A young couple gets very close to their older neighbor

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He leaned down and kissed his wife, who passionately returned the kiss. Brandon had seen her worked up and really horny before, but never like this. This was on a whole other level. He doubted, even if given a lifetime, that he could ever bring out a reaction like this from his wife. Light moans continued to come out of her. He looked down at Russ, the architect of the orgasm. What he saw made his heart jump into his throat.

The gray-haired old man was now sitting up on his knees, rubbing his fat cock on her pussy. Slowly and rhythmically, he slid the bottom of his shaft along her slit. She was still very wet, and her juices coated the underside of his erect phallus. Chelsea just laid there, completely disabled. Her head, swimming in hormones, was leaned back against the couch. Her arms hung limp while she rested in her husband’s. Somehow, her legs had just enough strength to remain spread. Every so often, Russ would take the head and press it between her pussy lips, swirling it around or applying gentle pressure. Soft, quiet moans came out as she accepted and enjoyed the pleasing friction.


Brandon’s head was in a daze. He had witnessed far more than he ever thought he would. It was far better than he thought it would be. But, things were moving quickly. His wife had gone from innocent and chaste to being orally pleasured by their neighbor in an evening. And getting fucked by him was quickly approaching. He knew he should stop this, but he didn’t want to.

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Russ continued to pleasure her entrance with his large member. The mushroom shaped head and bottom of his rod were glistening. Giving one more long slide across, he brought the head down to her opening again. He rubbed it around in a circle a couple times and then started to apply pressure. Chelsea moaned as the tip began widening her orifice.

Ever so slowly, the gigantic cock pressed in. Russ knew his appendage was much larger than most women were used to. The rate he was allowing his young neighbor to adjust to his size, right from the beginning, came from experience. Visually, his progress into her cavern was imperceptible. But his gentle, gradual advance still extracted loud, audible pleasure. Her husband’s size had done little to stretch her in the past. Even just the tip of his superior member provided a much bigger sensation than she had ever experienced. And he was looking forward to giving her the rest.

Brandon was entranced at the sight before him. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. His heart beat rapidly. The old man pressed harder, splitting her pussy a little bit farther apart. Her hole was used to far smaller. It was a wide load trying to drive into a small tunnel. Chelsea’s moans grew. Half of the head was buried so far, and the rest was slowly, but surely, working its way in. ‘This is it,’ he thought, ‘my wife is taking the second cock of her life.’ Her pussy gave way and another half inch disappeared.

Suddenly, Chelsea’s hand shot to Russ’ stomach. “Wait… please… I…I…” she muttered between breaths. The old man paused. She looked at Brandon, pleading in her eyes. Whether it was for permission or rescue, he wasn’t sure. Russ also looked at him, apparently waiting for a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. For whatever reason, whether to continue or not had been made his decision.

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