Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

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Apparently Clive thought the old chap was going to pull his cock out and wank it off; he was so excited in asking questions about what was going to be happening.

Both Trevor and Clive had said to him,”Don’t worry mate will give them both one for you and your pal. In fact, we will give them several for you.”


The tension was now very high, and whilst waiting for the taxis the chat got more explicit with Tracey and myself both feeling extremely turned on. Both from the comments from the two guys at the bar and the nice feeling up we were receiving.

Trevor and Daniel now had both their hands high up on Traceys thighs, with me receiving the same attention from Clive.

Henry seemed content to sit watching and quietly smiling to himself enjoying the show.

Within a few seconds our legs were open and both sets of hands had found their way to our wet, damp panties.

Daniel took the lead and slipped his hand inside and slowly began to play with Tracey’s soaking wet cunt as she spread her legs behind the table.

“The bitch is absolutely soaking,” he said quietly, moving his hand and showing glistening trails across his dark fingers.

“Go on then, get a couple of fucking fingers up me please,” she barked the order quietly under her breath.

Daniel smiled and replaced his hand inside her panties once more, but this time sipped two fingers deep inside my friend and slowly began to finger bang her as she sat with her legs spread wide.

I looked across at the two guys at the bar and winked as Clive had his hand further up my leg pushing my skirt up. I’m pretty sure the two old men would have had a view of my panties, my legs slightly parted.

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The two taxis arrived in the nick of time as I think that Tracey and myself were feeling so hot we would probably have ended up taking a good, loud and obvious finger fucking and possibly even trying to suck a cock whilst sat in the bar.

We straightened ourselves up and wiggled our arses again as we left pulling our small suitcases. The two old men smiled at us saying, “Have fun.”

We replied cheekily, “Don’t worry sweetheart we’re going to have plenty of fun,” feeling deliciously sexy and being so brazen and open about the fact that we’re about to be fucked by these four for big black studs.

Clive went over and shook hands with the two men, again exchanging words and I would find out in the taxi journey that he was telling them in no uncertain terms that he would be, “Balls deep up the blonde slut within the hour.”

I was in a taxi with Clive and Henry.

Tracey had the company of Trevor and his son Daniel. The journey was only about 30-minutes and again filled with lots of great chat.

My legs were receiving plenty of attention in the backseat from Henry and at last I could receive a good kiss from one of my studs.

His tongue snaked into my mouth as we shared a deep, passionate kiss locked in each other’s arms.

Once we arrived at the hotel grounds and Tracey’s taxi pulled up I could tell from her dishevelled state that she had been receiving a good mauling in her cab as well.

She got out of the cab and her mini dress was exposing a very wet pair of panties and clearly she was in a state of very high sexual arousal as she was practically eating Trevor.

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