Aunty Invited Me With Fuck

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Holiday Fuck with Mom and Anuradha Aunty before starting this.

After getting the exam schedule and centers I saw that my exam center is 15 kms away from my home. I came to know that it is just 2 kms away from Preethi house. So I decided to go their house till the completion of exams and come back to home after completion of the exams. I went to my mom and dad told to them about that. They accepted and said that would be better to stay there till the completion of exams at their home and come back after the exams rather than traveling 30 kms up and down daily. Even they are also having a scooty at their. You can use that to go and come to the exam center. They said they will call to the aunty and ask her whether she will accept to stay there or not. Mom and dad called aunty and asked and she accepted straight away. I planned to go their house before a week of exams actual start date so that I can prepare well and can myself get ready for the exams.

On Sunday morning I started from my house and reached their house in less than one hour. I went to their home. Aunty and Preethi standing at the home entrance and received me. Preethi is jumping in full excitement by telling my name like a small kid. Aunty scolded her to stop behaving like a small kid. But never listen to aunty words and she mind her words. They received me and greeted well. After sometime aunty called Preethi and asked her to go the fish farmer ponds and bring some fish if they are available. Preethi called me and said

Preethi: I am going to the fish farm for fish. I you are not having any work come let’s go.
Aunty: Why are you calling him now. Just now he came from by traveling. He will be tired.
Within in the time I came and said
Me: No problem aunty. I am not feeling tired and I am not having any work now. I will go with Preethi.

We both started to fish farmer ponds. While going she is speaking with full excitement and enjoyment on the way to the pond. She said that she also going to write her pending subjects in the same center on particular dates. She said she will also start preperation along with me. We both went to the fish pond. Luckily they are catching the fishes. That fish pond owner saw Preethi and asked

Uncle: What Preethi how are you?
Preethi: Fine uncle. I need some fish.
There are many types of fishes available there.
Uncle: Choose which one you want from them.
She pointed to the same kind on fishes which we ate last time when I fucked her. They turned around to pick them from the tub. I remember the day I fucked her in the crop fields and pinched on her waist. She shouted Ahhhh…………… Suddenly uncle and workers working in the fish pond turned around and looked at us.

Uncle: What happen?
Preethi: Nothing Uncle. Ant bite me on the feet.
Uncle: Be Careful. Look around before you standing some where.

Preethi said ok and stood like that. I pinched her again on the waist. She shouted again. Uncle said to her to come away from there and stand aside. I too went along with her and stood beside her. I tried to pinch her again. But she stopped me. Uncle asked how many kgs we want. Preethi said 5. He took two big fishes and one normal fish. He placed them in one small bag and given us. I took them. Uncle asked for money. Preethi said to take from her mom and ran outside by holding my hand. Uncle laughed by seeing us running outside and continued in his work.

The fish in the bag are still alive. They are moving up and down and trying to jump away from the bag. I am unable to hold them. Immediately Preethi took the bag and pressed that bag tight to her boobs over the dress and holding the bag tight to her boobs. They are moving up and down and trying to come outside. Preethi hold the bag tight and enjoying their movement on her boobs and moaning slowly. I am getting horny by seeing her expression while she pressing bag to her boobs. I went behind and hold her navel from backside and hugged and pressing her waist. She is moaning more. I started to kiss her on the neck.

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