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We are married couple of 45. My name is Rakesh and wife name is Aarti. I had a cuckolding feeling and wanted to try for long. She was not ready due to society and security fear. After long persuasion she agreed to give a try but something behind close door. She was Ok if we try within family. We were left with 2 options one was my father and other my son. Not sure how to proceed. We would always think of how to initiate.

Once we decided to have a fun and wanted to try desperately. Early morning before sunrise we went to our son room. To our surprise we found his dick hard and erect. He was 14 and we knew that now days he is getting erection. His mom was noticing that he gets arousal early morning time. We thought why not to give a try.


One day we decided to try something when he is hard in morning. We entered his room and I settle on the bed beside him at the edge of the bed. We went with a plan and wanted to see how far we can reach. Our son was in knicker and could see his small dick making a tent over there. Aarti had a naughty smile on her face and kept looking at the target standing at the edge. I could feel that even she was excited but also in fear of not getting caught. She kept admiring at him waiting when and how to proceed. She just moved her hand over her dick and nodded. It was signal to me that his dick is erect. As planned she removed his knickers below his dick. The moment is slipped below his dick it stood straight upright pointing towards the ceiling. Good that she didn’t had to play with it to make it hard. It was also small in size so handling was easy.

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Aarti bend down over me such that her mouth is near to his dick. She took his dick in her mouth and gradually moved her lips over his dick shaft. She was not sucking it with the fear that he might get up. She was enjoying her lip movement over his dick. She confidently covered his dick in her mouth. His dick easily got hidden inside her mouth. She was locking her lips at the base of his dick taking it completely. As planned by us she was just gradually moving her lips enclosing his dick in her mouth with no effort to suck it. As you all aware sucking might wake him up and we didn’t wanted to spoil our sport.

I was aroused and immense hard looking at Aarti sucking dick other than mine that too of her son. She was gradually moving her lips over his dick and with one hand was moving over my dick which was also very hard. With one hand she was playing with my dick and with her mouth our son. We were taking extra precaution that he doesn’t get up. I was also fondling with her boobs while she was moving her mouth over his dick shaft. I good hold of her nipple and was squeezing it. Her nipple was growing between my fingers. She was also getting hot and I could feel the difference.

With one hand I drop of my wife leggings. She is normally without bra and panty at home. I moved my finger over her pussy and care it. She was feeling excited too. I could feel the wetness when I moved my finger over her pussy and tried inserting it in her vagina. She was lubricated with grease that what I could feel. I kept inserting my finger but was not forcing much so as to avoid her getting over excited and forcing on our son which might wake him up. As she was softly moving her mouth over his dick I was also slowly moving my finger in her pussy.

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I at the same time was caressing her boobs also and fingering her pussy to give her pleasure. W continued this act slowly wherein she was moving over her dick and moving out. At one moment we saw a slight drop of pre-cumm coming at the tip of his dick. We were curious and extra precautions. Aarti took the pre-cumm from his dick tip with her tongue and tasted it. She wipes out his pre-cumm over his dick tip. She like the taste of his pre-cumm which was exactly similar to mine she told me later. She continued moving her mouth over her dick so that she can get more pre-cumm.

To avoid any complications or with the fear of getting caught we decided to stop. We moved our son knicker over his dick and left the room. In our room I drop my pant and she started sucking my dick with me fondling her boobs. We went in 69 position with she sucking my dick and my mouth over her pussy sucking heavily. I licked her wetness and she was having my dick as far as possible in her mouth. She was hot and aroused and deeply wanted my dick in her pussy. I was hard and she was wet. We got in doggy position and I inserted my dick in her pussy and we started the fucking session. As usual I was not able to hold much and ejaculated inside her pussy leaving her unsatisfied. I removed the vibrator from drawer, which I got for her and use when I am unable to satisfy her. I inserted it in her pussy and switched it on. The vibration was making her wild. She was over excited and was moving her pussy to get the vibrator more inside her till the point she got satisfied.

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The act with our son spiced our life and we started enjoying our sex life

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