Perfect Wife

Paul went back to the car and my lover and I fucked twice more. The last time we fucked that day opened my eyes more than anything else that had happened in the previous couple of hours. He began by stroking the head of his penis up and down me, again just letting the tip enter me before pulling out, but each time he reached my anus he pushed a little harder. No. No. I didn’t want this and when the head forced into me I screamed as he pushed himself into my rectum. I struggled to push him out, I pushed with my hands, I clenched my cheeks to squeeze him out and I bucked and kicked. As I clenched against him the look of pure evil on his face frightened me. I was in excruciating pain, a pure unrelenting agony and this man I thought could be a lover was revelling in my torture. He held himself with the head of his enormous penis implanted in my anus and stretching me beyond imagination. After what seemed like a lifetime of anguish the pain began to ease and I relaxed a little. Soon he was sliding himself in and out, all the way out then back in. Each time as my anus opened for him or closed as he withdrew I felt a wave of pleasure that I would never have expected.
Every time I’ve cum today my mind has drifted and wondered and now I understood why. I didn’t have to concentrate to bring on an orgasm. With Paul I always have to concentrate, to force the orgasm. With this stranger the orgasm happens and I don’t even need to think about it, spontaneous, doing what it should to my body without recourse to my mind, leaving my mind free for other things. How weird is that? Or is that how it should be?
As I pondered these questions I understood that the reason I was even thinking about it was because I was cumming.
This magnificent man has made me cum with a power I’d never experienced. What was happening now? Fucking my arse was making me cum in a completely different way.
My vagina was pulsating, I watched in horror as gush after gush of clear liquid sprayed up from me, from out of me and splashed on his stomach. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming but at what cost. I was in total panic, I was leaking, not leaking but squirting, gushing, flooding bodily fluid.
I’m going to die here, I’m going to die having my ass fucked by a stranger. OK this is it. A wonderful husband has loved me and given me this gift. My only regret is that I’ve not given him a child… Forgive me Paul… I love you.
I think I shouted this last thought and the stranger must have realised what was happening, that I was panicking. He stopped thrusting but kept himself buried in me. He leaned forward and gripped my shoulder firmly and I could hear him saying “It’s all right, It’s all right, It’s natural, it’s perfectly normal look it’s stopped, has it never happened to you before?” Still in a panic I shook my head. “This is going to sound contrived but trust me I’m a doctor. Vaginal ejaculation is perfectly normal and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong.”
I was grasping at straws when I asked, “r r really a doctor?”
He nodded and said, “Every word is truth, every word I’ve spoken to you is absolute truth, yes I’m a doctor and vaginal ejaculation is absolutely normal. Now do you want to carry on or should we finish now”.
Feeling a little more reassured and with the pressure of his thick hard dick stretching my anal sphincter I replied “Carry on” and so he fucked my arse until he came. At the moment he started to spurt he pushed deeper into me and I stretched to accept the extra girth, I felt a deeply uncomfortable pain in my stomach and looked down to see a pulsating bulge just below my navel.

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