Bengalee Film Queen 28

Without expecting his response, she returned her attention to Sreelekha and gave her pussy a long, slow lick. She pushed her searching tongue deep, trying to catch as much of the cum that was beginning to seep out of Sreelekha’s well fucked pussy.

The combined juices of Kader and Sreelekha tasted tangy on Koel’s tongue which she thought very tasteful. She again swiped her tongue deep…… giving Sreelekha’s clit a quick flick with it.


In the meantime, Sreelekha was beginning to recover from her trance and began to awake slowly from her senseless condition, caused by her intense orgasm. The new sensation she was feeling in her pussy which was created by Koel’s tonguing, electrified her nerves again. Her eyes began to flutter but her eye-lids were heavy as her breathing began to be increase.

Koel looked over and saw that Kader’s penis was beginning to stir again. She realised that her little pussy eating lesbian-act had done the trick, and along with that, it had gotten herself even more turned on.

She enjoyed a sweet pussy once in a while since her three-some encounter with Indrani Dutta and her own husband Nilay. She had often wondered what Sreelekha’s pussy looked like and how she would taste.

She was trying to find out to get her chance for few days. Sreelekha was married and always busy with her daughter and profession. She didn’t have much time for socializing and never seem to show any interest in the other women.

Sreelekha seemed to be a ‘cock only’ type of woman and probably the type that stayed loyal to her husband. But today finding her with Kader and getting her brains fucked out by him, Koel couldn’t control herself to taste her Sex-bomb’ aunty.

Above all Sreelekha’s so much inviting pussy, which was only inches away from her face. As Kader needed a breather, she thought it was an opportunity and couldn’t pass up. Sree aunty’s pussy had been the tastiest she had licked in months.

It was even better than Porimoni’s muslim pussy. Porimoni was always on some crazy diet and it left her pussy tasting different every time they got into a 69.

Now Koel wasn’t surprised a bit to find out that Sreelekha’s pussy hair was too much dense like the hair on her head. Indrani Dutta had the same type of mane like Sreelekha who like to keep her pussy covered by a black jungle. And very recently Porimoni started keeping her pussy clean shaved, as Koel asked her once if her husband Zaman made her doing so.

“Good to see your little boy aren’t too tired for so more fun” said Koel as she turned back to Kader and noticed his cock’s hardening slowly.

She then took her waking monster in her hand and began to slowly suck it into her mouth. Slowly she took more and more into her mouth until she felt it harden more and more.

She pulled back her mouth, until only the head was between her lips.She sucked it like a lollipop for a few seconds…. then made a popping sound as she pulled her face up and looked at him.

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