Perfect Wife

I walked away from my husband with a complete stranger and I felt so very cheap. I was scared stiff and could feel my heart thumping in my chest, butterflies filled my stomach, my legs were trembling and I was walking in high heel boots that felt very unsteady. My mind was reeling, calling me such horrible names, ‘slut, whore, slag’ but I was so tremendously excited.
I was so embarrassed when I checked us in to that hotel and on the way up to the room it began to sink in just how much Paul had emphasised the size of this strangers penis, his flaccid penis. Paul grows from around one and half, perhaps two inches to almost five inches, how big would five or six flaccid inches grow? He’s bigger flaccid than Paul is erect, he’s going to be huge when he is erect. He’s going to be too big for me, what if he’s too big? Abject terror began to course through me and by the time we reached the room I was feeling physically sick and on the verge of running.
Then we were in the room and standing facing one another, I was unsure what to do. He took hold of my hand and said “You’re apprehensive, it’s not too late and I’d understand if you leave”. I felt very confused, guilty as hell and full of apprehension and I wanted to flee, but then again I just couldn’t disappoint Paul and I was getting such worm sensations in my stomach.
He paused for a few seconds staring deeply into my eyes as though trying to read my mind. If he could’ve seen my thoughts he’d have seen abject terror. I’m quite happy standing up before a boardroom of hard-nosed businessmen and pitching a proposal worth thousands of pounds but this whole situation was beyond my experience. I was alarmed at the sensations this stranger had roused in me. I was terrified of what would happen if I actually enjoyed this and I was petrified of not enjoying it. I was afraid that he’d be too big for me and hurt or damage me. I was scared that I might be too inexperienced and embarrass both the stranger and myself. I was terrified of the damage sex with another man could do to our lives. More than anything I was horror-struck at the thought loosing Paul, loosing our marriage. No, this isn’t right, I’m getting out of here.
I was framing what to say, how to apologise and excuse myself when he stepped a little closer, reached and took hold of my other hand and looked deeply into my eyes, his face was so close to mine I could feel his breath and smell his masculinity. I was trembling with fear, my heart was racing; my stomach quivering with butterflies and my legs were like jelly. His warm, erotic aroma wafted across me and I could feel my panties becoming damp from another gush of moist warmth. I was terrified that he was going to kiss me or fondle me, make a grab for me in some intimate place, instead he spoke. I’ll remember what he said forever.
“You really are a very beautiful and seriously desirable woman and I think your husband is totally off his head. You think you’re being unfaithful to him, yet…”
He paused for a second or two studying my face. “I’ll be perfectly honest with you and perhaps a little more crude than I should be. You are as hot as they come; I’m hard as hell just looking at you and I really want to fuck you right now. I want to lick your clit and push my tongue into your cunt and taste your juice. I want to feel the slick warmth of your cunt caressing up my dick. I want you to beg me, to scream for me to fuck you and I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop and fill you with so much cum that you’ll gurgle when you scream for me to stop. I want to fuck you so badly I’ve thought of little else since we bumped into each other so I’ll admit that I’d be disappointed if you back out. You know that your husband wants this to happen, he must be crazy but he wants me to fuck you. He wants you to feel my dick inside you so you can’t be cheating on him? I’m sure you think you’re here to please him but I think that deep down you want me to fuck you. What do you say?”
I’ve never had anyone talk to me in such base terms. I was mortified that such dirty and explicit talk excited me as much as it did. What did I want? I don’t know, truly I did want him to make love to me, this can’t be right, I’m a married woman. Knowing that it was what Paul wanted only made things worse, I was so confused and I knew that my last chance to escape this awful, erotic situation was sipping away fast. What do I want? He was holding my hands and looking deeply into my eyes, his eyes sparkled with lust, he said, “I need you now”.
To this day I don’t know if it was that vulgarly seductive speech or the vitality of that “I need you now” that finally tipped the balance.

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