Perfect Wife

He pulled me to press against him, he held me in his arms and ever so gently began to stroke my shoulder. He brought his lips to mine and eased the straps off my shoulders as his feathery touch raised my desire. He slipped my dress down and undid my bra and my breasts were free. A total stranger cupped a breast in one hand the other hand found the small of my back and he pulled me firmly to his firm body. His warmth and the pressure of his muscular frame pulled against me, his thick, hard manhood bulged against my stomach.
We kissed passionately each exploring the warm sensuous mouth of the other, our tongues flicking, touching and caressing, his hand slid down to my waist then to my buttocks, he pulled me into him and worked his this manhood against me. He eased a hand between us and he began to stroke my mound and gently massage me. I encircled him with my arms and held him tightly to me.
Here I was in a hotel room being kissed in the most deeply passionate way by a total stranger in the certain knowledge that we would soon be making love and to my shame I was eager. His exquisite, erotic aroma devastated my senses. I felt so guilty, so base, so dirty, so shocked, so naughty, so utterly immoral and so very, very excited as this stranger took a nipple between his lips. He teased with lips and tongue until I began to firm. With finger and thumb he did the same to my other nipple before sliding down gently kissing my stomach through the silk of my dress. He knelt before me and slid my dress up over my hips then eased my panties down. I trembled as he blew onto my pubic hair and circled the long slow breath round and round. I felt the urge, the need to spread my legs, to open the way for him so he could get to my most intimate parts. My legs opened as I stepped out of my panties, he eased me apart and as he blew onto my clitoris my trembling intensified and then his tongue was there. I though my legs would give way, what prevented me from falling to the ground was his hand on my buttocks pressing me into his face.
My dress bunched up around my waste, my breasts free, my nipples hard, my panties discarded. I was wearing a pair of Givenchy ankle boots that were impossible to kick off. My legs were straight and spread and a total stranger, a fully dressed stranger was kneeling before me nuzzling my most intimate place. Strangely I thought that this would make the most wonderful photograph, with back lighting and taken from directly in front of me, his back to the camera.
I was close, I could feel the tension rising, my breath was becoming shallow and panting and he was pushing his face into me harder, licking more intensively. He was still licking me as he guided me to the edge of the bed. As he lowered me my legs spread more and his tongue opened my lips, I parted and he thrust his tongue into me.
The quick, ferocious, darting movements stimulated my labia, my vagina, my clitoris, he even darted the tip of his tongue into my anus. He moved back to massage my clitoris with his tongue and I felt a finger enter me, no, not one but all four I think, I opened to accept him and he pushed his fingers into me. He began to massage my vagina while he was sucking on my clitoris, Oh my God, how I came, a deep and intense orgasm like I’d never experienced before.
Why had Paul put me in this situation? Why has he done this to me? Am I cumming this like this because it’s not Paul but a stranger? How can I face him after this? I’ll die of shame. What can I say to him after this? How can I possibly tell him, explain to him how exquisite this is, how this stranger made me orgasm so quickly and so powerfully? Why had Paul never made me cum like this? Oh why had Paul never done this to me before?

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