My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“You on the pill, baby sis?” I questioned.

“Yesss,” she hissed. “Cum inside me, Michael. Deep!” she urged.


I intended to comply, but it was time to switch it up. I needed to be more in control. I needed to be the one slamming it home. I grabbed her ass and threw her over on the couch.

“Ohhhh, my!” she cried. “Taking control, are we?”

I didn’t answer. Or, I should say, I answered with my cock. She spread her legs wide, one on the sofa and one on the floor, as I plunged home in one sweet deep thrust.

“Awwww, fuck!” she screamed. I hooked my right elbow under her left knee to pull her up and open. Then I reared back and began to fuck my baby step-sister like this was the normal thing step siblings do to one another over the holidays. I propped myself into a perfect position where I knew she could feel every fucking inch as I pounded her into the couch – over and over again. My balls were tightly slapping against her ass as I found my rhythm and drove it home, which was, in fact, where I was.

“Yes, baby. Harder. Fuck! Deeper…yesss.” Lanie was on fire and taking every thrust and every inch like a pro. She may have only been a sophomore, but she fucked well beyond her years.

I pushed up on my arms and looked down as I thrust. There is nothing I love more than seeing my lover’s tits bounce and shimmy from my fuck. Lanie’s beautiful bust was shaking wildly in tight round circles as I fucked her. Her encouraging words just made me go faster…harder…deeper. And that is clearly just what she wanted. I wanted to cum inside her – fill her with my seed.

But not yet. One more stop. I pulled out and grabbed her legs and twisted. She knew exactly what I wanted and turned over willingly. She placed her head on the sofa and planted her knees on the sofa cushion, her ass high in the air, and waited for me to enter her from behind. For a moment I pondered exploring her ass. But we were in a rhythm and I figured I’d go down that road another time. Right now, I needed to be back in her pussy.

“Mmm, big bro gonna fuck me doggy?” she asked rhetorically, already knowing the answer..

“You know it,” was all I could say as I guided my hard wet cock to that lovely pink slice of love. I teased her with the tip, dipping it in and out and along her heavenly slit. Then, just as she was getting used to the peripheral tease, I grabbed her hips, reared back, and slammed into her as hard as I could. She was wet and willing and grunted her approval.

“Ahhhh, fuck. Michael. Yesss!!” What more encouragement does a man need? She felt so tight, but so well lubricated and ready. I pulled her ass to me and bottomed out, wiggling my hips to make the point. I circled my motion and felt my cock swirling deep inside her pussy. She felt it too.

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