Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

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The only real change from then on, was the amount of affection Cat showed toward me. She didn’t hesitate to kiss me, nor I her. We shared little touches and caresses whenever we were together, and often we could be spotted looking at each other.

When I spotted Cat looking at me, we’d share a smile before going back to whatever it was we were doing. Karl noticed, and whenever he did, he seemed to shrink in on himself a little more.

The kisses, and other small signs of endearment were the only added change to our life. Karl never commented on the confrontation, and Cat and I were happy knowing how we felt.

I suppose I’m not being completely honest with you, or myself. As I said, Karl drew in on himself. I think he knew he truly lost Catherine. That knowledge, along with all the other stress and frustration, led to depression.

A week after the confrontation, we found out what the depression meant.

We all left the house that morning at the same time. I drove Cat to the first of the many appointments she had all morning, I went to my last midterm exam, and Karl went to work.

After my exam, Cat and I went to my lacrosse practice. Because of the practice, we were later than usual getting home. Karl should have already been home, but his car was missing when I parked mine.

“Did he say if he was going to be late?” I asked.

Cat looked worried and shook her head. “He didn’t say anything to me.”

Immediately I had my suspicions.

Catherine grabbed the phone off the table beside the couch and called his store. Once she made it past the robotic answering service, and connected with a person she asked, “Hi there. This is Catherine Briggs-Jaeger, Karl’s wife. Is he still there?” There was a pause as she listened to the person on the other end, then she said, “Thank you,” and hung up.

Cat looked at me with a blank expression. “He was let go on Wednesday.”

I was furious. Not only did Karl not tell us, but he acted as though he was going to work for the past few days.

Cat stepped back seeing my expression. “What?” she asked.

Though I was furious, I wasn’t angry at my sister. With a concerted effort I softened my features. “I have a sneaking suspicion of where he is, and I’m going to go find him.” As I finished talking, I turned towards the door.

“Kurt! Wait!”

I stopped, turning back to her.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me down for a toe curling kiss. For the first time, I felt her tongue probing at my lips, and I opened up to her. It lasted only a moment, but we expressed our passions for each other in a tongue duel. When she broke the kiss, she continued to hold me so she could stare into my eyes.

“I’m done with him. We’re done with him. Bring him back here, but don’t do anything that will get you arrested.”

I stared into her lust filled eyes. “Don’t worry, my Kitty Cat, I’m coming back to you.”

“God, I’m dripping. Don’t be long!”

I groaned, giving her another kiss, then turned and strode out the door.


Chapter 4

Despite my anger I drove the speed limit back to the city. After searching the parking lot at the track and not seeing his car, I drove to the casino. As luck would have it, the first parking spot I came across happened to be right next to Karl’s car. I quickly parked, and headed into the flashy building.

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