My First African Encounter

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On a gloomy day in Washington D.C in a Philanthropic office of a Charity organization there is Stacy. Stacy is social worker for a charity organization that do most of its work in Africa. Stacy is always frustrated as she has been single for the whole year and 2 months counting, her last relationship didn’t go well as her ex-boyfriend decided to just cheated on her two times. This has been a very dry season for her as she has been going out a lot but she hasn’t been lucky to meet someone who is good for her.

Stacy gets a call to come to her boss office.

As she gets to her boss office, she is met with a file on the office titled “Project Kenya 2021”, already she knew that this is a call for her to head a project in Africa. Her boss tells her every detail about the project and that the project needs her to fly to Africa to ensure that everything goes according to order.

Since well she didn’t have any intimate companion in America at the moment she didn’t hesitate to take the project, she accepted the challenge to go to Africa and do her best when it comes to charity works, as this one was her first in Africa.

The night before she flew to Africa, dirty thoughts started piling up her mind, as she grabs her pink dildo and black dildo to release some frustration from her pink wet slit. She kept on thinking about how Kenyan men have Big dicks and imagine herself with some Kenyan dick in her mouth and pussy, she had some thought of getting herself some 11-inch black Kenyan dick when she gets to Africa. After reach an orgasm she put her nasty toys away in her travelling bag and caught some good sleep.

In the morning Stacy bid a good farewell to her quite apartment as she prepares herself for a long hour’s flight to Kenya.
As she arrives in Kenya, she got to the airport and at the airport there stands a tall, dark and strong man with a board written “STACY JOHNSON”, she was delighted to see this strong black man with her name. She collected her luggage and The man walked her to the car and packed her luggage in the back of the car.

The man got in the car and introduced himself as NEEMA and her driver for the whole duration of the project, Stacy was so delighted to even hear more of this and charmed as she extends her hand to Neema to introduce herself officially.
Neema stood 1.9 meters tall, this man had a strong looking arms, very broad shoulders and some deep voice that instantly sent Stacy away on her dirty mind, as you can imagine the contrast between the two.
The drive was a very long one and bumpy as the place where Stacy was going to based was in the villages. The whole drive was more quite but what was going on in Stacy’s mind was her little nasty encounter with her toys last night and what she has been thinking about since she got the project. It was a little wet trip for her as she couldn’t get her mind off the Big Black Kenyan dick as it was right next to her.
They arrived at the house which Stacy will be living at for the duration of the project. Neema helped her remove the bags from the car and put them in the house, she was walking behind him all this time and all she could think about was removing his pants and sucking on his big dick, with some sinister smile on her face.

It was already in the evening as they arrive so Stacy decided to release Neema from his duties and she went straight to bed. In the morning Neema arrived to Stacy’s house, as she woke up in her silky short pyjamas showing off little of her busty breast. As Neema walks in he couldn’t help but notice the busty heaven as his manhood grows a little bit under his pants, Stacy was aware of the situation at hand but she chose to ignore it but she couldn’t resist looking at the bulge on Neema’s pants. She noticed a very big bulge and all she can think about was what is in there, how big it is, how long it is and how it can stretch her mouth and her little wet cunt.

Stacy went to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day, as she took a shower she couldn’t stop thinking about Neema’s bulge, as the water ran along her well-built and sexy body, she start touching and caressing her breast in an arousing way, as she ran her fingers across her tight and wet slit, she rubber her clit and start moaning silently, she inserted her middle finger in her wet cunt, now she was fingering herself in a fast and rapid manner all the time thinking about Neema’s bulge, all she could think about was Neema’s big black dick inside of her tight cunt, thrusting and stretching her, she reached her orgasms and finished her shower.

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