licking her pussy very hard. I slowly inserted my dick inside Shylu pussy. She is moaning. I started to give strokes. She is also not virgin. She is moaning very nice umm, umm, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck……….. She is enjoying it a lot. I am squeezing her boobs and fucking her. I fucked her for 30 mins and released sperm inside her pussy. She is enjoyed the fuck. Shilpa also released orgasm and feel relaxed.

Me: How your boobs are so big and you are not virgin.
Shylu: Yeah during my schooling I am having a boyfriend. She used to squeeze my boobs all the time. Due to that they became that much big and also I lost my virginity to him. After completing my schooling I came to this town and we didn’t met later.
Me: Being knowing about the relationship why you are spying on the couples in the college and informing to staff.
Shylu: Me and Shilpa are not good at studies. One day we asked Raj Sir to help us to improve our academics. He said it is difficult to improve academics at once. He asked us to help him to find couples in the college and he will help us to get good score in the academics. We accepted and started to spy on the couples. Later we came to know that he is from college discipline committee and he slowly started to blackmail us to have sex with him to get help from him. Otherwise he said he will book us in the disciplinary actions and make us to get suspend. We got fear and accepted to have sex with him. Recently he fucked Shilpa and took her virginity. Anyhow we got score in academics. We are satisfied with that.
Me: You will sacrifice your body for your needs. You don’t think how it will impact on other people. You bitches. Tomorrow you have to say him that you are not going to work as spy for him. Otherwise I will upload your videos to internet.
Shylu: If we didn’t work for him. He won’t help us in academics and book us in some disciplinary actions.
Me: Ok then don’t tell him that you won’t work for him. But don’t inform about couples in the college to him.

They both accepted for that. Navya released Shilpa from tied. They both went to a corner and sit there by holding dress in their hand but they didn’t wear it. Navya came to me in full of happy and started to give liplock to me. We kissed for sometime and

Navya: Fuck me now.
Me: Just now I fucked them. I need sometime.
Navya: Take your time. But please fuck me hard.

I started to smooch her cleavage and neck and she slowly removed her saree. She is on her blouse and petticoat. I loosened her blouse and she removed it completely. Now she is on her bra and petticoat. She started to rub my dick and trying to make it hard. I am squeezing her waist and kissing her. I am hugging her tight and kept my hands inside her petticoat from backside and squeezing her ass cheeks. She moaning. I loosened her bra and removed it. Her boobs came out. My dick started to erect. Immediately she took it into her mouth and started to give blowjob. Her boobs are moving front and back while she is doing blowjob. I am squeezing her boobs. My dick got fully erected and she removed her petticoat. She is completely naked now. We both went into 69 position and I am licking her pussy and she is sucking my dick. They both are starring at us. After sometime I turned her around and pointed my dick to wards her pussy. I inserted it inside and started to give strokes. She is moaning a lot. They both are rubbing their pussies themselves and moaning. I fucked Navya for 20 mins and released sperm on her boobs. I licked it all and given liplock to her and we both slept like that by kissing and hugging each other tight. We asked both of them to sleep. They nodded their head came nearby to us and slept beside us. After sometime in the night I am feeling someone is trying to wake me up and playing with my dick. I thought it was Navya and said

Me: Navya not now. We have to go to home tomorrow morning. We can fuck later. Just sleep now.
Navya: Don’t make fun of me. I don’t want to get fuck now.
Me: Then who is trying to wake me up and playing with my dick.

I slowly opened the eyes and saw. That is Shilpa and Shylu. I shocked by seeing them. They both are sitting beside me and one playing with my dick and another rolling her hands on my chest. They didn’t saw that I opened my eyes and saw them. I hitted on Navya face. She wokeup at once and saw them. They immediately laid down and pretended like sleeping. Navya didn’t saw them properly.

Navya: What happen to you? Why are you disturbing me? I said I don’t want to get fuck now right. Then why are you disturbing me again.
Me: Before you wakeup they both are playing with my dick and rolling their hands on my chest.
Navya said to me in low voice in my ears.
Navya: Let’s act like we are sleeping. If they try once again we will catch them.
Me: Ok
Navya said in bold voice to make them fools.
Navya: How many times I need to tell you? If I told you once won’t you understand? If you wake me again I will beat you.

She slept and I kept my hand as near as possible to her to wake her up if they tried to play with my dick again. After sometime they again tried to play with my dick. I immediately called Navya by touching her body. She wokeup suddenly and caught them. By seeing Navya they said

Shilpa: You both are fucking very nice. We want to have sex with him.
Shylu: Yes he is fucking very good. Please allows us to get fuck with him.

I am just seeing at Navya. They requested Navya for long time. Finally she accepted and leaned on me and rolling her fingers from top to bottom of my body and said to fuck them. They immediately started to play with my dick. Shilpa came on to me and trying to keep her boobs into my mouth and said

Shilpa: You haven’t licked my boobs since I became naked in front of you. Please suck them.
Me: You are not at all having boobs. How I can suck them.
Shilpa: Just lick them. That is more than sufficient for me. Please do it for me.

Shylu is sucking my dick. I licked Shilpa boobs for sometime and bite her nipples. I asked Shilpa to give blowjob and Shylu to kiss me. I kissed Shylu by squeezing her boobs. They are big and soft enough to enjoy. I am biting one of her boob. Suddenly Navya took another her boob into her mouth and started to bite it. I started to squeeze Navya boobs. Now two girls on my chest and one in between my legs. They are rubbing their both boobs on my face and I am fingering their pussies. After sometime they all bend in front of me in doggy position. Navya is on right side and Shilpa in middle and Shylu in left side. I am fingering Navya and Shylu pussy. They both are fingering Shilpa pussy. I dragged all the three as close as possible and hold them tight and inserted my dick in Shilpa at once. She moaned. Navya and Shylu kept their hands inside her mouth to make her without shouting. I fucked her few minutes by squeezing Navya and Shylu boobs and moved to the Shylu pussy. I fucked her for sometime and moved to Navya pussy. I fucked her for sometime and asked them to turn around and three of them stood in front of me on the knees. I released sperm on the three members boobs and licked on each others boobs. I laid down. Navya and Shylu hugged me from both sides and Shilpa leaned on me and we slept like that till 5 O’clock and we wakeup and wear our dress and we cleaned the dressing room with the mop from bathroom and kept everything normal. In the morning I came to the seniors and given the keys. They are in the farewell mood they didn’t asked anything. We all came out of the institution and went to home. After that Shilpa and Shylu stopped spying on the couples. Whenever Raj Sir asks them they are saying they didn’t find anyone. Me and Navya started to do romance in the college itself behind that lab. But still other people in the college are in fear of Shilpa and Shylu and not trying to do romance in the college.

Whenever I got a chance I used to go to Navya house and fuck her and came back in the morning. Everything is going normal and we got our exam centers and schedule. Navya got a nearby exam center just 3 kms from her house. I got a exam center which is 15 kms away from my home. I got disappointed with that. Anyhow we are not having any chance an planned to go to the exam center.

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