A young couple gets very close to their older neighbor

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“Why don’t you wear the pink one?” The pink one was a regular bikini, the most revealing suit she had in her wardrobe. He knew she wouldn’t go for it, but he figured it would be best to start low and settle in the middle somewhere.

“The pink one? You don’t think that’s too…revealing?” It still amazed him sometimes how sex-craved she could be in the bedroom, and yet how conservative she was with everything else.


“Sure. I mean, it’s not showing off much more than you were when we were setting up the pool.” Not entirely true, but he hoped it would remind her of how comfortable she felt around Russ then. Chelsea took the pink bikini out and looked at it for a moment.

“Okay.” Brandon mentally froze for a moment. He was not expecting her to actually pick that one. ‘Did she just say okay?’ Confirming what he thought he heard, Chelsea was changing into the pink bikini in front of him. “Well… are you gonna get ready or just stare at me?”

“Right. Get ready…Yeah…” Brandon mumbled. He couldn’t believe he actually got her to wear it.

“Okay, ready to go,” Brandon said a few moments later.

“Great, me too.” To Brandon’s disappointment, Chelsea had put on a long, baggy t-shirt, hiding everything the bikini revealed from the thighs up.

“Great.” He muttered, the wind taken from his sales.

When they arrived at Russ’ backyard, he was already outside grilling.

“Howdy neighbors! I hope you guys are hungry. I got steaks goin’ fer us. Oh and I got beer too. The good stuff. It’s in the cooler over there.”

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“Steak and beer, you’re spoiling us tonight,” Brandon said.

“Steak and beer sounds good to me,” Chelsea added. Brandon grabbed a couple cans for them and handed one to his wife. It was rare that she drank, he had only seen her do so twice before. They knocked them back and they each had finished a can by the time the steaks were done. The three of them ate, drank and chatted for a while. Soon, the sun went down, leaving the citronella torches Russ had lit as the only light.

“Whaddaya guys say we break in that pool over there?” Russ suggested.

“Sure, I’m up for a swim.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Great. You two get started without me fer a minute. I’mma clean up here and then I’ll join you.” They all stood up and Russ took some things inside. Feeling loosened up from the beers, Chelsea finally removed her baggy shirt.

“Wooo, take it off!” Brandon encouraged her, also feeling the beers. He had worried she was going to wear it all night. She looked stunning in her bikini. Her heavy tits were barely contained by her top and her hips and ass filled the bottom out nicely. Though there was nothing special about the bikini, it still showed off her amazing body everywhere it counted. Looking out from the kitchen window, Russ wasn’t missing the show either.

Chelsea tossed the shirt at her immature husband and turned to get in the pool. She climbed the ladder into the pool and jumped in, officially becoming the first person to swim in it. Brandon soon followed. After cleaning up, Russ climbed in and joined them as well. Seeing Russ without a shirt for the first time, they noticed that even though he was a big guy with a bit of a gut, there was quite a bit of muscle hidden under the fat. Life on a ranch had made him what some people call ‘farm strong.’

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