Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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“Find what you were looking for?” Cat asked, as I came through the door, half an hour later.

I smiled, running over to her, where she stood in the doorway to the kitchen. I picked her up, and pinned her to the doorframe. She moaned as I kissed her.

Pulling back so I could look into her face, I lowered her back to her feet. “Yes I did. I think we’re going to be fine.”

There was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it,” I said, leaving Cat to straighten her dress.

I opened the door to see four men in suits standing there. As I took them in, one man stood out. “Afternoon, Mr. Wilder. I didn’t expect to see you today.” I looked at one of the other men and continued, “And I didn’t expect to see you for another half hour, Karl.”

Bev smiled in response. “I’m afraid that’s my doing. May we come in?” Bev asked, indicating himself and Karl.”

I nodded, opening the door wide. The two goons stayed outside, standing on either side of the door.

“Kurt, what’s going on?” Cat asked, still in the kitchen doorway.

I introduced Bev and Cat, and we all took seats around the kitchen table. Cat brought us all drinks, and we settled in.

“Thank you for your generous gift this morning, Mr. Wilder,” Cat stated when she took her seat beside me.

“I’m glad it reached you,” He said with a smile.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, Mr. Wilder, but why are you here?” Cat asked.

He laughed. “I assure you Mrs. Jaeger, the–”

“Her last name is Jaeger-Briggs,” Karl cut him off.

The rest of us turned to glare at Karl, and he slunk back in his seat, looking as though he wished he stayed silent.

Bev turned back to Catherine, Mrs. Jaeger, the reason I’m here is to benefit you.”

I could see Cat was going to ask another question, but I reached over taking her hand, and gave it a squeeze. “He’s here awaiting my decision,” I answered Cat’s question.

Bev smiled, nodding his agreement. “Mr. Jaeger, you’ve had a busy morning. Looking up many things, talking to many people. I hope you found promising information.”

I looked at him, thinking about what he said.

“Okay, enough with the secrets!” Cat said, sounding annoyed. “What is going on?”

I heaved a sigh. “Mr. Bev Wilder has asked me to work for him. He’s asked me to be a hunting guide. And I think I’m going to accept his offer.”

Cat’s eyes went wide. “What! Why? What about us?”

I looked over at my sister, taking her hand in both of mine. “I’m accepting his offer because of us. He owns a hunting lodge up north. Somewhere away from the bulk of civilization. Somewhere, where no one knows us, or our relationship. Somewhere we can be together freely, and raise a family.”

As I spoke, Bev and Karl both watched us intently. Karl looked defeated, while Bev looked intrigued. Bev smiled wider hearing my plan.

Cat peered into my eyes, and I asked, “Cat. Will you come with me, be my wife?”

She smiled and nodded.

Bev looked between Cat and I. “May I then, be the first to offer you congratulations! You may not be able to wed legally, but love prevails.”

I looked over at the man. He still exuded evil, and I still held no doubt he could and would do despicable and evil things. I didn’t want to trust him, but I also felt I could trust him. I don’t know why he wanted to help us, and despite how evil I thought he was, I did know he could be a powerful ally.

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