Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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At first, I allowed this because Catherine was truly shaken up, and I wanted to be able to comfort her. If letting her sleep beside me let her sleep peacefully, then who was I to deny her?

As the months drew on though, I began to enjoy having a woman in my bed, even if it was my sister. Throughout sharing a bed with Catherine, neither of us did anything sexual. We simply slept in the same bed.

The closest thing to ‘something sexual’ between us, was the bedtime and good morning kisses Catherine and I would share. She took to giving me a kiss on the lips before we snuggled up, and when we awoke. These kisses might have been something more than a sister should give her brother, but certainly less than something lovers would share.

Of course there were times when we would cuddle up in our sleep. More than a few mornings I’d wake to find Catherine and me spooning together, with my hand on her breast holding her tight, and my morning wood pressed into her backside. When that happened, I simply extricated myself, and we went about life.

Due to our sleeping arrangement, I saw more of my sister than most men ever do. I also knew how she felt in my arms, and how good having her in that position made me feel. I want to stress to you though, there was nothing sexual going through my mind at this point. I was simply comforting someone I love. She was still ‘my sister’ to me.


Chapter 3

In the middle of February is when things came to a head. Between the sleeping arrangements, his lack of gambling, and the continuing court battles, Karl’s mood continued to drop. He became snippy, and aggravated at the slightest things. If one of my friends would have been acting how he was, I would have said he needed to get laid. My assumptions weren’t far off the mark.

It was a Friday night, and as a family we finished watching a movie. All in all it was a pleasant evening. Once we shut the TV off, I headed up to have a shower, and they were getting ready for bed.

One thing I’ve learned due to playing in many sports is how to take quick showers; I never liked having to use the public showers where everyone could see me; I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of, but it still made me uncomfortable; so I learned to spend as little time in the shower as possible.

As soon as I turned the water off, I heard them. They were fighting.

“What the hell Catherine! You never sleep with me any more. It’s been months since we’ve had sex! You are going to sleep in here tonight with your husband!” Karl yelled out.

Catherine replied, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

As fast as I could I ran a towel over my body collecting the worst of the wet, then wrapped it around my waist and ran from the bathroom.

“I’m a man, I have needs!” Karl stated, as I pushed the slightly open bedroom door wider.

“What is going on?” I asked in a calm yet stern voice.

Catherine glanced over at me and smiled. She came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. Looking over her shoulder at her husband she replied, “Karl, you are no man. My brother is a man! When those monsters came into our home and attacked me, you let them! A man wouldn’t do that. A man defends his woman! You are no man, so why would I care about what needs you might have? You never cared about my needs!”

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