Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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I was somewhat shocked by what my sister said and held my peace for the moment.

Karl’s face twisted in rage. “You are my wife! You should be sleeping with me!”

He took a threatening step forward. It looked like he was going to reach out and try to force her to stay with him. Once he moved though, so did I.

I pulled Catherine away from him, and placed myself between them. When Karl looked at my face, he cowed back. I didn’t realize it, but my sister told me later that I wore a glare which would ‘turn a charging rhino.’ (her words not mine.)

“See! That’s what a man does,” she said, staying behind me. “He protects his woman.”

Karl glared at Catherine. “Yeah well he can’t fuck you like a husband can! You used to be so needy.” When he started speaking he spoke with bravado in his voice. It quickly turned into a snivelling wine though, “Catherine, please come to bed! I need my wife!”

Catherine’s reply shocked me. “I only fuck men. I fucked you because I thought you were one. Now though, the only man I see here is Kurt. Maybe I should take him back to his room and let him have his way with me.”

Karl’s eyes went wide at her words.

“Besides,” she continued, “I don’t think you could please me anymore, anyway. I know what Kurt’s packing, and it’s more than you’ll ever have!” With that, my sister ripped the towel from my body.

I stood there frozen, unsure of what was happening or why. I just wanted to protect my sister, I didn’t want to be drawn into the fight between them. And I certainly didn’t want to be exposed to my brother-in-law.

Seeing the stunned look on his face as he took in my naked form changed something in me. I watched his face as his eyes locked with my flaccid cock; even soft I was large (shower, not grower, is the phrase I think). His face showed his horror and envy.

Seeing how Karl was humiliated by being shown up by his brother-in-law, in so many ways, made me feel good. Made me feel powerful in a way I’d never felt before.

Feeling my sister’s body pressed up against my back was enough to make me rise. My prick filled, and stood out proud from my body. The entire situation was fucked up, but I didn’t care anymore. There was a beautiful woman pressing her body against me, my slimeball in-law cowed before me, and I wanted to put him in his place. This was my family now. My sister was my woman now. Karl would be subservient to me!

“Listen here Karl,” I said, finding my voice. “Catherine is no longer yours. She’s mine! You stay away from her, unless she asks for your attention. Do you understand?” I finished in a calm cold voice.

His eyes went wide. “But she’s my wife–”

“Maybe on paper, but she’s my woman!” I growled.

Catherine reached around me, and grabbed my rampant cock. It was almost enough to shock me out of the alpha male mask I used to intimidate Karl.

“C’mon Kurt. Let’s go to bed.”

Catherine led me from the room, using my cock as a leash, and I followed along willingly.

“Catherine?” Karl protested weakly. We both ignored him, closing his bedroom door, and then my bedroom door behind us.

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