A young couple gets very close to their older neighbor

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“Oooooohh yee-esss…” Chelsea moaned as Brandon entered her. It didn’t take much for him to fit all the way inside her. His girth was just as average as his length. As their fucking commenced, their lips found their way back to each other, resuming their dance.



The couple’s faces mirrored their shared mixture of annoyance and confusion. Who could possibly be at their door? Brandon quickly threw his clothes back on and went to the door, leaving his wife disappointed and yet to be fully satisfied. Making sure Chelsea was out of sight, he opened the door.

“Howdy neighbor!” Before him stood an older, hefty man, who looked to be in his sixties.

“Hello,” Brandon replied, trying his best to be polite.

“I hope I’m not interrupting nothing, I just saw you and your missus outside earlier and figured I’d come and introduce myself. I’m Russ.” A trimmed beard and a cap adorned his face. He also had a thick country accent and a rough face that looked as if it had spent most of its time working out in the elements. A calloused hand stretched out.

Returning the gesture, the former urbanite took his hand, “I’m Brandon.”

“Well it’s nice to meetcha,” his eyes brightened a bit, “and who might this lovely lady be?”

“Hi, I’m Chelsea,” she said as she walked up to join the two men, her appearance hastily put back together. It was apparent that she had forgotten her bra. Russ took her hand and gave it a gentle shake. If he noticed the lack of undergarment, he was gentlemanly enough to give no hint that he had.

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“It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am,” he said with a pleasant smile. “I don’t wanna take too much of your folkses time, I just wanted to come over and say hello. I’m your next door neighbor.” Russ pointed at the house sitting on the next property over from theirs. “I’m retired and home most of the day, so if you folks ever need anything, I’m just a short walk away.”

“Well thank you,” Brandon replied, pleasantly surprised at the man’s neighborliness. ‘This was why we had left the city to move to the country,’ he thought. “And same to you. I’m going to be working from home so I’ll be around too if you need anything as well.”

“Well thank’ya. What is it you do fer work?”

“I’m a software engineer.”

“Well yer a lot smarter than I am,” Russ said with a laugh. “I just worked a ranch my whole life.”

“Hey there are days I would rather be doing something like that than sitting behind a desk all day.”

“Well it was hard work, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. What brought you folks here?”

Their conversation continued on for a while longer. They learned that Russ had been in the Marines for a while when he was younger and then came home to Idaho to take over his family’s cattle ranch. He did that for another 30 years before finally selling the ranch and buying the property next door, settling down with some horses, chickens and goats. Interestingly, he had never married. After shooting the breeze a little more, he finally tipped his cap, repeated his neighborly offer of help and took his leave.

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