Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

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After our showers we applied some slutty make up again,me using my new red tarty lipstick. Probably a little bit too heavily made up for during the daytime, however we wanted to look as tarty as possible for our hunky studs and black lotharios.

We giggled and laughed together choosing our temporary adhesive tattoos.


Tracey opted for a large Gothic design with the words ‘Dirty Whore,’ which was applied to the small of her back.

A smaller tattoo was popped on her right ankle in the shape of a cock and balls with the word ‘slut’ underneath it.

Tracey then helped me choose my two tattoos, again one was applied to my ankle. I opted to apply it to my right ankle as I also wore my thin silver anklet on it.

The tattoo was a design from a pack of playing cards featuring a black spade with the word ‘Queen’ written above it.

I knew this was meant to be a reference to the term Queen of Spades, which I believe is meant to indicate a white wife who willingly takes black cock for her enjoyment and with the consent of her husband.

A further larger tattoo was also applied to the small of my back in the classic tramp stamp position. This tattoo was the phrase, ‘Married cumslut,’ in a very nice Arabic font style.

Tracey and I got dressed after having applied the dirty accompaniments, and decided that we wanted to wear something that would show the tattoos off on our ankles.

I opted for a fairly short, black and white striped mini skirt with a nice white blouse. A tiny white lacey, see through thong and matching bra.

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I tied my hair in a single ponytail and put a pair of large hoop earrings in to top off what I thought was a very sexy look.

Tracey popped one of her favourite short blue mini dresses on. It is so short that when she bends over, her gorgeous arse is often on display and her massive tits look fantastic spilling out in the tiny outfit.

A pair of black heels for me and white heels for Tracey topped off the sexy looks for both of us.

Once ready we jibed each other saying that we looked like a right pair of scrubbers, laughing saying that we hoped a few men would get hard cocks from seeing the site of us as we set off to meet our friends.

We got some admiring looks as we took a taxi to the train station and further looks of disapproval from some wives and girlfriends, with admiring glances and smiles from a few men.

A train journey later, with a couple of drinks followed by a further taxi took us to the bar that we had arranged to meet the men in.

We had phoned ahead thinking you still needed to book a table because of Covid regulations but were informed that this was no longer the case.

We settled in the bar, again receiving admiring glances from a couple of the older men who were sitting nursing their pints in the middle of the early afternoon.

One of the guys asked us whilst we were ordering our drinks from the bar if we were headed away on a hen night out as he thought it was a bit early. Also noticing the small cases we both had with us.

We replied saying that we probably did look like we were heading out clubbing or for a dance but we were just waiting for some friends coming from down south on a flight.

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