Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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When I came down the stairs Catherine looked up. “What do you need the cameras for?”

I paused to answer her, “I suppose I don’t need them, but this is a great opportunity to make another video. I was sent that pack of new ammo to try, and it’s a great day for it, so might as well.”

Now I know what you’re all thinking. What self respecting outdoorsman makes youtube videos? The answer is, me. It’s just something fun to do, and occasionally I’ll be sponsored to do a video, where I get some fun new gadget out of it. I do it for the fun, not for the stuff though.

Her curiosity appeased, I continued to the basement where my gun locker is. It didn’t take me long to pull out my Ruger 10/22 and fit the cameras in place. All told I had four cameras on me: one on the barrel of my rifle pointing back at me, one with my scope to see what I was shooting at, another on my chest showing what’s in front of me, and the last on a head mount. I worked hard to save the money to get my cameras. I didn’t often use the footage from them all, but I wanted them anyway to have the best picture available for the videos.

A few more minutes and I collected everything I needed for my excursion.

Heading back upstairs Catherine finished folding the last shirt. She placed it on top of the basket, then came over to me. “Have fun. And Kurt… be safe.”

I gave Catherine one of my winning smiles. “I will Sis. I shouldn’t be too long, a few hours at most.”

We said a final farewell, and I strode out the back door and towards the fields. Though I grew up on, and inherited, the farm, I was no farmer. I rent the fields to the neighbours, with the understanding that I would be hunting on the property regularly. This was an arrangement I was more than happy with. I had several hundred acres at my disposal for hunting almost all year round, and I didn’t have to attempt to farm it. Theoretically the income from the farm covered the regular property expenses, but the past year, due to my parent’s passing, had not been good for the farm.

Once I was far enough away from the house and barns to safely discharge my weapon I loaded my rifle, double checked my cameras were rolling, and started my video.

“Good afternoon youtube! Kurt Jaeger here, walking through the woods here on my property. Today I’m doing a few things, first is hunting rabbits. I’m hoping to get a few of the critters for dinner. The other thing I’m doing is testing out a 22 long rifle round sent to me by one of my viewers, 28Hunter123. These are available commercially, so you can try them out yourself. These are a hyper velocity–” I won’t bore you with all the details of the video, but after doing some basic target shots at my range, I began hunting.

I wandered the edge of the bush looking for my birthday meal. It didn’t take long to see two hares bounding away from me. They were farther away than I would normally shoot, but I quickly took aim and fired twice in rapid succession.

“Did you see that!” I said for my video. “With this hyper velocity round I managed to hit two running animals at just over one hundred yards.” After collecting my prizes, I continued, “The drop on these rounds is surprisingly little compared to the standard 22LR. If you are doing varmint shooting, these rounds could be what you’re looking for. I think I prefer the regular rounds for general hunting though. The cost difference isn’t much, but when you’re shooting lots, it adds up.”

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