Perfect Wife

I made tea and we chatted, “Why would your husband want you to go with another man?” he asked.
I told him what I believed to be true, that I thought Paul thinks that he’s not satisfying me properly then I said, “after what you’ve just given me I’m inclined to agree. I’m only sorry that Paul can’t see this, I think he’d really love to see me so fulfilled”.
“Not a problem” he stood me up so my back was to him, bent me over and slid into me. The ease in which he entered me compared to the excruciating pain of the first time was blissfully amazing. He gripped me around the waist and propelled me towards the window. He reached out pulled the cord and I was framed in a window to the outside world, being fucked from behind by a stranger in full view of the very public space of a motorway service station and hotel car park. I spotted Paul and waved.
That moment was so outlandishly, terrifyingly erotic. The excitement of Paul seeing me fucked by another man was one thing. The total exposure that I was revelling in, the knowledge that other people were probably watching me be fucked was something else. The trepidation I felt that possibly one of those people were police and us being arrested and winding up in court, my name in headlines in the news papers had me close to cumming all to soon. But my big dicked lover, funny that, even though I still didn’t know his name I was beginning to think of him as a lover rather than a stranger. My big dicked lover was powering into me and I began to be taken over by the sensation as he fucked me to another orgasm. I could see Paul watching me cum, a man standing next to him was talking to him, Paul replied and I wondered what he’d said, had he told the man that I was his wife? I really do hope so, I wanted to shout to the world that I’ve been well and truly FUCKED.
He pushed a hand into my lower stomach, his other had reached and found a breast, he pulled me back to him and lifted me off the floor with his penis as he stepped forward to press me against the window. Deeply impaled and totally exposed he strummed my clitoris and I exploded inside as he exploded inside me. He lowered me to the floor and as he withdrew I felt his semen flood from me and I saw my husband gasp.

Not enough, I wanted Paul here with me, here in this room, I wanted him to share my experience “Can I ask him to come up?”
“Sure, but first” and he slid my dress down, I stepped out of it and for the first time I stood naked before another man other than my husband or my doctor, the boots only made the situation seem outlandishly erotic.

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