The Great Sen Family : 10

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While Aparna was busy with Prankrisno beside the garage…… Sanjit and Munmun were trying to normalize Pallabi’s semi-conscious state. In the luxury guestroom of Munmun’s bungalow, Sanjit struggled to bring his sister Pallabi to a sitting position on the bed. In order to do that he would have to remove her tank top as Munmun had instructed him to do that. And during that, Pallabi stirred a bit and mumbled softly.

“Oh Dada, I feel awful, what happened?” She asked woozily with her eyes still closed.

“It’s alright Poly, you’ll be fine…you just had a little too much too drink!” He replied as he held her limp body in his arm and removed her top from her body.

“Poly, I’ve something to tell you and it’s important. Do you understand…… you hear me?” He asked his sister…. putting his arms on her shoulders. He shook her gently, as he had taken her tank top off fully from her body. He then put her laying length ways on the bed with a pillow under her head.

Pallabi could only respond by nodding her head slowly and looking up at him through narrow slits in her eye lids. Knowing he had her attention at least for the moment, he explained the situation. Even he told her about his leaving and told her to follow Monadi’s instructions fully…. no matter what that would be.

“Do you understand what I’m telling you, Poly? It could be very important for our future!” He told her as she struggled to stay awake. She listened to what he was attempting to tell her. She mumbled something again and nodded her head once more.

“That’s a good girl Poly, now you can go back to sleep. I know Monadi will take good care of you and I’ll see you later when I get back from my shooting.” He told her….. kissing her lightly on the forehead.

She mumbled again incoherently and nodded approvingly, then turned her head
to one side. She then fell back into the alcohol induced haze which she took before and drifted off to sleep once more.

Sanjit took one last look at his sister’s petite body ……wearing only skimpy a bra and skirt. Her medium size boobs were tightly encased in that white bra. Her skirt was ridden over her smooth thighs and he could clearly see her panty covered swollen mound. It could hardly contain the dark patch of her silky pubic hair on the mound of her pussy. Suddenly he felt a small stirring in his groin which he ignored instantly….. as he covered her quickly with a sheet.

“Monadi is really going to serve you properly. Damm, I wish I could be here to watch that hot show!” He whispered softly as the imaginative lewd pictures started racing though his perverted mind.

He tried to picturize the scenario of Monadi taking comfort and pleasure from his sister’s young body. She would surely participate at her ministrations…… during the night of passion that was yet to come between the two of them.

“I know she’ll take good care of you, Poly, but I sure wish I could be here to watch her doing that to you!” He whispered softly with a naughty grin on his face as he stroked his already hardened cock though his pants. However within minutes, he got up from the bed slowly….. still enjoying her semi-naked form.
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When this was going on between the Chatterjee siblings in the guestroom, Munmun walked over to her maidservant Mala. However Mala alias Parveen at that time was busy in serving drinks to the VVIP guests in the hall. The party was still going in full force.

“Mala honey, put your tray of drinks down for a minute and follow me. I’ve something to discuss with you, OK sweetie.” Munmun told her…..looking at her eyes seriously and walked out from the room.

“Yes Didimoni, right away!” She replied with a pleasant grin.

She then followed the famous heroine into a small room…… which normally Munmun used as her office. Once they had entered the small office…. Munmun closed and locked the door behind them. She turned to the slightly smaller girl and slipped her arms around her small waist.

Then looking at her dark eyes and holding her, Munmun said, “You know what my plans were for you tonight, don’t you sweetie?”

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