Holiday Fuck With Mom And Anuradha Aunty

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Holiday Fuck With Mom and Lavanya Sister before starting this.

Next day I woke up and did my regular things and had breakfast and watching TV. My mom came and asked

Mom: Are you going to institution today.
Me: I am not going today. I will go tomorrow.
Mom: Ok, I am going to Anuradha Aunty house. She asked me to help her to prepare some food items. If you feel bored here come there we will have some fun.
Me: Ok mom

After sometime I felt bored and went to Anuradha Aunty house. By the time I went mom and aunty are sitting in the hall and mixing the flour for food items. I went and sat with them on the sofa.

Me: What aunty you are preparing sweets? What is the special?
Aunty: I want to send some sweets to my relatives. So I am preparing them. Some sweets have already prepared and only few things are remaining. Mostly I will complete them by today.

She went inside the kitchen and brought some Jalebi and given to me. I ate them. They are very good. Juice is coming out from it when I am biting it. It is soo tasty. I complemented her about the taste. She felt soo happy. I took some juice and applied on my mom cheek. My mom said to stay silent to me. I applied some more juice on my mom another cheek. She saw angry to me and said to stay calm. Aunty looked at us and given a smile. I took one more Jalebi and asked

Me: Mom will you eat?
Mom: No I have already ate.
Me: Mom I want to kiss you with this sweet.
Mom: Stay calm we came to help Anuradha Aunty. Not to do romance.
Me: Aunty will you feel anything bad if we kiss each other.
Aunty: No problem for me but don’t spoil the food. That is only I am expecting from you.
Me: Mom aunty also accepted. Why can’t you accept. Please kiss me with this sweet.

Mom called me closer and started to give kiss with the sweet. I am holding mom head and mom is holding my head. While we are kissing some part of Jalebi broken and feel inside her blouse and even some saliva mixed with Jalebi juice is flowing from her mouth to her cleavage. My head is filled with flour in my mom hand. Aunty immediately took the flour away from us and she started to mix the flour. Aunty is starring at us and mixing the flour. We stopped kissing and mom said

Mom: We have kissed with the sweet right. Now stay calm.
Me: No, my sweet feel inside your blouse I want it.
I went near to lick her cleavage and open her blouse. She pushed me away. All the flour in her hand applied on my face. Aunty looked at us and laughed. I moved saree on top of mom aside and started to lick her cleavage. She is feeling me and hold my head to her cleavage and I licked all the juices on her cleavage. I slowly tried to unhook her blouse. She didn’t accept and pushed me away. I took another Jalebi and placed on her cleavage and crushed it and applied all over her cleavage. I went to lick her cleavage again and this time she hold my head tight to her cleavage and I licked all her cleavage and pressing her boobs. She is feeling high and enjoying it and turned her face around and biting her lips. Aunty looked at us and biting her lips. After sometime she completed mixing the flour and came and sat beside me and took a Jalebi and said

Aunty: I want to eat Jalebi. Did anyone want to eat Jalebi with me.

I looked at her. She is holding Jalebi in her mouth and waiting for me to kiss her. I went nearby to her and started to kiss her. For her as well some amount of Jalebi fell inside her blouse and saliva mixed with juices is flowing from her mouth to boobs. I immediately took one more Jalebi and applied it on all her cleavage. I continued to lick all over her cleavage and she is enjoying the licking on her cleavage. She is also pressing my head to her cleavage and enjoying the licking. I licked all her cleavage. Now both my mom and aunty are sitting beside by their saree removed on the top and showing their cleavage to me. They both are looking at me with sex hunger. I squeezed their both boobs at once and tried to take their boobs to my mouth at once over the blouse. They both started to remove their blouse at once. They both are not wearing anything inside. I can see their both bare boobs. They are having same size of boobs. Jalebi pieces felt in their blouse during kissing them are came out. I took those pieces and ate them. I took each Jalebi in my each hand applied each on their boobs. They both took their boobs on to my face and rubbing them on my face. I am licking and smooching their boobs. Their boobs are soo sweet. They are kissing each other. They kissed for sometime and Aunty went inside the kitchen and brought one bowl full of Gulab Jamoon Syrup.

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