Bengalee Film Queen 28

Her whole body was shaking violently as her legs held out straight behind her. She pounded her fists on the desk blindly. Koel couldn’t believe how loud Sree aunty had been.

“Well, damn it Koel, stop yelling at me that you are coming and get down here!” screamed Koel’s husband Nilay.


Koel scrambled to the door, stopping to give one last look back. Sree aunty was bent over the desk, in orgasmic bliss as Kader laid over her body. His hips slowly moving and his prick was going in and out of her tight asshole as he began to soften after his orgasm.

‘This is where I came in.’ thought Koel as she ran out the door and down the hall to the elevators.

She was too late for her visit at the nursing home. Her husband was fuming mad, ready to walk out when she came running in. Her boobs wobbled wildly in her dress, without her bra to control them.

Her nipples poked out, threatening to rip through the fabric of her tight T-shirt. Her hair still had that ‘freshly fucked’ look to it. One look at her and Nilay immediately forgot why he was mad and proceeded towards the visiting room.

After the double penetration, Koel had just taken from Kader and Sree aunty, she could barely sit. She kept shifting in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs…. her skirt riding up to nearly show her red panties.

Her father, who was sitting opposite to her, probably would have seen them but he was too busy staring at her bra-less tits. Her tits swayed in a hypnotic manner. He couldn’t concentrate on her ailing mother anymore. He was clearly aroused.

Few days later, when she was arrived in Tollygunge studio, all crew members said that she looked great and had done a great acting with Sreelekha. When she watched that scene of the film, she noticed that in the bathing scene with Sreelekha, her perky tits were clearly visible through her wet Saree-blouse.

‘At least my fucking didn’t fuck things up.’ Thought the beautiful slim actress. ‘Now how can Sree aunty, Zamanbhai and I get together again?’

To be continued…..

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