My sexy wife

I am Ratan. I am a business man. I am 61 years old. Last 5 years I don’t get erection.Took lot of medicines but with no effect. I am not able to fuck. My wife’s name is Minu. She is 53 years old. But she looks very young.She has got 36″ size boobs. Her hip is 38″. She is fair-complexioned.

When she walks, her boobs dance.Her gand (ass) also swings.She wears sleeveless blouse. Her armpit is full of black hair which looks sexy. As she is sexually unsatisfied, she is not happy. When people come to my house, she exposes her blouse with pointed tits to excite them.She was in need of a strong fuck.

Once we went to one old temple in evening. It was at the far end of the city. Due to covid restrictions, there was no visitors to the temple.The priest was about 55 years old with beard. But he looked energetic. After the darshan, I came early and waited outside. Very dim light was there in the temple. The priest was close to Minu. Minu’s boobs were potruding.The priest was attracted to Minu. After having darshan,both came out from the temple. There was nobody else. I was standing at a distance. I saw the priest touching Minu’s boobs. One by one, he was squeezing her boobs.

Then he was inhaling and licking her hot armpits. Minu’s eyes were closed. Then he removed her blouse and bra. ohhhh..what a juicy have…..he muttered. Then he sucked her boobs , each one for five minutes. He chewed her nipples one by one. After that he removed her saree. I was curious but hid myself to enjoy the scene. Now my wife was wearing only pettycoat. ohhh..what a lovely sight. There was a room by the side of the temple. He took her to that room. I was watching the whole scene through the window. Then the priest opened Minu’s petticoat. Minu was stark naked. What a lovely gand, you have, the priest told. He kissed her bums and then knelt down and kissed her cunt. He put his tongue inside her juicy cunt and licked for 10 minutes.

Then the priest became naked. His lund was 2″ dia and 7″ long. Suck it baby…the priest commanded. Minu was so happy and sucked for 5 minutes . Now it looked like a copper rod. There was a bed there. Kneel down like a bitch..the priest ordered and then started fucking in a doggy style. The lund entered fully with one stroke. Minu was crying….

– O God…fuck me….enter your lund…..mujhe chodo…kaskar chodo… my pussy…..fuck whole night…I have not been fucked for years together….screw me…jor se..ohhhh…chodo mujhe….the priest was fucking with full force. Ohhh what a glorious sight. Fuch…puch..puch…sound was coming. The priest was fucking like a tiger.

After 15 minutes, he got discharged in her mouth. Again after 10 minutes. he told Minu to suck his lund. This time I will fuck your gand, he told. Minu was afraid. Please don’t fuck my ass, it will pain me. But the priest put his saliva in her gand and entered two fingers. After that he inserted his lund inside Minu’s gand. O god…remove your lund…I am getting pain..Minu cried. Nothing will happen baby, the priest told and rammed her ass with powerful strokes for 10 minutes and discharged in her gand.

Now both were satisfied. Minu was so happy. I was also happy that she quenched her sexual thirst after a long time.

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