Blackmailed – part 2

I was never so turned on letting an old man play with my naked body in a public restroom at the park.

Moaning like a bitch in heat my cock rock hard..every time he nibbled my sucked my nipples I would moan louder.

“ Fuck boy you moan like a little girl sweet n innocent like I never thought I’d find such a young pretty boy like you naked here, I think you should suck my cock like a good little boy”

It was like I was hypnotized in a trance this old man was giving me hickies on my neck biting my nipples playing with my cock rubbing my ass…. And I just stood there letting him.
“ Come on boy you little cock tease SUCK my cock do it look how big it’s getting just for you you know you want to I can tell by the way your moaning “

“ Please mister I..I..I.. can’t..I..I mean I never done anything like this I..I.. my mom friends this is wrong I’m sorry I gotta go home before my mom gets home at 2:am… “

Before I could say another word he picked me up like a rag doll and started to kiss me when I opened my mouth to say something his tongue was in my mouth. I never knew guy’s kissed like this.

What was I thinking both of us naked anyone could walk in seeing him kissing me and the thought of that happening getting caught.. for some reason I started to kiss him back swapping tongues both of us moaning.

As he was sliding me down on his naked body pushing me to my knees I kept kissing..his neck both nipples bellybutton.
He was calling me names :: little bitch cock slut pretty lil boy faggot queer cunt sissyboi..
“ Tell me bitch tell your daddy how much you want my cock fucking your pretty little mouth “

“ Oooh yes I want to taste your cock its sooo big please oooh please just don’t tell my mom if you don’t tell I won’t oooh “
I was moaning begging pleading like a good boy I was on my knees looking at my first cock close up not like at gym class but a real one next to my face.

Without thinking I started to kiss it lick up n down like it was a lollipop opening my mouth I slowly started to suck on a cock inch by felt hot in my mouth tasted warm as l kept sucking moaning. I never thought how good this made me feel I was sucking on a stranger’s cock n loving it WTF

He was so big twice the size of my 5” I could only get like half when I felt him getting harder in my mouth. I tasted something creamy like in my mouth and pulled away and he was cummming on my face my head was pushed down on his cock as he was cummming in my mouth filling it up cum was leaking out my mouth.

I dint swallow I was savoring the taste warm sticky wet I started to swallow filling my belly with CUM.

“ Mmm just a good little cocksucker you are I’m gonna have so much fun with you maybe whore you out my friends would pay good money for a pretty little boy and more once I turn you into my little girl all in nylons lingerie panties “

WHAT THE.. Reality set in I started to panic what the fuck just happened confused scared I’m naked on my knees cum on my face the old man is laughing at me, his phone taking pictures of me.

I’m grabbing for my clothes can only find my shorts..
“ I’m sorry mister this was wrong I never should of we never should of I gotta go please leave me alone don’t tell “

He tried to grab me I pushed him away telling him he was a dirty old pervert a fucking old fat man. I ran out the door giving him the finger pulling my shorts on to jump on my bike. It was gone stolen fuck now what I was thinking. It’s still raining I’m only in shorts.

“ Need a ride looks like someone took your bike. It’s ok I won’t bother or hurt you I’ll never tell what happened. Now get in my truck before you get soaked I promise to just give you a ride home”

“ Ok thanks I live at 3467 7th St about 2 miles away “
I felt better after he said that to me thinking this was wrong but will never happen again and nobody will ever know.

We rode in silence until he pulled into the driveway. Looking at him he reached over rubbing my nipples I moaned loudly.
I quickly opened the door running into my house locking the door behind me.

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