Indian sex stories: Mom and son sex in bathroom

This story describes my sexual encounters with my cousin’s mother. Indian sex stories: Mom and son sex in bathroom. When I was living as paying guest with them. For my fourth semester holidays, I got an internship in a company. My parents sent me to my uncle’s place to stay as his home was nearer to the company. I reached my uncle’s home and he greeted me warmly. I dropped my luggage and asked for the bathroom to use as I was controlling my bladder for a long time. He told me where the bathroom was. I reached the bathroom and turned the door knob anti-clockwise to open. The door opened and entered into the bathroom. There I saw a scene which I didn’t even imagine in my dreams. My aunt, Anusha, 30-32 years old, was standing in her inners, in front of a mirror applying some cream on her face. So she didn’t see me coming into the bathroom. I looked at my aunt from top to bottom. She was wearing black colour floral panty and bra. Her ass was very big that her panty wasn’t able to cover her ass cheeks completely. I wanted to spank her ass right there.

From the angle I stood, I couldn’t get to see her boobs completely, only a side view. Even in that side view, her boobs looked so big. My dick stood up immediately after seeing such an erotic scene. She opened her eyes and saw me in the big mirror in front of her. She was shocked and turned around to see me. Before she said anything, I apologized to her and told her that the door wasn’t locked from inside. She understood her mistake as she should have locked the door from inside. It was an awkward moment for both of us and I wasn’t complaining about it. I saw her big boobs now. Her poor bra was doing a bad job of covering her boobs as I got to see majority of her boobs. I left the bathroom with an erection.

My uncle didn’t ask me about this incident which meant Anusha aunt didn’t say about this to him. That night all I could think about was her boobs and ass. I always liked Anusha aunt as she was lovely, good looking face with gorgeous thick black straight hairs, fair skin, her lips are pink. She was neither chubby nor lean, somewhere in between with small belly around her waist. I loved the sight I saw in the bathroom. I masturbated by thinking about fucking my aunt that night. I decided to try my luck with my aunt. So I worked on seducing her. My internship wouldn’t start for the next four days. So I decided to use this time to seduce my aunt when she would be in home alone after her husband went to office and kid to school.

I woke up early morning and went to the balcony to do exercises. The balcony was attached with kitchen and one can see from the kitchen what’s happening in the balcony. I was wearing sleeveless t-shirt and cotton track pant. I did Suryanamaskar in the balcony. I was doing exercises and I looked at the kitchen from the corner of my eye. Anusha was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. I have good physique with decent looking face. My track pant was cotton and bit tight. Whenever I bent backward, the track pant clutched my crotch tightly and one can see my crotch. I intentionally held my backward pose for more time so that Anusha get to see my crotch. I was sure that Anusha was enjoying what she was seeing in the balcony as she looked in my direction very often. I was sweating a lot and stopped my yoga. I went inside the kitchen to drink water. The sweat was dripping down all over my face, body. The sweat beads were dripping down from my shoulder to my biceps and then to my forearm.

Anusha aunt was looking at my biceps and my face. She was staring at me for few seconds. Then she turned her eyes away. I drank water from the fridge and stood in the kitchen. I talked casually to her about the breakfast and other things. The whole day I was around her, helping her- at least that’s what I told her and chatting with her. I got to see her boobs and ass a lot. I loved the way her ass swings like a pendulum when she walks. That night I masturbated again by thinking about her and fucking her in doggie. The next day morning I heard a giggle and woke up from my sleep. I saw my aunt Anusha turning away from me and leaving the room with broomstick. It was obvious that she came to my room to clean but I couldn’t comprehend her giggle and exit. I looked down with confusion and I got the answer. My dick was standing up and made a big tent with my blanket. I got the morning wood and Anusha has seen it. I was proud of my dick and saluted him. He made my job easier as my aunt got to see my erection.

I went to the kitchen in my track pants and a sleeveless t-shirt. I talked to her casually. Initially, she wasn’t looking at me and couldn’t talk to me properly. Later she regained her composure and talked to me normally. I started doing exercise on the balcony. Today she was looking at me more frequently.

I loved it. I came to the kitchen with sweat pouring out from every pore of my body. She looked at me from top to bottom and spent few extra seconds to look at my crotch. I was drinking water from the water bottle and dropped the bottle cap down. I turned around, shown her my ass and bent forward to pick up the cap. My t-shirt came up and shown her my back. I was wearing my track pant bit low and she must have seen my ass crack in this position. I picked the bottle cap and got up and looked at her.

She was smiling and looked at me with a naughty smile. I was sure that she has seen my ass. My uncle and kid went to office and school. We were alone. Around 11 am, I went to the kitchen. Anusha aunt was cutting vegetables. She was wearing saree and her saree slightly moved to her left, showing an enormous amount of cleavage. I stared at her boobs. I wanted to squeeze those big milk buns. She asked me, “Why are you sitting in home? Go out and see this new place.”

“It’s hot outside. I will go out in the evening.”

“The guys in your age roam around the city with their girlfriends nowadays. Why don’t you do that”? I replied, “I don’t have any girlfriend.” She said, “That’s a pity. Poor girls are not lucky enough to become your gf. What kind of girl you are looking for?”

I smiled and said, “I like the girl with a good looking face and bit naughty. She should have long thick black hairs, brown eyes and thick lips, and bit busty body.”

She giggled and said, “Looks like you want someone like me.” I said, “Yes, I want someone like you. But it’s very difficult to get a girl like that.”

“Why so?”

“Young girls have good looking face but most of them are very lean. None have body like you have. None have boobs bigger like you have.” It was a bold statement and also a testing statement. I wanted to see her reaction. A naughty smile appeared on her face and she slapped on my wrists. “Shut up. They are not that big!” I passed in this test. She wasn’t offended by what I said to her. I grew in confidence. I told her, “I have seen your boobs. Trust me, they are big.” I looked at her boobs while saying this. She noticed that I am staring at her cleavage but didn’t make any effort to correct her saree. I was given full license to stare at her boobs. She stood up and turned to leave. I asked her where she was leaving in the middle of cutting vegetables. She told me that she is gonna take bath. Then she left. I saw her ass swaying like a swing in the children park. Few minutes later, she walked past me with a towel around her shoulder.

I saw her going to the bathroom. For few minutes, there was a huge debate going on in my mind. I was waiting for this moment since the day I saw her half-naked body but I wasn’t ready. I got nervous and scared as I have never fucked anyone before. I built up courage and walked towards the bathroom. I removed my dresses but not the underwear. I roped a towel around my waist, turned the door-knob anti-clockwise. The door opened as expected. I got into the bathroom and closed the door. Anusha was applying face wash on her face. She was wearing red colour bra and panty. She looked gorgeous. I was walking slowly towards her. I was sure that Anusha must have seen me in the mirror in front of her but she didn’t turn around like the last time. It boosted my confidence. I hugged her from behind.

Anusha said, “Kedhar, what are you doing? You are not supposed to come here.” Then I kissed on her neck, lower neck and back. Her voice trailed away and it became moan. I squeezed her boobs while kissing on her neck. I licked her neck and earlobes. She was moaning and moved her body against mine. My dick started to erect because of her rubbing. I squeezed her boobs so hard as if they are clay material, should be mixed properly before start making a pot. I bit on her shoulder. She let out a huge moan and turned to see me with face wash on her face. She applied water and removed her face wash. Then she looked down at my bulge. She pulled my towel to her right. It fell down on the floor. She rubbed the bulge on my underwear. She put her hand inside and started to stroke it. My body was warm and her cold hand touched my warm dick. My body jerked. I wasn’t sure why.

She smiled and started to kiss on my lips passionately without stopping stroking my dick. She lowered my underwear and saw my thick brown dick. She said, “mmmnnn! Impressive. Nice thick brown dick.” She pulled down my foreskin and touched my dickhead. She kissed on my lips, cheeks, chest, and nipples. She bit my nipples. It pained a bit and it also told me that how rough she wants sex now. She kissed on my navel, flat abdomen, and lower abdomen. I told her, “Suck it, baby. Put it in your mouth.” She replied, “You will cum soon once I suck your cock. I need some action.”

“Just suck my cock, bitch” I ordered to her. She obeyed my command like a slave does to his master’s command. She sucked my cock like a kid tastes lollipop. I was in heaven. First time, I was experiencing what I saw in porn movies and read in stories. It felt amazingly good to see my dick mouth going inside her mouth and wrapped around her thick pink lips. She was sucking my dick superbly and as she said I would cum soon, I cummed inside her mouth and the cum was oozing down from her lips and fell on her boobs. She swallowed some portion of my cum. I undressed her bra and panty, took her to the shower. Turned on the shower and water fell on her boobs. I cleaned my dick in the shower. I applied shower gel on her big boobs, waist, shoulders, and ass. Her body was completely covered with foam. I loved every bit of this. I rubbed her pussy while applying shower gel. She let out a huge moan. I rubbed her ass cheeks and spanked them. She let out a huge moan every time I spanked her ass.

The water cleaned the foam on her body and she stood naked again in front of me. I saw the water drops falling on her fair big boobs and dripping down to her nipples and then to her ribs, waist, and thighs. I sucked her wet boobs, squeezed them and bit her nipples. I put my mouth near her nipples and drank the water which came down after grazing her nipples. I told her, “Tastiest water I ever drank in my life.” I kissed her lips with the water inside my mouth. Exchanged the water to her mouth and she swallowed it. Shampoo bottles and some other things were kept on the flat surface beside the wash basin. I pushed aside them and kept Anusha’s ass there.

Her right leg was in the basin and left was hanging, closer to the floor. I knelt down on the floor and smelled her pussy. Her pussy was wet and her juices were oozing out. I kissed her pussy and licked her pink pussy lips. I sucked her pussy and she was moaning quite loudly. I was sucking her pussy randomly as this was my first time. She guided me to her clitoris and asked me to rub it first. I did as she said. Then she pointed her vagina opening and asked me to lick it with my tongue. I did as she said. It was my turn to act as a slave. I sucked her pussy and my tongue was inside her pussy. She was blabbering and making some crazy noises. I loved it. She squeezed her boobs with her hands. I licked her pussy vigorously now like a cat drinks its water. Her breath got heavy and legs were shaking. She stood up as she couldn’t sit on the wash basin anymore.

She said, “I need your dick, Kedhar. Fuck me, fuck my pussy. It’s all yours.” I saw my dick. It was semi erected. She started to stroke my dick while kissing on my lips. I flipped her and she kept her palms on the washbasin and bent little forward. Her ass cheeks were touching my dick. I looked at her in the mirror. She gave a naughty smile and winked at me. I spanked her ass so hard and looked at her. She let out a moaning. Her lips were wide opened and eyes full of lust. I spanked again and again till her ass looked pink. She loved it. “Punish me, Kedhar. Punish your aunt. Slap me again.” I slapped her ass hard and told her, “You deserve this, bitch. I am gonna tear down your pussy.” I stopped spanking her ass and looked at her with ferociousness in my eyes. She said, “Punish this bad girl with your dick, darling! Fuck me hard, my lion.”

I rubbed my dick on her pussy. Her moaning was louder and it sounded like a begging to fuck her. I put my dick into her vaginal opening and push it in. It slid into her pussy smoothly as her pussy was wet and not so tight. I thrusted my hip completely in to her pussy and pulled it out. I did it again. Thrust in and out. In and out. Now I understood why men run behind the pussies. I understood how women control men with pussies. It was an amazing feeling. I felt I was in heaven. My mind and body was in harmony. I kept fucking her pussy in constant pace. I saw her face in the mirror and it was filled with pleasure. I saw her boobs hanging in between her hands, like mangoes hanging in the tree. I grabbed her hair and increased my pace more. I was hitting sweet spot inside her pussy as her moaning was increasing louder and louder. I spanked her ass and my thighs were hitting against her ass cheeks.

“Harder, deeper and faster, my lion. Fuck me harder. Punish this bad girl!” She kept saying these things. Since I cummed a few minutes ago, I was able to hold for more time now. I pulled my dick out. Flipped her and put her on the flat surface beside the wash basin. Her both legs were on the edge of surface wide apart. I pushed my dick into her pussy and started to fuck her pussy faster. I fucked her pussy and within few strokes, I cummed inside her. I kissed on her while my dick was inside her. We both hugged and kissed. I took out my dick from her pussy. We cleaned ourselves and took bath again. I fucked her whenever it’s possible for the remainder of my stay at her home.

Sometimes my uncle fucks her in the night and the next day I fuck her. It was a fantasy in reality. Whenever my uncle fucked her in the night, she called me on the phone and I listened to her moaning and sex noises. The next day I fuck her even more violently. My uncle fucked her at least two times in a day but this crazy bitch still wanted my dick. I think our sex must have been thrilling to her as a young guy was fucking her in a home where her hubby was there. She taught me many tricks to satisfy a woman. With her training, I was getting better each day. Unfortunately, the internship got over and I came back to my home.

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