A mom and son get even closer one odd winter’s night

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“Oh, fucking hell…” she yelled as she tipped over the edge surely, her fingers working a blur in and out of her squelching pussy.

My hand was flying over my cock, surely and quickly, as I climbed rapidly myself. A part of me was in amazement at the pure oddness of this set of circumstances, like a distant man somewhere in the annals of my brain yelling, albeit so faintly I could barely hear him. The rest of me was laser-focused on cumming, to the point where a news crew bursting in the door would probably not have stopped me.

As I watched mom climax, her toes curling, and a stream of liquid flow out of her oozing cunt, I lost it. My hand was flying, and it was only a matter of seconds until I shot, my cum jettisoning out powerfully from days upon days of buildup, splashing in thick streams and pooling on my chest.

For a brief second, I was a tick horrified. What had we just done?! But then, mom laughed a low, rising chuckle. “I’m sorry…” she began, glancing at my face, then looking down, trying to repress it but obviously failing. “The look on your face is priceless. It’s okay honey, it’s not a big deal. You’re not going to burst into flames or anything like that.” She flopped on her stomach beside me, throwing that smooth, muscular calf over my shin, looking right at me. “It’s just play,” she added, putting her hand on my chest, then blowing her hair out of her face.

“But, that was…” I trailed off, nervous.

“Wrong? Please, it was just play. We’re not having a kid together or running off into the sunset to get married somewhere people don’t know us. Shit, it’s not like we’re church people or believe in hell. I’m sure as shit not going to tell anybody about this. Plus, you had fun, right? We’re adults, we’ve always been close. This is just one more thing. It’s not that huge, ultimately. Just relax and lay here with me.”

So I did. I laid there, with my mother, my cum still covering my abdomen and chest, still able to smell her divine feminine musk, tinged with sweat and her now faint perfume. And despite having just blown my load, I was still buzzing and craving more. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

So the backstory to this bizarre, borderline improbable situation began with my mother, who got pregnant with me at 21. Mom has always been a tough woman possessed of incredible inner strength. Youngest of 3, orphaned at 16 when her parents got in a fatal pileup, she finished high school between the foster system and her older brother’s couch, applied herself, and was in college when she hooked up with my dad, who promptly knocked her up. She wasn’t about to let this derail her though, and when she decided to keep me, she forced dear old Chet (I can never quite think of him as dad) to man up and watch me at nights while she finished nursing school and did her first rotations. When I was 3, he took off—he’s always battled alcohol and drugs, usually losing. I grew up without him, although every few years he made a stab at sobriety and came around for a short while, eventually tapering off and then disappearing for several years. By the time I was 20 he’d done three prison stints for petty financial crimes and more spots in jail than I could count. Mom had finally told him on this last one that unless he could show her an honest one year chip from a 12-step program, to not bother coming around. I hadn’t seen him since I was 13, a fact I didn’t regret. Last I heard he was awaiting another trial on credit card fraud.

When I was 8 she had bought our little house up on the Oregon coast after taking a job in a small hospital. It wasn’t anything amazing to look at, a little 2 bedroom cottage that had clearly been added on to over time, but the land was why she had pulled the trigger. A full acre, including a giant patch of dirt perfect for a garden, and fruit growing galore, including two apple trees, currant and loganberry vines, and blackberry vines always encroaching on our back fence. The place was odd and a bit ramshackle, but mom loved to turn the earth, growing volumes of veggies, tending to the vines and trees, and even erecting a greenhouse for tomatoes and peppers.

Growing up with just the two of us, we were obviously close. Mom being a nurse, she tended to be more…aggressive and frank, I guess, when it came to sex talk. Whereas some of my friends’ parents were ridiculous in their avoidance, mine was blunt and straightforward. When I was 13, she found porn I’d left open on my computer. I was expecting to get a talking to, but she instead gave me a very sweet lecture about how it was totally normal, along with a discussion about my porn choices and what to expect from the real thing. In addition to the safety lectures on condoms and birth control you’d expect when your mom’s a nurse, she was extremely sex positive, and she bought me books on how to have good sex and how to please a woman, including a rather thick treatise on oral that included pictures and diagrams. When I finally lost my virginity, I told her about it, and we discussed the entire experience in detail—she wanted to know if I had made sure my girlfriend had enjoyed it as much as I did. This talk continued with every girl I was with, and she also told me a fair bit about her boyfriends with a bit of graphic detail, so I knew, for example, that she had dumped Richard mainly because he was a quick draw, but had kept up with Joe for a while because he was both a great guy and totally enjoyed giving oral, even though he had a somewhat small dick that didn’t do much for her.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that my perception of my mom, growing up, included obvious realization that she had and enjoyed sex a lot, and didn’t consider it a shameful or terribly serious act. We tended to discuss our sex lives as openly and frankly as any other topic. Mom—Brenda—stood about 5’4″, with a body she kept sculpted with constant running of long distances and lifting weights, and she seemed carved out of stone, even at 42, though just below the line of overly muscular. She had long, thick, wavy, ashy blonde hair, a heart shaped face with gigantic green eyes, high cheekbones, and due to a combo of great self care and awesome genes, looked about 28-30 on even her worst days. About 10 years ago she had decided to give herself a birthday gift and got a fantastic set of D-cup breasts, which filled out the tank tops and sundresses she favored nicely. On top of that, she was a woman that positively radiated sex appeal. From her walk, which incorporated a great swing of the hips, to her deep, breathy voice, her naturally charming and flirtatious manner of locking her eyes on you and peppering light touches, I had seen countless men and boys alike key in on her, obviously infatuated within minutes. But to her, it was just her manner, part of who she was. With me, she would routinely cuddle on the couch, kiss me on the mouth, hug me tight, and I never thought much of it, because that’s just who she was. It was never intended to be sexual and I never took it as such.

I had stayed at home for the first two years of college to save money and attend my local JC—I was looking forward to my independence eventually, but in no hurry to run off yet. Ironically, it was a screwed up twist of fate that set the events of that fateful night in motion. My mom has two brothers. Clinton is normal(ish) and has a family up in Washington, but Dugan has always been the black sheep, and by the time I was 20 had not spoken to anyone in the family in over 15 years over some imagined slight to his new wife from Japan. He called one day out of the blue begging for help, homeless and destitute, and mom took pity, offering him a place to stay. He arrived two days later, with an SUV full of his entire life, along with seven (!!) cats.

Needless to say, this was a point of contention. He obviously didn’t care, but several of them were males that weren’t fixed, and they peed on everything. I had to close my bedroom door all the time, which sucked because my room had no heater, and I usually kept it open in the winter to take advantage of the wall heater in the hallway. That first morning, I woke up able to see my own breath. Mom and Dugan fought a bit, and her short term suggestion was that I sleep in her room until she could get him or at least the un-neutered cats out.

Sleeping in the same bed as mom (I offered to do a sleeping bag on the floor, which she laughed off) was fine overall but the unfortunate side was that she was very tactile and cuddly. If I slept on my back, she was on her stomach with her hand on my chest and a leg thrown over my midsection, usually dangerously close to my morning hard on. If I turned on my side away from her, she’d spoon into my back, pressing those firm tits into my back and her hips would be right against my ass. If I was on my other side facing her, she’d press her tight butt right against my crotch and reach back with her hand placed firmly on my hip. Any attempt to move away during the night usually resulted in her scooting right back against me in her sleep, so after a few nights of trying, I just gave up and let it happen. Still, it was frustrating. I’d broken up with my girlfriend right before this whole mess, and the addition of a third person into the house along with frequent fighting, plus this new sleeping arrangement, had ensured I wasn’t even able to jerk off in peace.

As a young, in shape man, this was the longest I gone without an orgasm since puberty. One morning, the alarm jolted me from a very pleasant dream that was just starting to turn sexy, and after mom reached over to shut off the alarm, she scooted back in against my raging morning boner. “Good morning,” she began sleepily, before her breath caught as she felt my firm erection slide between her perky ass cheeks. “Ooh, good morning,” she said with a playful change in tone as she felt my hardness. “Someone had some nice dreams,” she added, playfully wiggling her butt against my cock.

I hopped backwards, nearly falling off the bed. “Mom, what the hell?!” I snapped.

“I’m sorry honey, it wasn’t right of me to tease you. I was just surprised. Getting all twitchy for your old mommy.”

“Jesus! It was just an involuntary response!”

“Duh, I know. That was wrong, both the act and the joke. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

“It’s okay mom. I’m sorry I freaked out. I was just a little…” i trailed off. What I didn’t want to admit was that I had liked it and I was actually feeling my body getting closer to cumming due to the dream and her proximity. Even with as open as my mom was, I was pretty sure she didn’t want to feel me cum in my boxers against her ass.

It took about two weeks total, but eventually mom and Dugan had a showdown where she said, essentially, that living here required he get rid of at least the majority of the cats. After a lot of yelling, he finally packed up and left, and mom gave him some gas money and a quick hug before he pulled away complaining at her. We both breathed a sigh of relief, before going into full disinfecting mode, spraying urine removing compound all over the place, scrubbing like crazy, trying to remove all of the traces of him and his disgusting animals.

We’d started about 10am, right after he left, and didn’t finish until it was about 8 at night, despite the fact that it was a tiny place, only about 1000 square feet. At the end of it all, we went to the store, and then my favorite local Mexican restaurant, where we got some combos to go. We sat at our little kitchen table, eating in quiet peace with the doors open as the house aired out and the carpets dried, a steady cold NW winter rain falling outside. We were both grungy and covered in dried sweat, hunger slowly dissipating, when I suggested ice cream.

“Actually, I have another idea that may be more appropriate,” she replied, digging out a small plastic tub of some mix and a bottle of booze. “You ever have a hot buttered rum?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“It’s perfect for cold nights like this. Plus we could probably use something for painkiller. I don’t know about you, but I’m sore as a motherfucker.”

I was also pretty tender, so I readily agreed. She quickly set about the kitchen, boiling some water, scooping the mixture in, a small spoonful of vanilla ice cream, and then a shot of rum in each mug. As she started to stir, she hesitated, then dumped another shot in each. “You aiming to get me drunk?” I joked.

“I’m aiming to get me drunk. Your intoxication is incidental. Considering you have a good 80 or so pounds on me, I think you’ll be fine.” I shrugged and took the mug proffered.

So we talked and drank. About the situation with Dugan, and about his falling out first with their parents, then with her other brother and the rest of the family. How he had claimed people said things to him that were against their stories and also completely out of character. It seemed, we both agreed, as we refilled the mugs a second and then a third time, that he might be mentally ill. Nothing else explained his actions or fit as well. It obviously hurt her, but she seemed to be coping with it well.

Eventually, we moved into her room, sitting on the bed. She looked at me very seriously and changed the topic. “Can we talk about you getting embarrassed over your erection the other morning? You know you have nothing to be self conscious about, right? It was morning wood, and your body doesn’t know the difference between your mom and any other woman in the bed with you.”

“No, it’s not that,” I began.

“Well…” she interjected, pushing me along.

“I was having a really sexy dream, and I’m kinda pent up the last few weeks. I haven’t gotten laid since I dumped Becky, and I haven’t even been able to jerk off since Dugan got here because I have barely used my room, plus he was so loud and always wanting in the bathroom or asking me something. I haven’t had a moment’s quiet since he got here.”

“Poor baby,” she said as she pulled me into a close hug, and I felt a little uncomfortable stirring in my crotch due to her proximity. “And I’m sorry I teased you. It just felt nice to have a hard dick against me, even if it wasn’t meant for me. I’ll try not to do that in the future.”

“Well, with me sleeping back in my own bed, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

She pulled away, looked down and screwed up her expression a little bit. “Yeah…you know, I knew it was going to be an eventuality. I just really enjoyed cuddling with you.”

“That’s the point, mom, I was enjoying it way too much,” I replied.

“Oh my god… you were more that just hard. You were gonna cum!”

“Yeah, that was the point. I didn’t want to make a mess on your ass.”

“I wouldn’t have taken it personally. Plenty of other guys have done so and wanted to.” Her words had a slight linger, I noticed. She was definitely more buzzed than me, and I was feeling the effects pretty strong.

I just laughed. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“No you aren’t baby. You need to jerk off tonight.” She stood up and started to get ready for bed, which just consisted of her shucking her jeans and pulling off her tank top and bra with her back turned to me, followed by her throwing on an old tee. “Maybe twice. And we need to find you some oral slut.”

“I had one,” I grumbled in reply.

“Oh yeah, we haven’t even had the chance to talk about it. What happened with little Miss Becky?” She said the very last bit with a slight southern drawl, a little mocking, as she hadn’t liked her very much. Truthfully, neither did I, she was sweet and pretty but dumb as all hell. “Why’d you dump her? I thought she was a fun little lay.”

“She was okay. She really loved sucking dick, though. Unfortunately not just mine.”

“Ouch. I’m so sorry, babe,” she replied. I was vaguely aware of her hand on my thigh, warm and gentle on my skin right below the hem of my shorts.

“Me too.” An uncomfortable silence hung for a few seconds.

“Well at least you got your dick sucked, even if she was a shitty lay and cheater!” she shot back cheerfully.


“So…what was good about it?” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. I giggled despite my foul mood. She could always make me laugh.

“She just had a passion for it. Her technique was good, not crazy articulate but she’d deep throat me with ease, and just keep going. She’d suck me until I finished in her mouth, swallow it all, and then pop off and thank me. Then sometimes she’d just keep going until I tried to push her off because I was sensitive, and then she’d work to get me hard again so we could fuck.”


“Yeah. Unfortunately the sex didn’t match the intensity of the blow job.”

“How so?” she asked.

“She was slow and very gentle. She said my dick hurt if we went too hard. She’s really small, after all. And I like a woman I can fuck a bit harder.”

“Mmm. Yeah, it’s so much better when you can just slam into each other. Feeling that impact and hearing flesh clap…god it’s the best.”

“Yeah…” I agreed, lost in a bit of revelry.

“Damn baby! How do you carry that without a permit?”

I looked down, and realized that I was at full mast, and my long, thick member was tenting to the point of pushing the head plus a couple inches out of the waistband of my shorts. I blushed and started to move away, but she just giggled and grabbed my waistband, pulling me back toward the bed. “You have to stop being self-conscious about your body! It’s normal. So you have a boner, big fucking deal!”

“It’s just embarrassing, that’s all.”


“You’re my mom!”

“Please, you’ve seen my tits a bunch of times! What’s the difference?” She had always been somewhat casual about nudity and liked to sunbathe in nothing but a thong.

“Those are just tits, though!”

She smiled a mischievous smile, glancing down, then back up at me. “Hey.”


“Lemme see it.”


“What? I’ve seen it before!”

“Yeah, long ago, under way different circumstances.”

“Yeah, but this is kinda hot. C’mon, there’s nothing we can’t share, you know that.”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “It seems like it would be…strange, maybe?”

“Okay, fine!” she snapped, flipping onto her back, pulling her panties off in one swoop, and spreading her legs wide. I was instantly riveted to the sight of her pussy. “Fucking equality. You happy?” she shot back, as she very slowly peeled her big, meaty lips apart. “Can you see my appendix when I do this?”

I barely registered the joke. Her pussy was completely hairless, with a very nice coating of wetness and a couple of drops of dew slowly dripping out. I had seen a woman’s cunt plenty of times in person, and probably more than my share of porn, but at this moment, this was the hottest thing I had ever seen. A real, mature pussy, much like some of the MILF porn I tended to devour, exotic because I’d only slept with girls around my age. I could smell a tinge of her arousal in the air. My hand went into my shorts, almost against my will, grabbing my member, which had never been this hard. I started to stroke myself slowly. “Ooh. Yes please. That’s so fucking hot,” she murmured, as she slowly began to work her clit gently.

“Cmon, ditch the shorts, and sit down,” she urged me.

I pulled the drawstring, and let them drop to the floor. As she saw this, she slowly began to apply some more pressure to her clit. “Yeah, that’s good,” she purred. I clamped down a little harder, enjoying the sensation. The heated rum had hit my stomach hard and it felt like I had lost much of my resistance, but I hesitated for a second.

“Relax, Martin. I promise we won’t touch. It’s fine. Let’s just have some fun. Think of this like live action Pornhub.”

I slowly picked my speed back up. Yeah, live action porn. Like paying a cam girl. I liked the sound of that. Fuck, I was so goddamn hard. Like steel. It almost seemed, as I glanced down, that my cock, which was already pretty decent, had gotten maybe half an inch or so harder than it usually got. She pulled her shirt off, throwing it to the side, and quickly went back to her clit. I sat back against the pillows as she moved opposite me and positioned her pussy in view, playing with her clit and pushing her finger inside. Without realizing it, I began moving my hand faster and harder, adding a second in, reaching down occasionally and fondling my balls. She began to moan, gently at first, and then harder, and as her speed picked up, I watched her push a second finger in and slightly quake. She quickly recovered, resuming her plunging and lightly rubbing her clit with the fingertips of her other hand. “Fuck yeah…” she groaned, as I began furiously pumping my cock. Mom sped up, her pussy obviously drenched and her face lost in lust as she chased her own cum, which looked to be close. “Oh, fucking hell…” she yelled as she tipped over the edge surely, her fingers working a blur in and out of her squelching pussy…

Which is how we got to the beginning of this tale, along with where I was now. Mom and I lying next to each other, talking out our odd little mutual masturbation session.

“Relax. So there’s some sexual vibes between us. I sincerely doubt we’re the first family members to ever have that.”

“But, I just feel so strange right now,” I countered.

“So it’s weird. So’s most of life. I have had so many plans that didn’t pan out and so many gut urgings that turned out to be wrong, I can’t even tell you.”

“I guess. I’m just…”

“Thinking about how complicated this all is and just became?”


“Look, it’s strange, I’ll give you that. I don’t think there’s very many people in the world who would understand. But there’s no point freaking out about it. We didn’t exactly plan this, we were both just horny and it happened. We’ll handle it, and talk it through, and we’ll get past this, just like with every other weird thing that’s happened in our lives and over the course of our relationship.”

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to remember the meditation mantra I’d learned in my yoga class last year. It didn’t seem to help much. I opened them and looked at her. “Fine. Yeah, you’re right.”

So we talked for several minutes. She confessed that she’d been pent up and unbelievably horny since she hadn’t had a boyfriend in two months, and having me in the bed had given her some weird push-pull, because it gave her a touch of the intimacy she craved, but that only made her want sex more. I admitted that I’d had similar emotions and feelings which had messed with me and brought guilt because she was my parent.

“But sex is just sex,” she countered. “I have always felt like a good percentage of it is just play. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable, and yes, emotions come in the side door sometimes and muddy things up a bit, but to be frank—and maybe this is just me trying to justify things in my mind, but I don’t feel like anything’s really changed between us now or really going to change.”

“So what, we just become some weird family with a dark fetish porn worthy secret?”

“Not necessarily. We don’t have to do anything the other doesn’t want to.”

“I guess not.”

“If this is as far as this ever goes, I’m fine with it. Really. I don’t want to jeopardize our relationship or make you feel awkward in any way. I can’t promise I won’t have thoughts, obviously. But I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you. We obviously can’t have some long-term romantic relationship where we run away to a foreign country and never tell anyone who we were when we met. I have a career and a mortgage on a house I don’t want to leave. You’re in college. Half the town knows we’re related. Plus, I’m way older than you. Your great love of your life is somewhere out there in your future, is my guess. And despite my disastrous attempts at mining the incredibly shallow dating field here in my age group and this small town, it’s always possible I may meet someone that will be the right match for me someday. We should never forsake that possibility because we’re so obsessed with each other. It’s not possible or practical.”

“So what? We pretend this didn’t happen? Or we have a clandestine tryst with each other until one of us calls it off?” I asked.

“Oh, it happened. I’m not ashamed of it, so I’m not going to play some weird game of pretend amnesia with you.” She moved a little in to my body, pressing her warm form into my side as she began toying her fingertips over my chest. “But what happens next is up in the air, and I’m certainly not going to push either way. Take your time and make your decision. But, in the interim, you should probably shower. Because you’re still a mess, and I’m really tempted to lick your cum off of you, and not to sound conceited, but if I start that we’re very likely to start fucking shortly afterward.”

I stared at her for a long, pregnant pause, perhaps too long. I pulled myself up, and started to move as my body was wracked with indecision. Mom looked up at me, her eyes filled with lust at first, which both turned me on and unsettled me. After a few moments, she looked down, then back up at me with concern and love. I breathed in deeply and found myself feeling the same mixture. We stared at each other as I put my other foot down on the floor. I felt rooted to the spot, wanting to go towards her but also scared. Finally, she closed her eyes, took a long breath, and seemed to make a decision.

“I’m sorry, but I have to do this,” she said, moving towards me on the bed. She stood up on her knees, balancing one hand on my shoulder. She stared up into my eyes for a few suspenseful moments as we both breathed heavily, and just as I was attempting to find any words, she flung herself at me, wrapping her arms under mine, around my back, one hand against my back and the other in my hair as she pulled me in for what was the most scorching, lustful, passionate kiss I’d ever had to date. Her tongue was snaking in my mouth, dancing against mine, and I was pulling her into me, crushing her against my chest as her tongue retreated and mine invaded her mouth. Her hands began to roam all up and down my back, and as I began to do likewise, she pulled me towards her. My weight keeled forward, and we went tumbling half on to the bed.

Mom giggled, wrapping her legs around me, as I began kissing her neck and running my hands over her back, then reached in front and grabbed a breast. She inhaled sharply and threw her head back, and I leaned in and gently sucked her nipple into my mouth. “Oh yessss…” she purred. She arched her hips up and pushed her pelvis into me, caressing the top of my length with her wetness. I instinctively thrust against her, and as we pushed against each other, I kissed up to her neck, and then down to the other nipple. She groaned, and as we both pistoned our hips instinctively, the tip of my cock popped into her opening. I paused instinctively, and she put her hand on my chest.

“You can stop now if you want. I won’t be upset. But if you push in, we’re doing this. And if we do, we’re probably doing it again. I can’t ever get enough, I’m basically always horny, and I will fuck you endlessly until you feel like you’re spent and then get you hard again and fuck you some more. So I’ve warned you.”

I didn’t respond. I just looked at her, pondering for a moment, thinking about everything we just talked about. Then, I pushed in to the base of my cock, as she breathed in sharply. We crushed together, kissing passionately, and began moving against each other. Within a few strokes, I was lost in her—her legs pulling me in tight, and I was drowning pleasantly in the texture of her smooth skin, tracing kisses along her upper body as we picked up speed to the point of slamming into each other. “Fuck! Yes! Fucking just like that!” she barked. As I gave her as much impact as I could, her hips arched up to meet me again and again, and as our rhythm increased, she began to quake, and her amazing pussy rippled and then clamped down on me hard. I paused to let her O pass, and she smiled her charming crooked grin up at me.

I pulled back and began pushing again, and she moaned deeply and grunted “Mmm, yeah, fuck that’s good.” I picked her hips up and began pushing her back into me, and she started releasing some short, staccato barks as I felt her cum again, this time her scorching pussy just rippling.

Suddenly, I was possessed of a dire need to taste her, so I pulled out and bent over, diving right in for her clit, figuring that she was already warmed up enough that she wouldn’t need much preliminary. I hooked a finger in and felt around until I found the rough patch that was her G-spot, and she pulled my head in as a response. I started in my litany of oral tricks, finally figuring out her favorite was a tip of the tongue up and down alternating with a side to side. She grabbed my hair and pulled me back a bit, staring into my eyes. “I squirt from oral. So don’t keep that up unless you’re prepared to have your face flooded and swallow a bunch of my cum.”

I grinned maniacally as my cock tensed. I’d never been with a girl who could do that, and I dove back in, dying to see and feel it all over my face. I kept up my assault on her prominent clit and G-spot, and after a few minutes of an occasional baby tremor, I was rewarded by a heavy quake, along with her clamping on my finger tight and spraying a delicious little stream all over my face. “Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!!” she yelled, as I slowed and enjoyed her reaction.

I straightened up, ready to reenter her, but before I could even wipe my face, she attacked me, kissing me deeply and giving her juices a quick lick. “That’s so hot, me all over your face.” She bent down, taking my head gently into her mouth, sucking it softly as she stared up at me.

“I love a big cock in my mouth,” she murmured.

“I love getting head. But I think I like giving more,” I replied.

“I can change your mind,” she said with a evil little grin and chuckle. I was about to ask what she meant, when she locked eyes with me and opened her mouth, taking me all in until her lips touched the root. I wasn’t even in her throat as far as I could tell. My jaw dropped—I’m not necessarily porn star-sized, but I’m about a good 8+ inches and quite thick, so most girls could only fit about half of me in before gagging. She just smiled with her eyes when she saw my reaction, rippled her tongue gloriously, and then pulled back, bobbing slowly and sensually for a few strokes before picking up some serious speed. I threw my head back and moaned, my temperature rising like crazy. She giggled, before pulling back to just the tip, which she gave a very hard suck along with a firm, almost painful squeeze from her small but strong hand.

“I love a good protein shake, but right now, I really need some more cock,” she said, turning over and presenting her butt in the air. She glanced over her shoulder as I stepped forward, lined my cock up with her opening, and pushed in to the hilt. She groaned deeply as I began moving in and out of her.

Watching that perfect, muscular ass was something to behold. As my abs and hips would collide with it, it would spread and flatten the tiniest bit, but it was so firm and perfect I almost bounced off each time. I grabbed onto her lower waist just at the top of her hips and began pulling her in, loving her deep grunts and groans with each impact as I bottomed out in that glorious pussy. I pulled my hand back, spanking her cheek firmly as she yelped. “Do that again,” she moaned. So I quickly did the other one. I began alternating as I plunged in and out steadily. I wet my thumb in my mouth and pushed slightly against her pucker, but she straightened up, reaching back and bringing me in for a kiss.

“Sorry, lover, that’s exit only for me.” I shrugged and gave her a look of assent. She pulled off and patted the bed, indicating I should lay down. I did, and she quickly climbed on me and sank down.

“I love being on top, it’s my favorite.”

“Me too.” She rippled her pussy, and I felt myself getting closer. “Fuck mom…”

She leaned forward and kissed me again. “Call me Brenda. I’m your mom most of the time, but in here, I’m Brenda. Brenda is your lover. Brenda rides your cock. Brenda fucks you and sucks that glorious big thick meat and lets you empty in her mouth. Brenda is your little slut that needs a pounding and her pussy fucked and filled several times a day.”

“Fuck Brenda…”

“Do you need to cum baby?” she asked sweetly.

“Not yet, soon,” I replied. “Where should I…”

“I got fixed when you were 5, so you can fill my tight little pussy up,” she said, as she leaned one hand on my chest and began playing with her clit with the other.

“Oh god,” I replied, feeling myself getting closer.

“Or if you want to, in the future, you can cum in my mouth. Or you can fuck my tits and cum in between them. Or even just pull out and paint a nice pretty picture all over my ass, or my tummy, or even my face if you like. I don’t care where. I’ll lick it up, or I’ll swallow it all, or I’ll love taking it deep inside of me and feeling it run down out of my hot wet cunt!” And with that, I felt her clamp down hard and shake as she screamed a forceful, panting, grunting release. The sight of that, along with her sudden clamp and flooding all over my cock and balls, made me lose the very last little bit of control, and grunted at near the top of my lungs as I felt what was perhaps the most forceful orgasm I’d ever had in my life rush through my body, my cock exploding hard inside of her. She screamed harder, seeming to climb even higher, shaking with a nearly complete loss of control, collapsing forward on to me.

I put my arm around her, as we both panted, nearly out of breath. Our hips were still moving slowly, enjoying the moment, our combined secretions keeping us well-lubed. She leaned forward and kissed me lustfully, giggling slightly. “Holy shit,” she intoned, still laughing lowly.

“You took the words outta my mouth.”

“We’re definitely doing that again.” She laid on top of me, as we touched lightly and lingered our hands over each other. The moment was a pure, luxurious, amazing afterglow. Eventually, I softened to the point of slipping out, and she whimpered slightly. She moved halfway off and to my side, playing with my chest.

“I can feel you slowly dripping out of me. It’s so fucking hot.”

“Does your pussy always taste that good?” I asked. It seriously was better than any I had licked up until that point

“I suppose. Lots of guys have commented on it. I don’t do any crazy feminine hygiene routine or anything, I just keep myself clean.”

We paused, touching some more, as I slowly played with her hair. “So…” I began.

“So…” she mirrored.

“No regrets?”

“My only regret will be if we don’t do this again. A lot.”


“Not what you were expecting to hear out of dear old mommy’s mouth?”

“No Brenda, it isn’t,” I replied, leaning in to kiss her. We locked lips and gently explored each other’s tongues for a few languid moments.

“Good,” she replied. “Get in the shower. You’re a total mess, and I want you clean. I’ll be right behind you.”

I smiled at her, got up, and trudged into the bathroom, where I soaped up and scrubbed my body clean. She passed me getting out, pausing for another passionate kiss before getting in.

We met back in the kitchen, and sat down, pouring another drink as we talked things out. We both were naked, hair still wet from the shower. I felt comfortable, like I had nothing to worry about or hide. Mom spoke about how we needed to keep this in a compartment of its own, not getting affectionate in public beyond what we already did. How we were both free to date people and how we should do so if we wanted to. We should be open about jealousy, and any of our feelings with each other.

After probably an hour of talking and a refill, she went silent suddenly, standing up, then coming over to my chair. She straddled my lap, kissed me, running her hands over my pecs and abs, before wordlessly grabbing my stiffening cock and pumping it to it’s fully hard state. She dropped down to her knees and took me in her mouth, giving me about a minute of tender oral attention, before getting up and holding her hand out. We ended up fucking straight missionary before turning over into a spoon position with me erupting inside her again. It turned out she was crazily multi-orgasmic and I was able to help her to at least a half dozen climaxes or more each round, which was really gratifying and intoxicating given the somewhat tame and self-conscious younger girls I had been with before. In the afterglow, we cuddled and chatted, and she ended up climbing on top of me for another round. I noticed the more we fucked, the more in sync we got, slowly learning the little touches, hip movements, and oral tricks we each liked the most. We showered again, and had a brief and final round, which ended up with me erupting deep in her mouth as the sun slowly peeked through her blinds. She swallowed, hummed appreciatively, and looked in my eyes as she fixed me with that crooked half smile I loved so much. “Thank you.”

“I should be thanking you for that,” I giggled in reply.

“Trust me, I really love doing it,” she countered. “It’s fun and it really turns me on.” She went over to the blinds and turned the closing rod, drowning out the sun. She walked over to the bed, getting in and pulling the covers up. She kissed me once more passionately, before rolling over and indicating I should spoon into her back. I did, placing her pert ass against my crotch.

“But, right now, I think we need some sleep,” she said tiredly.

“I agree,” I said, stifling a yawn. We laid there in the afterglow, cuddling and content. My mind was lightly racing, wondering what the future was going to bring, but I felt content and at peace.

“I love you Martin. In every single way,” she whispered.

“I love you mom. And I love you too, Brenda.” She cooed appreciatively, and molded her body into me even closer. I thought I might have trouble falling asleep, but I dropped off almost immediately.

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