A young couple gets very close to their older neighbor

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It was only nine in the morning, and it was already turning out to be a hot day. They walked over to Russ’ property and found him hard at work. He had purchased an above-ground pool, and despite his independent work ethic, he gladly accepted the offer of help to erect it. In less than a few hours, they had assembled the frame. It was just after twelve and the heat of the day had increased, creating a sweaty sheen on everyone. Thankfully, the hardest work was over, and they could begin filling the pool. Seeing his opportunity, Brandon enacted his plan. Grabbing the hose, he sprayed Chelsea.

“Ah!” She shrieked in surprise. “What was that for?”


“You looked hot,” he replied innocently, double meaning slightly intended.

“Oh did I? Well so do you!” She snatched the hose from him and gave him the return drenching he deserved, laughing playfully. Brandon accepted his punishment, having accomplished his goal. Plus, it was a hot day and it did feel nice.

“Before you two get any ideas, I’mma just put it out there that I’m perfectly fine how I am,” Russ said, squashing any ideas of including him in the splashfest, just in case. Chelsea’s eyes looked down and went wide. Her arms snapped across her chest. She had forgotten she was wearing white. Her torso and midsection had gotten a particularly good soaking. Little of her figure was left to the imagination. The wet fabric clung to her shapely abs and substantial bust. “How about some lunch? I got some burgers I can grill up out here.” If Russ cared about Chelsea’s now see-through shirt, he didn’t portray it.

“Yeah, thanks, that sounds great.” Brandon replied. Russ went inside to get the food.

“What were you thinking?? I’m wearing white!” Chelsea scolded him in a hushed voice.

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“Sorry, I guess I wasn’t,” Brandon lied.

“Now I have to go all the way back home and change.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Brandon said, trying to keep his plan on track. “Russ doesn’t care, and besides, your shirt will be dry soon anyway.” She considered for a moment the lengthy walk home. She wasn’t really looking forward to it. And the cool, wet fabric did feel nice.

“Fine. But, you’re just lucky that our neighbor is such an old gentleman,” she relented, still keeping her arms across her chest.

“Hey, Brandon,” Russ said as he came outside holding a plate of patties, “that pool came with one of them smart filters. Supposed to hook up to my phone or somethin’. Would you mind seeing if you could figure it out for me?”

“Sure, no problem. Can I see your phone?” Due to his profession, Brandon was no stranger to providing tech support to family and friends. Taking Russ’ phone, he went and got to work. While working, he noticed Russ had started a conversation with Chelsea. Brandon couldn’t hear much, but it looked like a conversation they were both enjoying. Probably something about chickens. He was almost done with the filter, but he decided to pretend it was taking longer.

It had been about fifteen minutes, and Brandon noticed something that got his blood pumping. Chelsea had quit guarding her chest. Her arms now sat folded underneath her boobs, framing them rather than blocking them. She seemed to be at easr talking to Russ, not caring that her shirt still hadn’t dried completely and her skin could still easily be seen. Brandon was glad that he had picked such a low cut sports bra for her to wear. Russ still didn’t seem to have taken a notice though. He was still as chivalrous as ever. Chelsea caught Brandon looking in her direction and gave him a small wave and a smile. He waved back.

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