We Fucked Friend’s Sexy MOM

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Hi guys, I am Mahesh coming back with this new story. I hope you enjoyed my previous stories about how I fucked Pooja aunty and mom. In this story, I am going to share the incident that happened when fucking my friend’s mom in front of him.

When I went to Kerala for work, I stayed in a rented house which was owned by a decent family, that consisted of 3 family members. Uncle is a businessman running his business in the same city. He goes to the office in the morning at 7 AM and comes back home at 10 PM.


Aunty Geeta, aged 45 but looks like 30+ is so sexy, with huge boobs and a sexy ass that stands out. Aunty is a housewife and they have one son named Rajesh, who is 24 years old and doing his Engineering.

When I went to their home, on the first day they greeted me well and seemed a very decent family and also religious. They showed me my room and I settled there. After a few days, I had become good friends with Rajesh.

One day I took an off from the office and stayed in my room. Rajesh went to his college and Uncle went to his office. After 10 AM, I saw aunty was alone at home.

I thought this is a good day to try to seduce aunty if she agrees, so I went to their flat to pretend to speak to Rajesh even though I knew that Rajesh had gone to college. Aunty opened the door, greeted me, and invited me into the house. She said that Rajesh had gone to college, a fact that I already knew.

Aunty asked me to have breakfast, but I told her that I already had breakfast. Aunty sat on the opposite sofa in front of me and we were talking to each other about mundane topics.

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I was looking at her slightly visible boobs. She switched on the TV and told me to watch some movie. After watching the movie for about 20 minutes, Aunty told me that she needed to take a bath, and asked me to continue watching TV.

Aunty went into the bathroom to take a bath. After 5 minutes, I went near the bathroom and saw her naked from the keyhole! My friend’s mom was like a sexy goddess. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and seeing that, my dick got erected and became a monster in my pants.

After 2 minutes, I was shocked to see my friend’s mom masturbating using her fingers in her pussy and moaning softly. I thought that this was a good time to trap my aunty and so took out my phone and recorded aunty masturbating.

After 20 minutes, aunty finished her bath and masturbation and got ready to come out from the bathroom, so I ran and sat on the sofa. After a few minutes, aunty came and sat next to me to watch TV. She was smelling of jasmine fragrance after taking her bath. I was horny and excited.

In order to break the silence, I told aunty that I wanted to show her something.

Aunty: What you want to show me?
I opened my phone and showed her the video I had recorded of her masturbating. Aunty got shocked and was silent for a few minutes. Then she said:

Aunty: How dare you make a video like this while I was taking bath?!!
Me: I was just looking at you while taking bath but when you started masturbating I could not hold myself and so I recorded the video.

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