Perfect Wife

As I finished the question he jerked out of me, twirled round on the bed, his head fell between my legs and he began to nuzzle me, to lick and suck and blow. I must be soaking, he was licking his own semen, how can a man do that? I was mesmerised by that thought and then I opened my eyes, his enormous penis was only inches from my face. How could I possibly have survived having all of that inside me? I have to admit that I haven’t seen Paul’s so close up but even so comparing to my husband this stranger really was absolutely huge and beautiful to behold.
I’ve never felt Paul with my hands before but tentatively I reached and touched this stranger’s hard penis, I stroked it from base to tip along the underside and it quivered to my touch. I gripped it near the base encircling with my fingers and gave a little squeeze, it was warm and firm. I pulled my hand up his shaft and a bead of semen oozed from the tip. I wonder? I licked the bead away with my tongue and I felt so naughty that I almost came again. It was warm and thick but oddly dry tasting, I expected a creamy taste so I was a little disappointed that it was so salty, otherwise more or less tasteless. I pulled some more and more semen trickled and I licked it away. I kissed and licked that beautiful purple tip and I felt so naughty.
His ministrations down below and my mind telling me how wicked I was were bringing me to orgasm again, I trembled a little and he pulled away. In one smooth movement he was standing beside the bed, I’d been flipped over onto my stomach, he reached underneath me and pulled me up so that I was kneeling on the bed then pushed my head down and pulled my backside back as he thrust. It was hard and vigorous and I was orgasming within seconds. He didn’t stop, he just kept ramming hard and deep into me and I came again, then again, this third time didn’t stop, it just kept on building and building, peak upon peak and still he fucked me.
Is this what they call a multiple orgasm? Yes it must be, here it comes again. I wish Paul were here to see this – to watch me taken to heaven and back over and over again. Oh Paul, thank you, you’ve helped me discover what’s been missing, this is what I’ve been missing. You must have known that you’d never awoken me, never fucked me and never satisfied an unknown need in me. Oh how it must have torn your heart to think that you were not fulfilling me. I wonder how long you’ve known? How long you’ve been longing for this to happen? How long have you been planning this? You know me so well, better than I know myself. I wonder how many more women there are in this world that have never been fucked properly? How many more women who don’t realise what they are missing? That’s a frightening thought. Paul, you really have to see this, to see me being fucked and why is my mind wondering like this every time this stranger makes me cum.
I was wrenched from my reverie by the strong hands of the stranger pulling me hard against him, my buttocks tight against him, his huge thick penis totally filling me pulsing as more jets of his sperm surged into me. The last traces of my first ever multiple orgasm leaked from my body.

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