Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

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“Oh yes tit fuck the bitch. Tit-fuck the white whore, she’s fucking loving that,” Trevor said in between paying my pussy some excellent attention with his tongue.

Daniel now had his cock deep between my friends melons and was receiving a good tit fucking from her as Henry and his father Clive repeated the beating around Tracey’s face with their hard ons.


Tracey loves having her tits paid attention too and I knew she would be literally dripping and soaking wet.

Daniel’s father was now eating me out violently, his tongue probing my wet open cunt and his face was pressed hard against my quim sucking on my clit.

Across the room I heard Daniel announce he was getting close.

“Go on then splash the slut,” his uncle Clive forcefully said.

Daniels cock was now being wanked furiously in between Traceys mammoth titties as she readied herself for a cum load.

“Give it to me then,” she said. “Come on spunk all over me.”

He began spunking with the first spurts forcefully landing on Traceys face.

“Oh fuck yes,” was her simple response.

His second and third spurt were equally forceful and my friend was receiving a hosing down with cum.

Her tits still wanked on him, now showing the glistening trail of cum that was running off her face and down onto them.

He kept on spunking.

“That’s it son, fucking cover the bitch,” his father said proudly as he took a breather from eating me out.

Clive and Henry watched on as further ropes of spunk splattered Traceys face, hair and covered her huge tits.

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Trevor’s cock was now fully engorged. The sight of his son spunking up all over my best friend, with her big tits, lovely legs and white slutty heels had him as hard as granite.

“Bloody hell,” Daniel laughed. “I’ve never cum so hard. Not even with the wife.”

With spunk all over her face and massive tits,I heard Tracey say, “I need a cock-up me. I need fucked now. Which one of you dirty fuckers is going to do me first?”

I looked up to see Clive literally pick my friend up and pin her against the wall, her legs spread wide.

Cum dripping off her face and tits, she looked stunning in just her white heels embraced by this big black man with his cock nudging against what was already a sopping wet fuckhole.

“Go on then fuck it, fuck my white cunt until I cum all over your big, black cock,” I heard her saying.

Trevor had now moved to the head of the bed and was feeding me his cock as his brother was about to start screwing Tracey for the first time, his son’s spunk still running down her pretty face.

I licked his swollen glans and his cocktip and then ran my tongue up and down the full length of his engorged black glistening shaft.

I gobbled greedily sucking on him.

“That’s it Clive go on fuck my friend and tell me how much you enjoy her wet pussy.”

The session had started brilliantly as young Daniel, his cock softening joined his father with me and replaced him eating and licking at my pussy as I sucked noisily on his father’s hard cock.

I heard Tracey gasp and moan and the words,”Oh fuck yes.”

I knew she had been impaled on Clive’s big black cock cock for the first time.