Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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“I’m going to fuck your ass, all because he can’t pay his debts. What he can’t pay, I’ll take from your body!” the rapist said

Karl cowered in the corner with another man guarding him with a baseball bat.

This was a bad situation and I knew it. The only saving grace, the two bad guys were generally lined up to me; the one with the bat would have to go through the man with my sister to get to me.

I took aim at the man trying to mount Catherine. “Get the fuck away from her!”

The room became silent other than Catherine’s sobs. The three other men in the room all looked at me. When I watched the recording later, I think the look on Karl’s face was one of relief. The two others though were shocked.

When they didn’t move, I stated again, “Get. Away. From. My Sister!”

When I finished speaking, the man holding Catherine smirked. “So this is the twirp we’ve heard so much about. What are you going to do, if I don’t get away?”

I was confused by his reply. I was pointing a loaded rifle at him, and he was acting as if it was a toy.

All of a sudden I knew what I forgot to do. Though I put the magazine back into the weapon, I didn’t put a round into the chamber. In response to his question, I chambered a round. “Last warning. Release Catherine, and step away.”

When I chambered a round, the expression on the man’s face turned to one of incredulity. He did release my sister, but he started walking toward me.

“Back up or I’ll shoot!” I ordered.

He ignored me.

I shifted my aim slightly, and squeezed the trigger.


Screams erupted in the otherwise quiet room, as the 36 grain, copper plated, hollow point slug hit him in the shoulder, exactly where I aimed. A small trickle of blood dripped from the small wound. He screamed out, though I couldn’t tell if it was in pain or anger. The expression on his face makes me think he was angry at being shot.

He charged.

Were it not for the fact I remained aiming in his direction, I would have been in trouble. He closed the distance unbelievably quickly, and I was only able to just pull the trigger again as he slammed into me. We both fell to the ground.

I quickly untangled myself from the man. I grabbed my rifle and stood. I planted a foot on the man’s back so I’d know if he was still moving, then aimed at the man with a bat.

He looked at me with real fear in his eyes.

“Drop the bat.” He did as he was told. “Now step away. Lay face down on the ground. Put your hands behind your back, and cross your ankles.”

He continued to follow my orders. Karl grabbed the bat and ran from the room, returning with some zip ties. Once the man’s arms were secured, I knelt and checked the would-be-rapist’s pulse. He was dead.

I didn’t know what to think about that.

I stepped up to Catherine. She’d shifted so she was covered and decent once more. “Are you okay Sis?” She just looked at me blankly. “It’ll be okay. The police are on the way.”

With that statement, I remembered my phone. I pulled it back out, and told the dispatcher what happened, and requested an ambulance. I was given some instructions by the officer, and I followed them to the letter, with one exception.

I was told to unload my rifle and go wait for the police outside. I made one extra stop to put my rabbits and other kills in the freezer.

The police showed up with pistols drawn. I was quickly placed in cuffs, and put into the back of a cop car.

Then came the frustration of waiting. The ambulance came, and I watched as a sobbing Catherine, who looked at me with longing, was taken away. Karl and the other man were taken away in cuffs. Then the coroner’s van arrived, and before long a body bag was removed.

I sat in the back of the cop car for hours before anyone came to ask me questions or tell me anything. They were kind enough to let me use the bathroom before things went farther though.

Eventually I was taken to the station, where I was interrogated thoroughly again by several officers. Thankfully the lawyer I was given seemed to be good at what he did.

My saving grace though, were the cameras I wore hunting. Because of the audio the cops knew exactly what happened. With the several different videos, they saw what I saw, and to a lesser extent, what I looked like throughout the event. Most importantly though, the cops knew where I was aiming when I fired my weapon; they knew I purposefully shifted my aim from centre-mass to his shoulder to be less-lethal.

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