Halloween in a dark basement with my wife’s friends

Halloween in a dark basement with my wife’s friends, I smiled into the glass, turning left and right the internal child in me screaming with glee. I mean being Robin wasn’t exactly my dream come true of super heroes but it was pretty cool. The level of detail in the costume alone! Best of all, despite being a thirty-three year old dressed as The Boy Wonder, I thought I looked good. It fit me snug, showed off my pecs, my flat stomach, and certainly my biceps. My wife had been all over me until she’d drunk herself into passing out.

She wasn’t the only one. Her brother’s wife had been all up on me too. I was right at that level of drunk where I was dancing, so I’d had them double for a while. Until Beth had drunk herself into a stupor, once she was in the guest bedroom I’d gone back to drinking. Carlie my lovely sister-in-law insisting I dance with her some more. Which is where I’d been before going to the bathroom. The lovely blonde had been all up against me, it made me shiver with delight. And guilt.

A chuckle escaping me as I glanced around, realizing I was checking myself out in the big front window where they had the snacks and drinks table in front of. Glad it wasn’t the back window because that seemed to be where a lot of people were. Filling my sister in law and my cups with sangria I returned to the basement, hitting the wall to let Renee go by up the stairs. Who I’d left dancing with Carlie but now seemed to be arguing with her girlfriend, again. The two of them hissing back and forth as they went by me.

Since it was a basement, and night time, it was dark already. There was no lights on except a single bulb at the bottom of the stairs and a rotating laser ball on the ceiling, further in. Random colors shooting out in tiny beams. The smoke machine was still going, maybe even thicker than before. I stood at the bottom of the stairs staring into nothing but mist and darkness, glowing green, red, or yellow in distant spots from the laser globe.

Thinking herself abandoned Carlie came out of it, stopping as she saw me. My heart jumping in my chest at the sight of her, such a turn on. Maybe not for everyone but the Sexy Star Trek Officer did it for me. TOS style, or close to that. In traditional Halloween style it was much lower cut. The inner nerd was giddy as when I first saw the pretty thirty-seven year old in the black boots and blue dress. It was some stretch material that seemed to want to return to his tiny shape. At some point in the night she stopped pulling down, so now the rather modestly cut dress was very dangerously slutty. Carlie wasn’t a small woman; she had some generous hips, long full legs, a rather juicy butt, and equally ample tits. That the tight dress showed off well. Oh did I mention the vulcan ears? No, well she had vulcan ears rather expertly applied, not the plastic ones of a totally fake color.


We sort of stood there kinda swaying to the music and drinking. Not exactly being very subtle about checking each other out, not exactly dancing. The slightly older blonde giving me a pleased smile as she finished her drink. Tipping it in my direction like it had been a race, taking mine from me before I got more than a big gulp in to try and catch up. Finishing it as well, it was strangely pleasing to have her so easily drinking out of my glass. Slipping into the fog I realized we were alone down here. Not a lot of people had wanted to dance to begin with, now it was just us.

“I think we’re all alone down here.” The energy was different even before she said that upon recognizing it as well, but it certainly dialed it up.

“Yeah, I think we are.” It was a slow song, my hand was already half on her big butt. It wasn’t crossing a huge line to let it slide down more, till I was full on groping it.

“Just because we’re alone it gives you permission to do that?” Since we stood more or less right under the laser globe there was always some light on us, of one color or another. So I could see her smirk in our lonely world of mist. “My husband wouldn’t like that.”

“He wouldn’t have liked how you were rubbing it up against my cock earlier either.” We’d had this teasing conversation once already, only I hadn’t said what she’d been rubbing against.

“No, he wouldn’t. Especially not since I got it ard.” I didn’t correct her, it had certainly stiffened up, I mean that fucking dress had rolled up and I’d been rubbing my thin green material (sans underwear) covered crotch right up against her black panties. “He really wouldn’t like it because it was bigger than his.”

I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t even half hard yet either, but that felt petty. Plus she was stroking my biceps, tracing my pecs, and already seemed impressed enough. Her smile brightened when the slow song ended, a much bassier club song beginning. We immediately shifted into it. Touching each other, rubbing against each other, really no differently than we had when my wife and everyone was else was nearby. Until there came “drop it low” part to the song, and my wife’s brother’s wife dropped it low. Coming back up, the dress a bit higher from how she’d squatted to get so low. Only instead of black panties covering the inner part of her peeking butt, there was just pale flesh.

She did blush when she saw me seeing it. I don’t think she’d intended it as a sexy seduction thing. It was warm down here, despite the lateness of the year. Warmer after so much dancing. Maybe she had but just got a hiccup of worry from her boldness. Either way after the moments of us realization, I pulled it the rest of the way up.

I shouldn’t have. I know. I should have been more subtle or seductive about it, but I couldn’t help myself. I was buzzing pretty hard, even more ‘drunk’ on the kinkiness of dancing all night with my married sexy sister in law. While she bit her bottom lip, knowing this was wrong and stupid, she didn’t fix it. Just kept dancing up against me.

Thirty seconds later she was facing me, since she was shorter she wasn’t rubbing her pussy right to my cock but she was trying. Trying while running her hands down the back of my Robin tights,double cupping my ass. Using it for leverage to pull me against her bare pussy. One that was covered sparsely in blond brown hair, like she’d had it shaved a couple weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to it lately. Blue eyes locked on mine as she felt me growing harder in the thin covering of my tights, her pretty face changing colors in the light globe.

There was another “drop it low” part of the song. Instead of turning around though she went low while facing me. The bottoms were not made for erections. Her hands down the back had pushed them down a little but no matter what my hard cock would have been jutting out the top. Right under the belt buckle with the big R on it. Just not so much. When she saw it she froze, staring. Gulping inaudibly before pulling them down so that all of it was exposed. From testicles to tip, she rose back up with the song I sort of danced out of my pants. Leaving us both bare from the waist down.

Booze was the only excuse for how stupid we were. Drawing it out for another song. Until she turned around to rub her big butt up against my dick, lodging it in the crack. Letting my hand slip over her hip, stomach, and down between her legs. She was fucking soaking wet! Arching up as my finger slipped inside her, both of us only barely holding onto the pretense of dancing as she wrapped her arms back behind herself around my neck.

Fingering her with one hand I grabbed her big breast with the other, it wasn’t enough. So I sank my hand into the front of her blouse, under her bra. Instantly finding her thick but not long nipple. Toying with it to hardness, it still was barely protruding, making her moan. Making her grind against me all the more. The dress was stretchy enough that I popped it free, much to her pleasure. Getting the other one free while she nodded, turned on by her indecent dangerous exposure.

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We kissed, just for a few seconds from the weird angle. Then my mouth was moving across her cheek, up under her ear, catching the lobe. What really got her was her neck. I tried her shoulder which she did like, but nothing like her neck. She had a clit like her nipples, thick but not long. Like her nips though it was sensitive because she cried out as I concentrated out it, humping my hand. Holding my head to her neck, she moaned my name as she came, staying upright only because I was holding her that way.

“Beckett! Oh my god that felt so good.” And when she purposely wanted it, I did let her go to the ground. To her knees at least, the hot MILF turning around as she did this time instead of staring at my dick she wrapped her hands around it. Aimed it at her mouth. “Larry would really not like this! Not with you being SO big.”

I didn’t have a response, other than to groan because she enveloped me. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever see. Carlie on her knees before me. Those vulcan ears poking out, the gold star trek insignia stretched but visible to the left of her giant breast. Her dark nipples always near black while her pale breasts changed from yellow, to green, to red.

I won’t say my wife was bad. Or uninterested but I think she’d become complacent, maybe we both had. Because the raw eagerness from Carlie blew my mind, nearly made me blow my load. Just the way she moaned at every new angle she saw me. Licking my dick from balls to tip. Bobbing her head, leaving my shaft soaked with her spit, pulling off with a loud pop. Whimpering about how big I was, while slapping my member at her lips. Blue eyes huge as she rubbed it over her cheeks.

Maybe somebody came in upstairs, or left the door open a moment longer than they usually did. The mist swirled, Renee stood right there next to us. I don’t think she’d just stepped up, I think she’d been there a while. Maybe the whole while.

“Oh my god! Renee! This isn’t what it looks like!” Carlie twisting around when she saw my pleasured expression turn to shock.

It was after she spoke that she noticed Renee’s state. Not just her panties being stretched between one knee and the other either. Renee’s expression of lust, that she wasn’t aiming at me. Renee was Carlie and my wife’s former co-worker back from when they all worked at the same bar together, and still friends ten plus years later.

In her early forties Renee wasn’t hot but she was good looking. More feminine than usual in her Freddy Krueger dress, fishnet stockings. Both black and red shirt and the stockings tattered. Black boots going all the way up to just below the knees, more ass kicking than Carlie’s. The claw hand was gone somewhere, but she still wore the hat, keeping her short brown hair back out of her not unpleasing face.

She was fingering herself, or had been before we’d spotted her. It didn’t surprise me. Not that I thought I was hot enough to tempt a lesbian, but Carlie was. It was obvious that Renee had a crush on both sisters, obvious even to her girlfriend Sheila. It wasn’t just that. It was also that Renee was unsatisfied, she’d gone from a unhappy marriage to a guy to a much more satisfying relationship to a woman. Until the last year or so when her significantly older significant other had lost interest in sex. Emotionally and mentally they were still perfect and very much in love, physically though… that part of the relationship seemed over.

I understood Renee’s frustration. Because it hadn’t stop Sheila from being jealous of Renee’s “friends” which was how she always said it. Renee had asked my wife and Carlie their advice lots of times. Or just complained to them how horny she was. Sometimes right in front of me, not that I even thought she was hinting at something with me. Enough that we joked that she should borrow my wife. Renee was hot enough, that I liked the idea, even just knowing they’d done it.

“I won’t tell.” Renee whispered, Carlie sagging with relief until her friend stepped closer. “If you make me feel good too.”

My jaw dropped open as Renee, dressed as the sexy horror movie villain took Carlie’s head and drew it between her legs. Carlie didn’t put up a fight. Staring at the (just slightly hairier than her own) pussy, looking up at her friend in the last second. She didn’t lick or do anything for a few seconds, not that it mattered to Renee. Who moaned, splaying her labia apart to rub it into Carlie’s sexy mouth.

I couldn’t help myself, I leaned slightly to the right to see Renee’s big ass. It was half exposed, the dress up more in the front than the back. It was fucking incredible. I’d always expected it to be nice, but she usually wore baggy pants. This was the first time I’d seen her in a dress, a tight one that showed off that hot backside. Which was why her girlfriend Sheila had left, insisting that Renee put the trench coat back on. To help cover up how revealing the dress was. Apparently leaving in a huff when Renee would not.

Renee saw me, sneering at first, then pulling the dress the rest of the way up. Exposing her juicy caboose. Gay or straight she seemed to like that it was being appreciated. It was about that same time that Carlie started licking her, Renee’s brown eyes going huge at the sensation. Nodding at her friend, at the pleasure rolling up through her the lesbian rubbed at her breasts through the dress. Grunting before reaching down taking Carlie’s hand and putting it there. Carlie, for my sake maybe since she’d seen me checking out Renee’s ass, pulled the dress down. It wasn’t as stretchy as her own but enough to get one free. One easily twice the size of Carlie and my wife’s, with a giant fat long nipple pushing out of it. The kneeling licking woman purring as she took hold of, twisting roughly.

“Oh my fucking god yes! Carlie! Ooooh!” Reaching behind herself, trying to get the zipper, failing. Turning to me, “Make yourself useful you stupid cheating prick, unzip me!”

I could have said she was cheating too, but didn’t argue. I stumbled forward, careful to keep away from her as she gave my exposed bits a sneer. I found the tiny zipper, dragging it down all the way, instantly it dropped lose. A moment later she pulled her other breast free, both held up and out by her bra. Carlie taking up the equally big nip of that one too. Now licking away almost as eagerly as she’d been going at my dick.

“Oh yes! Oh my fucking god yes! Don’t worry you betraying shit! You’ll get your chance at her. I’ll let you have some. Oh god! We can share her sexy beautiful body. Oh god! Fuck! Ohhhh!” I more or less had a POV right over Renee’s big tits and to Carlie lapping away. A bit annoyed by the tone Renee was using with me, but not enough to say anything. Plus it was true. Renee kept losing herself in the pleasure, I felt bad because it looked like it had been a really long time. Her facial expression showing it was like she’d forgotten how good being with another person felt. “Oh fuck! You know what? Yes Carlie, oh god that feels good right there! You know what Beckett, I’ll let you.”

“Let me?” I asked when she stared at me expectantly, almost angrily.

“Beth told us what you like to do, and you clearly want too.” I still didn’t get it, well I was hoping one thing but it was something else completely. Something I was surprised Beth told anybody about. “Lick my asshole! Beth told us how much you love doing it. A good place for a man is between my cheeks, tongue on my butthole! Now do it!”

Once more I didn’t argue even though I thought I should. Because while it wasn’t my fetish, I did enjoy the act. And really liked the idea of diving between Renee’s fat cheeks. A bit betrayed that my wife would blame the dirty act on me. When it was her who begged me to do it once and a while when I was going down on her. I knew she wanted it everytime, would have done it, but it meant more to both of us when she cracked. (Pun intended) When she begged. Rubbing her clitoris while pointing her legs up in the air, staring down at me as I licked her backdoor. It was the only time she’d let me video our sex, was so she could watch me rim her. It was the only time I got to fuck her asshole was when she bribed me with the opportunity, all I’d had to do was lick her asshole every night after her shower for a week straight.

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“You fucking dirty dick!” Renee growled, but her eyes, glowing green at that moment showed she was pleased. Not happy that she was so turned on by the idea of a guy anywhere near her, but aroused nonetheless. Nodding as I dropped to my knees opposite Carlie. “Yes! You filthy fucker! Yes! Get… in… OH MY GOD!”

Hands full of her big hot ass I pushed the cheeks apart to nuzzle in. No need for hesitation, seeing the darker circle in the dark crack, licking it. Licking it then drilling my tongue at it. My dick was pulsing with the idea that this woman had been untouched by a man for twenty years. Turned on simply because her ass was so hot, that it was so much different than Beth’s tight little backside.

It was clearly the first time she got rimmed. Certainly the first time she got double teamed. She loved the sensation. So much that I let my hand snake away from holding her cheeks, she was holding one for me anyway. Sometimes letting go to grab the back of my head, pulling me in while she shook her big booty at me. My free hand roamed over her stomach, feeling the remnants of her right out of high school pregnancy that lead to her unhappy two year marriage. Up from there I cupped one of her breasts, marveling how that nipple was so fucking huge! Tugging it while Carlie did the same with the other, the knuckles of her other hand rubbing against my clean shaven chin as she rapidly fingered Renee.

Renee didn’t last long. She got a few more moments out of it bending over, pushing her ass back into my mouth while forcing Carlie at her nipples. I held that big butt, gave it a slap that made her scream out in pleasure loud enough I was glad the music was thumping away. Not even thinking about it as she gave clear body language she wanted me to lick her pussy, so I did. Tasting the sangria that had been on Carlie’s lips, the thick musk of a strange but lovely vagina.

“Shit! You think…! Oh shit!” Renee wanted to call me out for it but I went all in. Fingers spreading crack and gash apart so that I could get at both. Her tits big enough that she could rise up giving me an annoyed but blissful expression as I licked her good, while Carlie still sucked them. I was for sure better than the eager but inexperienced Carlie. Whatever skills her girlfriend had were now long forgotten. “Fuck! Okay! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!”

Carlie reaching down to rub at Renee’s clit while I ran my tongue at the two holes did it. Renee came on my mouth. Not exactly squirting but there was a gush of liquid that poured out. I swallowed most, almost without thought, it tasted good. The rest ran down my cheeks and chin. The lesbian (bisexual?) shuddering before it happened again. Pulling away so she could see what I could not gulp down dribble onto my chest. Carlie saw it too, her eyes huge with surprise.

“You liked that didn’t you you dirty fucker! You filthy shit!” And Renee slapped me, before shoving me backward.

“Renee!” Carlie stopping the clearly more angry at herself for enjoying a guy’s mouth than me attack, pushing her friend away.

“Fuck that dick then! I know that’s all you want. Think I don’t know you haven’t wanted it since Beth told us about it after her first date.” And Renee was shoving Carlie on top of me. Carlie kinda struggled at first but since she did want it, gave in quickly. Blushing down at me, her guilty expression saying it was true. I let it happen too. Holding back a groan as Renee, reaching between my legs, roughly grabbed my dick. My sister in law and I watching it as her friend stroked me a few times, growling how gross it was to want my cock, rubbing it at Carlie’s wet cunt. Putting it in, then half climbing on top of Carlie pushing her down to make me sink all the way in. ALL the way in. “Yeah, fuck is right! You think Larry’s not going to notice how loose this pussy is after you fuck this big dick? You think he’s not going to know right away with how bored you are of his tiny penis?”

Renee was growling between kissing Carlie’s neck and shoulders. Even more adept than I was, she dialed right in to where the hot blonde liked it in a third of the time. I just lay there underneath her, them. Renee playing with Carlie’s tits while loudly cursing both of us as horrible people, sucking loudly at her friend’s neck. Carlie nodded, agreeing to all of it, looking a bit nervous that it would be true, but still started fucking me.

She felt so good! So fucking wet! So… different. I couldn’t believe it. Part of me insisting this was a dream, it had to me. Surrounded in mist, weird lighting, a lesbian letting me eat her out and touching my dick. It was a dream! No need to feel guilty. It was a dream.

I let my hands take hold of Carlie, right below the blue starfleet uniform, holding on as I thrust up into her. The hot blond nodding and moaning as we started to work together. The idea that this was just a dream keeping me mellow enough that I didn’t get over excited that this was a dirty fantasy come true.

“Beckett! Beckett that cock feels so good! So fucking good in me!” She pushed my Robin shirt up, to admire flat stomach, higher to squeeze my pecs like I might her sister in law’s small tits.

“Finally?” She blushed right off at my question, squinching her eyes shut for a few long moments before nodding.

“I told you! I told you she wants to be your whore.” Renee shoved Carlie down further putting Carlie’s nipple into my mouth, I gladly sucked it. I don’t know what she got out of it, besides the arousing idea, maybe she was mashing her clit into Carlie’s ass. The lesbian started thrusting her crotch against Carlie, while holding her hips. Fucking her without a dick or strapon. Making her fuck me in a much different way than she could have managed on her own. “You’re both perfect for each other! Stupid cheaters who just want to get off! Both of you are sluts! Nerdy fucking sluts!”

Whatever way she was moving, it was good for Carlie. Great for her actually since it was good for me and I wasn’t thrashing around her. Going faster and faster had my sister in law nodding furiously, crying out in joy. Over her shoulder I saw Renee licking and kissing everywhere she could reach on Carlie’s back. Now atop her, still humping away, mashing Carlie down into me. Pushing her clit into my pubic bone while fucking her on my dick, a dick that was clearly bigger than the one she was used to.

“Faster! Renee! Harder! Faster! Yes! YES!” And she popped, once more Renee was way ahead of me. Making her friend go at me for half a minute, stopping so that it was just us kissing and sucking on her. Carlie shaking her head when I tried to go again, Renee almost kneeing me in the balls to get my to stop. Only to start up not even ten seconds later, Carlie screaming out her pleasure like it was exactly the right time. Renee kind of using my dick to give her friend the best orgasm ever. I gave up, let her guide. Stopping and starting when she did. Trying to see what she saw, feel what she felt. “So good! Oh my god that was so good!”

“Your welcome!” Renee whispered, Carlie smiling around at her friend, kissing her when Renee moved in for it.

“Oh no!” Them kissing like that made my dick throb inside her, to much it seemed after the orgasm she had.

“Fuck!” I hissed when she shimmied up off of me. Carlie quickly moving out and falling to the ground beside us left Renee and me.

“No don’t you even think about it.” She was kneeling between my legs, eyes having gone from the finished blond to my unfinished dick. Sneering, “Nope! No! Nuh uh!”

It was a dream! No way it was reality because it was plain on her face that she wanted my dick. She just didn’t want to admit it. Reaching up I grabbed her, not roughly or forcefully but showing my need. My hunger for her and her pussy. She slowly climbed atop me, held her hands over my dick for a second, denying me and herself. Just for a second then moved them aside so she could rub her gash up and down my length. Shaking her head like I was doing something with my hands besides letting them rest on her wide hips. The pussy was not gushing like before but it was way wetter than Carlie’s.

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“Okay! You sick pervert! Okay! Just do it doggy style! I don’t want to see your face.” And she climbed off, back between my knees with her big ass pointed at me. In the blink of an eye I was up on my knees, bending over to lick that asshole again. “You sick boy wonder! Oh you filthy sidekick! Yeah! Ooh I like that tongue in there, I will give you that!”

“How long has it been?” I asked her, thinking it was probably going to make her see the light.

“Don’t think so much of yourself. You’re not that hot! You’re not that…” But she couldn’t say big as I rubbed myself over crack and gash. “Great. I have dildos in there all the time.”

“How long has it been?” She pushed herself back at me, wanting it!

“Twenty-one years! Now shut up and do it already!” Bucking back at me, I let her get me this time, the first few inches sinking in. “Shit! Can you feel that? Can you feel how long it’s been with that fat long stupid wonderful dick of yours?”

I couldn’t but it did feel damn good. She rolled her hips around so that her ass moved, amazing! Holding her big ass while that horror movie monster shirt rolled up higher and higher we began to fuck. Hard and fast. There was no doubt by how good she was at it that her and her girlfriend had a strap-on. (Or past tense had used it.) There was no doubt while she liked me lusting after her, while she was enjoying my dick, she did not prefer me.

I was not “converting” her. She crawled overtop of Carlie who was had just been laying there lazily watching, half out of it. The way she kissed her friend there was no doubt what she preferred, and what she was just using to get off. I fucking loved it! Carlie moaned, wiggled her body against her friend’s curvier one, just letting Renee do what she wanted. Still half out of it.

Renee wrapped her arms around Carlie’s legs, tilting her so their cunts rubbed together, grinding down into it, then back at me. Carlie going even further into her daze, eyes huge from being so over pleasured, but nodding continually. I fucked the big bottomed hottie even harder, giving the cheek a spank that Renee cried out at, pushed hard back into, wanting more. So I spanked her again.

“You gonna fill me with your fucking manseed?” Renee asked, as I shifted positions mistaking my movement.

“You want me too?”

“Only because I’ve gonna feed it to our Star Trek whore. Make her eat our goo from me.” Carlie looked appalled but she didn’t shake her head, didn’t tell Renee she wouldn’t. Renee kissed her hard, biting softly on her bottom lip. “Tell me you don’t want it slut? Why do you think I’m taking his dick? You told me what you do when Larry falls asleep afterwards, remember?”

Carlie whimpered guiltily, my head swam, I knew it wasn’t the only reason but had no doubt it made it easier for Renee. Carlie’s mouth worked, like it was watering, eager for the dirty secret made real treat. I slowed, pulling almost out of her. Renee and Carlie both hissing, as I wasn’t bumping Renee down into Carlie’s clit. And I wasn’t deep inside Renee.

“I want you both again. St. Patricks day!” I pulled that holiday right out of nowhere, or maybe not nowhere. Remembering Carlie in the green dress she wore earlier this year. “Matching dresses! Matching green wigs! I want you on each other. I want you on my dick!”

“You’re such a fucking shit! I should have known!” Renee hissed, disgusted.

“Please! Please Renny say yes! Tell him yes! I need it!” Whether she needed a part two or Renee’s pussy full of cum it wasn’t clear, what was was that Renee was weak for the hot pleading blonde.

“Fine! Okay! You get my pussy again you shit head! Now give our hot slut what she wants! Give me a pussy full of cum for her to eat!” Carlie kissed her happily humping up into her as much as she was being humped down into.

Renee came on my dick just after I slide back into her. The liquid oozing out of her, so I jammed all the way in. Rolling my dick around inside her like she’d rolled her ass around against me. Which made her cry out, collapse forward onto Carlie who held her and whispered her through the orgasm. I didn’t have the timing but I tried, feeling for indicators by the twitching of her cheeks. Her tenseness and her relaxation. I did decent by the looks she gave me over her shoulder

That look turning ten times more blissful when I got there as well, groaning before my cock started spewing cum into her for the first time in over twenty years. I swear my balls knew that and punched out twice as much as usual, making both Renee and I cry at in the pressure. Me shoving my way as need as I could, her shoving back against me.

“Don’t let it out! Don’t you dare let it out!” Renee made it more difficult by flailing back at me, slapping my hip and thigh.

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“Shit! Jesus!” But I got what she was doing, rolling with her somewhat awkwardly, somewhat painfully, but successfully until I was sitting down with her atop me.

“Stop with that dick! Aren’t you happy with what you got?” But she was pleased, complimented that when I got her into reverse cowgirl my dick reversed it’s slow deflation. That fucking ass looking so good mushing around as she sat on me. I thrust up at her, knowing it was too much but unable to help myself. “Here you are Carlie, your sick shit brother in law put a big huge load inside me for you. I can fucking feel it filling me.” Rubbing her belly where she felt it up to, rolling her hips, I was not the only one who liked the new position. We might have started fucking but Carlie was there, pushing Renee back atop me. “YES!”

I felt myself pop free, filling my hands with Renee’s tits as my sister in law filled her mouth with Renee and my come. My wife’s brother’s wife lapped at it, for sure a secret fantasy fulfilled to her high approval. The lesbian squirmed at Carlie’s hungry administration. I couldn’t see it but I could hear it. Moving from those big tits to the backs of Renee’s legs, holding the woman still and spread. Thrashing around myself when Carlie enveloped my dick, licked my balls. Pursed her lips and sucked the goo from my pubes. At the end I knew she had it all but Renee kept leaking more of her own orgasm fluids, Carlie just as happy to drink that up.

“I want more! Get him to give you more!” Carlie stuffed my dick back into Renee, but we both couldn’t take it. I wanted to. She wanted to. But it just wasn’t possible. Renee rolling one way and I went the other. “Aww!”

“You’re… you’re just gonna have to wait until St. Patrick’s day.” Renee panted.

“No! New Years Eve! I want you both on New Years Eve! I can’t wait until March!” Renee quickly agreed, shit I was pretty sure that she would have agreed to tomorrow if Carlie asked.

“We’ll have to get Larry and Beth drunk as hell.” Was my way of giving in as well.

Despite how long we’d been or loud we’d been, nobody figured out what we’d done. It wasn’t a dream either. My wife’s brother’s wife was a lot more friendly to me in the weeks after, I’m surprised neither my wife or her brother noticed. Renee who came home stinking of sex to a jealous, waiting girlfriend was force to break up with her after a week of arguing. Not admitting who she fucked but admitting she had fucked somebody, saying she regretted it but also blaming her girlfriend for not giving it up anymore.

New Years both seemed ages away, and terribly too soon. I took turns being excited and freaked out by the oncoming Holiday. New Years… It really got crazy.

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