Son-in-law seduces in-laws

Son-in-law seduces in-laws, This is obviously part 2 of a series. You can find the first chapter ..I stilled as did she. We both clearly heard the footsteps. It appeared Tony was coming down the stairs to check up on his bride. She looked at me questioning in silence what we should do. I smiled down at her and brought my finger to my lips indicating she should keep quiet. Dad was about to walk in and get the surprise of his life. I wanted him to witness me making his wife my whore.

I lined up my thick cock to Linda’s fun hole and just as Tony opened the door I penetrated her fully. He was speechless. She clung to me and said, “Oh fuck! Fuck me, Baby! Give me your cock!” I looked up to find Tony staring intently our way. His ability to speak temporarily paralyzed.

I continued my assault on Linda’s pussy and she spewed a verbal litany of pure contentment and encouragement as I sawed my big black cock in and out of her sloshing, wet, mature cunt. Tony remained frozen in his tracks unable to verbalize the horror in his eyes. His wife matched my fuck motions lifting her sweet ass to take in my cock fully pulling me as she squeezed her legs around me bringing my ass inward with the heels of her feet. Our kiss as erotic as two teenage lovers… passionate, heated and wet. She was insatiable.

I broke my kiss and looked up to acknowledge Dad’s presence. Our eyes locked and I instructed him with a nod to take a seat. My intent stare ordered him to remain quiet. Mom kept her eyes closed lost in the heat of the animalistic fuck. I could feel her Mommy hole squeezing and sucking my cock. She was a great fuck! An undiscovered treasure who was going to become my prized possession. She kept running her hands up and down my spine grabbing my ass and pulling me inward. She could not get enough of my cock and the way she worked her ass told me she was enjoying every single thick inch of my tool.

I leaned in close and whispered in her ear alerting her of her husband’s presence. She didn’t flinch. However, she put forth a wilder effort fucking herself harder, faster and hotter on my cock. I reached down and took one of her motherly tits in my mouth. I bit down just enough to send jolts of pure erotic sensations down to her pussy. She mewed, moaned and grunted and brought her hands to her tits squeezing them together as an offering to continue my assault on her ample bosom. I licked, sucked, nibbled and bit down on her hardened nipples sending her over the edge.

The guttural sounds that came from deep down within were music to my ears. She begged me to fuck her good and urged me not to stop pounding her pussy as I felt her body stiffen. She screamed like a banshee in heat letting the world know she was cumming. Her explosion lasted a few minutes and yet she never stopped her sexual ministrations bringing on a series of aftershocks accompanied by sweet, passionate whimpering and slowly but surely her body came to an exhausting halt.

Her husband remained transfixed by the horror before his eyes. And I, well I had satisfied another sweet cunt all the while refraining from reaching my own satisfaction. I wasn’t done with this bitch and I wasn’t done cuckolding my father-in-law. I leaned in and gave Linda a very passionate kiss praising her abilities as a slut and a whore. Her eyes remained closed reveling in the afterglow of the mind-shattering fuck I’d just given her; her mouth breaking into a most sensual satisfying smile. I leaned in and whispered in her ear letting her know she needed to release her grip on me. She hesitated but after a bit of contemplation released her lock and her legs fell open.

I very triumphantly stood up with my rigid cock covered in my bitch’s juices and walked over to Dad. He kept his gaze on me, well mostly on my bouncing cock covered in juices belonging to his sweet, innocent wife. He was in total shock and I took pity on him. I took him by the arm and stood him up. I pointed to his wife lewdly splayed on the couch. Her cunt red and raw from the fucking I’d just given her. I spoke, “That bitch who you so lovingly refer to as your wife is now my whore. She will get fucked and used by me whenever and however I see fit. You will not touch her unless I give you permission.” He looked at me in utter shock. His eyes intensified and he started to speak. I could see the anger rising in him. He didn’t see it coming. I punched him hard in the gut and pushed him back into the chair.

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He was in pain. He was angry. He was shocked. I didn’t care. He started to rise from his chair and I looked at him again and with a swift nod of my head instructed him to sit his ass down. I apparently wasn’t clear, or he was one dense puppy.

I addressed Linda, “Hey cunt get on your knees and get that sweet ass in the air.” She did as she was told. “Now, open up your butt cheeks and show me your asshole. The asshole I’m going to claim in front of your fucking cuck of a husband,” I ordered.

She didn’t hesitate. With her face buried in the couch, she reached back with both hands and separated her ass cheeks displaying her sweet, valuable treasures to both Dad and me. I heard him gasp in shock. We could both see her wet cunt and sweet brown hole.

Her gentle and demure voice rang in the silence, “is this good, Baby?” It was more than good. It was fucking hot. He again gasped. I smiled and told her it was better than good; it was great. I took a step forward slapping her behind in a loving sweet manner. She moaned. I instructed her to relax and flex her asshole and to let her husband know what was going to happen next.

She huskily said, “You’re going to bury your hard thick black cock deep in my ass and claim my cherry hole. I want you to fuck me good. Please don’t be gentle. Make it hurt. Make me cum as you fuck my ass. I need your cock. I need you to breed me like the common fucking whore I am. Fuck me. Please.”

I looked back to see Tony’s horrified look. He was about to witness me sodomize his sweet gentle wife. She’d spoken like a bitch in heat. He looked down and then up at me and it was then I noticed his cock straining against his pants. I couldn’t help but laugh. He blushed. I looked at him and told him it was okay to get hard knowing I was about to claim his wife’s asshole. I’d already claimed two of her holes. I encouraged him to set his cock free and give himself some relief. In a quick second the idea of having him record us came to me. I reached for my phone and threw it his way. He was quick. He caught it and looked at me quizzically. I told him to video me fucking his wife. He shook his head and I started to make my way back to him. He cowered and begged me not to hurt him. I took the phone from his hand and set it on video mode and handed it back to him. He aimed it at us and started to video me and his wife.

I reached Mom and knelt behind her taking my time to enjoy her mature body. I grabbed her ass cheeks in each of my hands and opened her up. She moaned and retrieved her hands folding them under her face. I blew lightly on her asshole and she moaned. And without warning I began my assault… kissing, licking, blowing and nibbling on her asshole. She was like a woman gone mad vocalizing her pleasure encouraging me to take what was mine and pushing her plump ass back against my face. I reached down and took her engorged clit in my fingers pinching and rubbing lightly. She was cooing in excitement. I took two fingers and stuck them in her wet sloshy cunt making her moan in excitement. I was massaging her G spot and I could sense her relaxing her asshole. I took one juiced-covered finger and slowly defiled her asshole taking my time as my tongue made its way down to her cunt lips. She was going crazy with pleasure also letting me know she was pinching her titties. I moaned my approval. It took some coordination but soon I was sawing two fingers in and out of her tight bunghole as I licked from her snatch upward to her sweet hole. She announced she was ready.

I moved back and plunged my cock in her twat covering it with cunt juices and she seemed confused, “No. Fuck my ass. Take my cherry. I need to feel you rip my asshole apart.” I told her to calm down and be patient. I just needed some lubrication. She announced she had some KY in her desk drawer. I retreated and retrieved the lube. I didn’t ask. I was happy she had the lube handy. That conversation was going to take place at another time.

I lubed my cock and her shithole and eased my cock in letting her adjust to the girth of my thick cock. She was mewing and begging for more. I was trying to be mindful but she wasn’t having any of that. She pushed back engulfing my cock whole and screamed in pleasure as she announced that my cock was up her shit hole. I remained still letting her take control. I thought I was claiming her and this bitch turned out claiming me. The thought made me smile. She moved her hips forward and again pushed back. Mom was fucking herself on my cock. This was hotter than I’d anticipated. I looked back and Dad was capturing his wife’s defilement on camera while rubbing his cock. The look of lust in his eyes as he looked at me and smiled told me all I needed to know. My in-laws were mine.

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I took hold of Mom’s hips and regained control of the situation slapping her ass as I urged her to fuck herself on my pole. I leaned back sitting on my hunches bringing her upper body with me. She turned her face to kiss me as she milked my cock. Her eyes were glazed over. This bitch was in a lustful trance. I took hold of her tits pinching and twisting her nipples causing her to moan into my mouth. She couldn’t get enough of my cock. I could feel her working her ass. She broke our kiss as she brought her hands up to her hair grabbing at it and screaming as an orgasm rocked her body.

I heard Dad gasp as he got up from his chair changing the angle of the camera and heard him whisper, “She’s squirting.” Mom kept fucking herself on my pole as I continued to pinch her tits and I wasn’t gentle either. I could feel my cum rising and I was about to bust a nut up her ass. I grabbed her from her waist and pushed her down harder on my cock causing her to whimper as her cunt juices continued to spray and squirt. Dad was in awe and now he was encouraging her to fuck herself good on my thick cock. I could hardly believe my ears. He kept capturing the action on my phone.

I moaned and kept pushing Mom down harder on my cock and soon I exploded deep up in her shit hole coating her bowels with my cream as she squeezed harder bringing herself to a bigger more explosive orgasm squirting her Mommy juice all over the couch while Dad caught it all on camera. She slowed her ministrations sitting fully and satiated on my legs with my cock lodged up her ass. She didn’t want to let me go. I leaned into her wrapping my arms around and grasping her tits bringing her tightly to me. She turned her head and kissed me lovingly. She broke the kiss to thank me and to beg me to never let her go. I assured her I was here to stay. I looked at Dad and he smiled and nodded.

After a few minutes we’d all come down from our sexual high. I told Linda we needed to shower. She agreed and informed me the shower was big enough for two. She lit up the room with her sexy smile. The night wasn’t over yet. She dislodged herself from my cock causing the cum to flow out of her hole like a geyser. I looked over at Tony and extended my hand asking him to hand over my camera. As Mom continued to disconnect herself from me I gently pushed her upper body down causing her to jut her ass up and high on the air. I recorded the cum leaking from her gaping hole and instructed her to squeeze as much of it out and on to the couch. She kept her ass raised as globs of cum made its way out and down her legs. I backed away and told Tony to come clean her up. He looked around lost. I shook my head and snaked my tongue at him. His eyes widened.

Dad placed himself behind his wife and very tentatively brought his face down to her ass. I instructed him to open her ass up so I could video him licking my cum from his wife’s used asshole. He looked my way giving the camera a perplexed look. He still wasn’t convinced he wanted to do as he was asked. I looked at him sternly. He closed his eyes and lowered his mouth sticking his tongue out and making contact with her hole. Mom moaned encouraging him to put some effort in the task. Linda started gyrating her hips as her husband slowly but surely started to enjoy cleaning her fucked shithole. I degraded him a while longer and then tapped Mom on the shoulder holding my hand out. She reached for my hand and I slowly pulled her to a standing position. Dad was left in mid-lick wanting for more. The night was still young and I was not in any hurry to leave.

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I brought Mom to me and hugged her tightly, “Let’s go shower Baby.” She smiled as I ran my hand down her tush and smacked it lightly calling her a cunt. She melted in my arms as she closed in for a kiss. Her hand snaked down to my limp cock massaging my balls. I looked back and told Tony I was going to shower with his wife and instructed him to fix us breakfast and bring it up to us in 30 minutes. He surprisingly nodded his head.

Mom and I took our time showering and cleaning up. We were lying in bed naked when Dad showed up with a tray of food. I eyed him suspiciously and he gave me a confused look. I had to be sure he didn’t want to play hero and try and poison me. I instructed him to take a bite of each item and a sip of each drink before we did. He looked offended and hurt and said, “I would never do anything to harm my wife, or you. I just witnessed you pleasuring my wife in ways I never could have thought possible or knew she would enjoy,” He turned his gaze to her and continued, “I’m sorry. I always treated you with kid gloves and I should have been a better lover. I should have asked you how you desired to be pleasured. I love you. In a strange and weird way, I loved seeing you lost in the fuck of it all, in the lust and craziness that DeWayne here has discovered. I only wish I would have discovered your hidden treasures.”

His words affected her and me more than I care to admit. I could see and hear the love in his eyes. And I could see that she loved him. She turned to look my way I guess wanting to make sure I was okay. I smiled and nodded. She turned and spoke, “Honey, I love you and always will. I don’t know what all this means or where it will take us. Obviously you’re my husband and DeWayne is married to our daughter and they soon will start a family who will be a big part of us. I’m glad he made me discover my inner-slut and I’m jealous in a good way of our daughter. I know he will continue to make her very happy. My life is with you and your life is with me. That hasn’t changed. DeWayne has shown us the way to a better sex life and after tonight I would wish he’d want to join us on occasion, but you and I will embark on this journey together and explore this new world. Now, get naked and get your ass in here with us. The sun will rise before too long and our sweet son-in-law here is going to show us more.”

She turned to me, planted a kiss on my lips and sat up on her knees to meet her naked husband. She hugged him to her mashing her tits on his chest and gave him the wettest most intense kiss a wife can ever give her husband. He hugged her bringing his hands down to her ass and then whispered, “I’m going to fuck your ass hard, Bitch. Now get on all fours and suck our son-in-law’s cock while I enjoy your shithole.” She smiled and turned around bringing her ass up in the air. He lubed up his cock and fingered her ass lubricating her hole as she purred and licked up and down my cock. He grabbed hold of her hips and buried his cock in her ass in one swift motion claiming her. Making her his again. She moaned in acceptance as she wrapped her loving mouth around my black snake.

I smiled knowing my in-laws and I were going to get along just fine. My kids would have the world’s most awesome Grandparents. And well, the sexual possibilities were endless. I’d have to explore if my wife had any Daddy issues. From past conversations and observations I was sure my brother-in-law had some deep rooted Mommy issues; and his wife was a hot holier-than-thou Mommy… and I love possessing the sweet, innocent, Jesus-loving Mommy types.

First things first. I needed to repair my relationship with my wife. I already knew I’d be welcomed in this family. I knew the possibilities were endless. And my MIL and FIL were going to be instrumental in getting the others on board because the family that plays together stays together.

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