Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

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One of the guys had said, “I noticed that they both have tattoos on their ankles. Both look like dirty fuckers who like the black meat,” to which Clive had said he hadn’t noticed them yet but that he would get us to show him and that that both of us were there exactly for that, some black meat.

Clive added that I was married and a notoriously dirty tart.


Apparently the two guys at the bar were stunned by this and looked delighted at the thought.

Our chatter at the table was delightful with Tracey and myself being showered with compliments and returning them to each of the men telling them how hunky and good-looking they were.

Trevor and Daniel commented on my legs saying that they were pleased I was wearing such a short skirt that showed them off.

Clive asked us to show the guys the tattoos that we had on and we did so brazenly displaying them proudly, not caring about the two old guys at the bar both watching us showing our legs off and ankle tats to these four black men.

Henry smiled saying that he loved the cock and balls that Tracey was tattooed with, and Tracey smiled back saying, “Thanks honey. The word underneath it is absolutely right as well. If you think Anna is dirty you’ve got no fucking idea how filthy I am going to be for you.”

This started off a round of raucous laughter with Trevor admitting that if we weren’t careful he was going to cum in his pants.

We all agreed that we should be heading off to the hotel to book into our rooms and it was obvious that the first session of fun would not be long and starting either.

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Tracey and I needed a pee and went to the bathroom again, wiggling our backsides as we walked brazenly to the loo together. Feeling all eyes on us as we did so. We now knew that the two old men sitting at the bar were openly staring at us knowing that we were a couple of cock hungry slags, and that we were going to be getting fucked by all of these four big handsome black men and we didn’t care.

Once we returned we sat down again and were treated to more groping and fondling of our legs and asses as we did so.

The bar was still quiet and we just let the men feel our legs up, openly allowing them to slide their hands up to our thighs and at one point Trevor had his hand on my wet, see through panties.

Tracey and I were not caring that the two old men at the bar would basically be spectators.

Clive and Trevor needed to pee so they both went to the male toilet and we noticed that one of the old men followed down after a moment or two.

Both our hunks were soon back with us. We asked them what was said in the loo and Clive admitted that the old guy had bluntly asked if what he thought was going on was actually happening.

Clive had asked him to expand and the old guy said,” Well I think you are meeting these two tarts to fuck them.”

Clive had replied back saying,”That’s exactly what’s going to be happening mate. We’re just about to take them back to the hotel that we have booked for the weekend and we are going to be fucking both of them silly and sending the married slut back well used to her husband on Sunday.”

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