Perfect Wife

As I lay shuddering inside he crawled up my body and fiddled with his zipper and then I felt pain, a little stretching pain as I opened when he pushed the head of his penis into me. I could feel the contour of the lip as he entered me. I could feel that ridge passing up my vagina. He was stretching me beyond endurance and I could not help letting out a whimper, then a sob. As I tried to push him away from me he straightened his arms pushing his upper body off me and still he was forcing himself into me. As his arms locked he thrust.
I’m not sure what happened, if I screamed or blacked out, all I knew was a world of agony as I was torn apart, with a sensation of being completely stretched and filled. He froze with much to much of his much to big penis implanted inside me and after a lifetime the pain began to subside from excruciating to merely unbearable. Relief flooded me as he began to withdraw and just as he was on the edge of pulling out completely he thrust again. The first few times hurt as he penetrated deeper and deeper with each lunge then I hit a whole new dimension of torture; I was being stretched beyond endurance when he hit something unforgiving deep inside. The more I tried to push him away the more of his ghastly penis he forced into me and the more the severe, deep and intensive pain in the pit of my stomach blossomed. No… No he’s too big. He really is too big, I can’t take this, surely this must be like giving birth (I can tell you now that it just doesn’t compare) and as I screamed for him to take it out something moved inside me. He thrust deeper and as the tension and pain exploded from my body an overwhelming sensation of pleasure, pressure, release and lust enveloped me. His huge and thick black penis filled me completely and I came with the most violently explosive orgasm.
He must be so big that he’d hit my cervix, forced it aside and passed it and I remembered a girl at university extolling the virtues of her then current boyfriends’ huge penis. Now I envied that girl and thought it strange that I should be thinking of some girl I’d not seen for over 15 years as the waves of the most astounding orgasm ever spread through my body.
And the stranger rested with his penis fully pushed into me, his back arched, his pubic bone thrust against mine and he uttered little groans and grunts as my body trembled.
Strange… Stranger… why should stranger be clanging like a bell in my brain?
As that most astounding orgasm began to diminish he started to move inside me, minutely at first, rocking back and forth ever so slowly until I felt like begging him, fuck me. What? I don’t think like that, surely that didn’t come from my mind. It did and I wanted to scream at him to fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before please fuck me. He smiled down at me and I realised I wasn’t in my mind, I had actually shouted those words out loud, I’d begged him to fuck me.
He almost withdrew then shock as he rammed back into me and then he was raiding me full length. He almost pulled out then his hips dropped so the head of that huge member rubbed against the front of my vagina then he straightened, powering that magnificent length into me and at the last moment his hips rose so his pubic bone rubbed my clitoris. He slammed into me so quick, so hard and then pulled out so very slowly. “Ooh yess ffffuck meee”. His movements were truly driving me crazy and I was very close to cumming again, building up, not only from my clitoris but also from inside my vagina. Kaboom… my arms flew out wide then grasped for his shoulders, my legs lifted and wrapped around his waist. I tried to curl up as I pulled him into me, to make myself as small as possible so I could feel his long, thick, exquisite penis penetrate deeper and stretch me wider.
I never thought making love, no, this was definitely not making love, this was fucking, being FUCKED, capitals are important here. I never thought that being FUCKED could be so intense. Realisation… I’ve never really been fucked before. The word that I thought so crude describes this act perfectly. Fucked, FUCKED, I was being FUCKED, I was being filled completely. FUCKED by a stranger! A total stranger, a black man that I’d first seen probably less than thirty minutes ago is FUCKING me like I’ve never been fucked before. In truth I’ve never been fucked before full stop. How long since I met him, what time is it I wonder? Stranger, what’s so strange about stranger? He’d kissed me in places Paul had never done and at this very moment his penis is deeper inside me than Paul could ever be. This stranger had made me orgasm three or was it four times much more intensely than Paul had ever managed in not many more minutes; I’m still reeling from the last one that’s why my mind is wondering like this.
I bucked on him and squeezed myself tightly around his shaft and shouted “cum, cum now, cum in me please”. I pulled him hard into me and he jerked himself deeper forcing pelvic bones to grind, exquisite agony pulsed from deep inside me intensifying my orgasm as he pushed deeply into me. I felt his penis twitch, start to pulse and then throb as his sperm gushed into me.
Tenth anniversary, I’ve been married to Paul for ten years today, in fact almost exactly ten years to the hour and a total stranger I met less than an hour ago has just ejaculated deep into my vagina. Stranger… He’s filled me with his sperm, he’s actually had his tongue in my anus for Gods sake, how personal does a guy need to be before… realisation… Does this happen as strangers? Do I need to know his name?
I gurgled “I’m Chris, who are you?”
His penis shook and shimmied inside me as we laughed, he gasped between sobs of laughter as my laughing caused my vagina to clench and quiver on his dick.
Well that was it, he’d ejaculated so now his penis would shrink, he’d roll off me and that magnificent manhood would slip out of me, we’d tidy ourselves up and go our separate ways. I dreaded going separate ways “Could we do that again sometime soon?”

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