23 years of vanilla sex

Marriage is a commitment. It involves many aspects from love, to money to pleasurable sex. This is a true story of how a wife that was once conservative or, vanilla, found her true inner sexual revolution.
When we first met we had sex 4-6 times per week. We did most everything for thee exception of anal. My wife tried it in her past and it was not a good experience. I was a “pro” at it as several former girlfriends would tell me. Now , let me describe my wife. She’s 5’4” fit 125lbs and has remained this way since I met her. She’s a B cup and still firm. She has great curves and an ass that needs to be explored still to this day. She’s also shaved smooth. For me, I’m 6’2”, 210 fit with a 7 1/2 in cock with some thickness to it. My wife prefers that I manscape which I gladly oblige. I’ve done well in my day but never thought of being hung. So, our sex life has diminished over the years. I still have the drive of a 20 year old but my wife can have sex 3 times a month and be totally satisfied. She tells me I “band and eat her pussy” so good that it really is enough. This brings me to my story for you.
About a year ago we were on vacation in Mexico. She loves the beach and I love being with her on the beach. She loves to lay out and soak up the sun. It also makes her hornier than usual. I also love this!
Our first day there was spent in the martini bar due to a tropical storm that moved through. We met some people from various areas of the U.S. and Canada. We drank most of the day then decided to eat dinner. The night went as a figured it would. After dinner we went back to the room, cuddled a bit then she fell asleep. I stayed awake thumbing channels and came across 6 channels of porn. I watched a bit then soon fell asleep.
The morning came and she was ready to hit the beach. We ate a light breakfast and off we went. We lay there in separate lounge chairs being waited on with various drinks. I got up to to get into the water to cool off a bit. As I walked back I saw my wife 23 years sitting up smiling. I asked what was up and she said she got really horny watching me put water on my body. I asked what I could do to help her with her “problem” and she told me to move my chair closer to hers. After I did this she put her hand in my swim trunks and proceeded to jerk me off until I came. She looks at me and says “your turn”. I reach over and find that she is soaked. She pulls her bikini bottom to the side and says “finger my pussy and make me cum”. What a shock. For one she only talked like this at home after drinking some. It wasn’t often at that. What made this even hotter was the fact that it was in public and another couple was watching. I proceeded to rub and finger her wet pussy until she came. She nearly bit through her lip trying not to scream from pleasure. We lay there for the remainder of the afternoon talking sex and what we want to do to each other later.

After packing up from the beach we walk back to our room. I figured she would lay down for a power nap. She had other plans. Our room had a balcony on the 4 floor overlooking the pool and the beach. She stripped out of her sexy bikini and walked out on the balcony. She told me to lose the swim suit and follow her. Of course I did! Once on the balcony she walks to the edge and I follow. Now, no one would know I was nude but you would notice my wife is topless. Suddenly all of her inhibitions and vanilla thoughts on sex were gone. I walked up behind her and was sporting g another rager of a hard on. She felt my cock rub against her firm ass. She took a cushion from one of the chairs and placed it in front of me. She looked at me and said “I’m going to suck this magnificent, sexy cock that has pleased me for 25 years. When you’re about to cum I want it all over my face.” She has never asked for this even though I have. She used to swallow but getting head over the years slowly disappeared. When she did blow me I had to shoot it on her stomach or breasts. She then knelt down and proceeded to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow. She has never been able to deep throat me but she did this time. I was fantastic! I don’t think I lasted 5 minutes. I told her I was about to cum and she said “shoot it all over my face and tongue baby. Do it now!!!” I must of shot 30 to 40 seconds of what seemed like a gallon of cum. She loved it! Somehow I was still hard as a rock and she took some of the cum off of her face rubbed it on her asshole and the head of my cock and said “put that cock in my ass now baby!” I did not hesitate and it slipped in and it was greatness. I slowly pumped her ass until she asked me to go faster and deeper. I must have fucked her tight hole 8-10 minutes and she said, “cum in my ass baby! Fill me with your cock and cum!!!” We were lost in the moment that when we both came we saw three different couples watching us and clapping. I just smiled and my wife waved and gave two thumbs up. What a total 180 she did from the previous years of sex. We showered and just lay on the bed until dinner.


As we walked to din we we noticed two couples smiling and giving us the thumbs up. We realized it was the same couples that had watched us on the balcony earlier. My wife was a bit embarrassed but smiled and thumbs up back to them. We struck up a conversation and found out that they saw us in the martini bar and wanted to approach us about hanging out the next day but we left before they had the chance. The second couple met up with them and they to had seen us and wanted to do the same. As we talked over dinner we found out that they were in the lifestyle of swinging. My wife has had zero interest in this in the past. This night she was very interested in what they had to say. I’ve always found it interesting and even mentioned it to her over the years only to be quickly shut down. As the couples talked my wife began to fidget. She only does this when she’s drinking and horny. They sensed this and asked if we would like to go to their rooms. I looked at my wife and she said not tonight but let’s all plan to meet at the beach after breakfast. All agreed and we went to our respective rooms. I don’t know what happened in their rooms but we had such loud sex that the room next to us clapped after we finished.

The next day came and there were our new friends. They were about 8-10 years younger but they were shocked when we told them that we were both nearing 50. They thought we were nearing 40! My wife immediately went back to the conversation about the lifestyle. As the conversation closed she looked at me and said “I’m horny and need to ride your cock now.” One of the wives overheard and she said “do it here. We will block the view of others.” It took my wife 2 seconds and she was grinding her wet pussy up and down on my hard cock. The two couples watched and one of the wives began to fondle my wife’s breast. She began to cum and scream so the 2nd wife kissed her to muffle the sound. This made me blow the biggest load of cum in my wife. She fell forward and passed out, literally. The wife that was fondling my wife bent down and licked my cum and wife’s juices off my cock. My wife came around looked back and said, “that’s fucking hot”. She’s never been with another woman and I have not been with anyone since we met. It was a shock to me but very natural feeling at the same time. We all ordered more drinks and some food.

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Later that afternoon we moved to the pool and made our area in the bed lounges. We had two for three couples. One of the husbands got out and went to lay down. He gave my wife a wink and “adjusted” himself. That’s when my wife and I could tell that he was at least my size if not larger. His wife got out with him and winked at my wife. My wife smiles at me and said she was goi g to hang with them for a bit. I told her to go for it. The other couple moved closer to me and began talking. As I conversed with them I saw my wife and the first couples wife begin to kiss. My wife looked like a pro. As I watched her the 2nd wife moved closer to me and began to stroke my now rock hard cock through my swim trunks. Her husband began to finger her. As I watch my wife and the first couples wife I notice that my wife’s hand is moving rather quickly. I look closer and she is stroking the husbands cock. The 2nd couple ask me if I want to go to the adjacent lounge bed with them and immediately I say yes! I get out and others around the pool notice my hard on. I don’t care. I want to see what my wife is doing. As we all lay down I get a good look at the first husbands cock. It has to be a solid 10” and it’s thick. I’m an above average size and the biggest my wife has ever had. She has a grip on this monster cock and is stroking it vigorously. The husband begins to cum and his wife turns away from fingering my wife to take his cum in her mouth. When he’s finished cumming she has a mouthful and leans over to kiss my wife. They share his cum!!! She is so horny that she wants to fuck. I begin to take off my trunks but she says, “I want him (2nd husband) in me. Is this ok?” I say “yes, fuck him baby!” My wife spreads her legs, grabs her ankles and says “but your cock in my wet pussy now and fuck me!” Husband 2 was as big as husband one maybe bigger. When he dropped his trunks my wife’s eyes nearly bulged out of her skull. She looked at me and mouthed how big it was. He guides the head into her wet pussy and she moans like I’ve never heard before. He proceeds to bury his cock into her. He strokes about 6 times and she squirts for the first time ever. He continues and she continues to squirt. I’m in aw and I am trying not to cum. The two wives begin to both suck my now raging cock and balls. Before I can put a hand on our Enid their breast I feel a finger slip into my ass. This was a first for me other than a yearly physical. LOL! One of the wife’s straddles my face with her wet pussy and the other continues to suck my cock and finger my ass. I look over at my wife and she is now riding this giant cock and sucking the first husbands large cock. She is trying to deep throat but just can’t. I’m about to lose my load and suddenly the sucking stops and the finger is gone. The first wife has moved over to my wife. The 2nd wife cums all over my face and assumes the doggy position. I move in behind and start to bang her tight pussy. She takes my hand and instructs me to finger her ass. The 1st wife tells my wife to slow down and tells husband 2 to move behind my wife. He slowly inserts this monster cock into my wife’s ass. Remember, the day before was the first time she had anal. Now she has her first DP! She moans and begins to get into a rhythm. Wife 2 tells me to put my cock in her ass and to keep rhythm with them. Wife one comes over and positions herself under wife 2’s pussy and watches me fuck her friend in the ass. While these two hung studs are plowing my wife she is a watching me fuck this stranger. She is smiling and moaning and cumming. She begins to squirt for the 3rd maybe 4th time. I see and hear this and begin to cum. Wife 2 is now cumming and wife o e you s cumming from fingering her own pussy and taking our juices into her mouth. Afterwards, we all lay there spent from fucking. It was an amazing experience.
The remainder of the week was just as phenomenal. We arrived back home and our sex life has been renewed. We experiment frequently and we have made some new friends with benefits. My wife is a new sexual being and I love it!


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