Perfect Wife

I sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the bedside phone. My lover pushed me backwards, knelt between my legs and began rubbing himself up and down against my clitoris then sliding towards my vagina, poking the head inside me then pulling out and sliding further down towards my anus. Back up and the head just slipped into me then out and up to my clitoris. I misdialed 3 times, on the forth attempt I heard my husbands voice, just as I spoke my lover powered into me, I gasped. This was absurd, another man was driving me to orgasm whilst talking to my husband on the phone. Not only absurd but absolutely exhilarating, I’m going to cum, I managed to blurt down the phone that Paul should come up to the room then threw the phone down as another wondrous multiple wave of pleasure flooded through me.
He fucked me hard and fast and rubbed my clitoris vigorously with his fingers, just after I screamed with orgasmic delight he pulled out of me and showered me from face to stomach with semen. He slid back into me and gently rode my orgasm as he took my hand and rubbed it in the semen pooled on my stomach.
There was a knock at the door, it opened and Paul stood in the doorway. I’ve never seen him look so excited, so amazed at anything he’d seen before. My lover rolled off me and Pauls mouth dropped open, he stared and I knew that I wanted him to love me there and then, with this tall black muscular stranger who had brought me so much pleasure, who had filled me and covered me in semen looking on. I spoke and Paul moved forward, he unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down, he leaned over me and kissed my lips, as he pulled back to kneel between my legs I noticed the glint of my lovers semen on his lips and showing damp on his shirt. He’d kissed me on the lips even thought I had another mans semen there that must have taken a great deal of courage. His penis sort of entered me and it felt different like a ghostly thing, almost not there. He pulled back and fell out; my vagina must have been so sloppy that he couldn’t keep himself inside me. He took my hands and he must have seen the semen dripping from my hand and wedding ring, he came so very quickly. I could tell by his far away exquisite expression, the quivering tension in his body, the clenching of muscles the long drawn out sigh that is was good for him.
This black stranger had planned this, the semen glistening on my body, the semen coating my wedding ring, him lying next to us with his penis draped across my stomach. This was designed to leave my husband in no doubt that someone else had fucked me and I really don’t know what came over me then. I humiliated him, I humiliated my husband, my love, my partner in life in front of a stranger, I was mortified but it seemed that Paul was so very excited by his shame. The sight of me made him come so quickly, perhaps he felt he’d let me down and perhaps I felt that he had, perhaps I expected too much but I could see exhilaration in his eyes. When I spoke those awful words it excited him that I could say saying something like that with a stranger in the room who had so obviously awoken such intense feelings in me. He was aroused by what I said and I think he knew at that moment that the missing element had been found.

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