Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

My best friend Tracey and I recently had some excellent fun with four big black cocks.

Following the relaxation of lockdown rules, I spoke to my friends down in Dorset and after chatting Clive and his son Henry decided to come up to Scotland on a visit.

I have been desperate to sample their big, black cocks again and got very hot and wet while talking to them on the telephone.

I arranged for them to come up and they readily agreed to spend the weekend with myself and my friend Tracey.

We booked a nice hotel on the outskirts of Glasgow for a dirty weekend of fun with our big dicked black studs.

As I was chatting to Clive he asked me if it would be okay for his brother (who is three years younger than him) and his nephew to also pay us a visit.

He informed me that he had spoken at length about the fun we had enjoyed with Ron and Sam, and that his brother Trevor was desperate to join in the fun.

“Baby girl,” he said to me. “He can’t wait to meet you and he is another big boy too. My ma and pa only had big sons,” he laughed.

His nephew was around the same age as Henry and he was ” a cocky so and so,” Clive informed me. “He thinks he is god’s gift to women!”

This was all delivered in his wonderful, soft lilting Jamaican accent. I was melting as he spoke to me. My panties were being eaten alive by my wet cunt as we chatted!

I eagerly agreed, thinking the more cock the merrier.

I was a little bit surprised that his friend Denzel didn’t want to come up to visit but he told me that sadly he had other plans for the weekend we had arranged unfortunately.

I was very excited to be arranging this hot meet with these two very well hung guys and their relatives. Knowing that the fucking I had taken from the father and son combination had satisfied me immensely.

Mike was extremely excited at the prospect of me getting some more big, black cock and teased me mercilessly for the few days before the meeting was arranged.

Tracey chatted to me on the phone telling me that she was extremely horny at the prospect of getting some new cock, and she delighted in me telling her how myself and my friend Louise had taken on several of the men whilst down in Dorset.

I was feeling extremely slutty and turned on, as the rather taboo nature of father and son at the same time again had me dripping wet with anticipation.

In preparation for the weekend we had planned, Mike ordered me some new lingerie and some temporary tattoos unbeknownst to me.

The plan was that we were to meet the guys at a bar after their flight arrived at Glasgow airport and then head to the nice hotel that we had booked.

We had booked three rooms (not expecting to use them all for most of the weekend!) and knew that we would look a little bit odd. Two middle-aged white women, with four black men of varying ages.

The lingerie arrived in the post and Mike was eager to show me what he had bought for me.

Two new sets of stockings arrived along with suspender belts, panties and bras.

One pair of nylons was the standard black in colour with a thin seam running up the back and a patterned motif running around the top band. This was accompanied by a see-through pair of panties and bra set along with a matching suspender belt.

The other pair of stockings were copper coloured (dark tan), again with a nice seam up the back. This was accompanied by a red suspender belt and matching see through red panties and bra.

I told Tracey what Mike had brought me and she admitted but she had also treated herself to some sexy new undies for the weekend.

A pair of white crotchless pantyhose and a full laced bodystocking.

Along with the lingeri Mike had bought me was a set of temporary tattoos.

There were several different word designs on the sheet, ranging from ‘cumslut’ to ‘dirty whore’ to ‘black cock slut’.

Mike told me he thought it would be nice for me to wear a ‘tramp stamp’ or two for the guys who were going to enjoy me over the weekend.

As usual I trimmed and shaved my pussy so it was completely bald and smooth and treated myself to some very slutty red lipstick to wear for my black studs.

Hair done, nails all sorted and I was gagging for a good shagging.

The weekend arrived for Tracey and I to head off to Glasgow to meet the guys.

Mike had given me a really hard screwing the night before telling me that he hoped I would be getting several loads of cum dumped up me and all over me on Friday and Saturday.

We had arranged for him to spend some time with Ryan, our son, who was coming back for the weekend and Mike was planning on getting regular updates from me whenever he could.

Once again this felt deliciously wicked, my loving husband spending time with one of our children whilst I was away taking hard cocks, spunk and being fucked like a slut wife.

Tracey was like a bitch on heat and rang me the night before we were due to head off, finger fucking herself telling me how horny she was feeling.

I told her about the tattoos that Mike had bought me and said that it would be great if she wore a couple as well and we could surprise the guys together.

We agreed I would be going over to hers in the morning to get ready and apply them to each other.

She asked me about how big their cocks were and I again told her that Henry had the nickname ‘Henry the horse,’ and that his father Clive was a really dishy older man. His cock wasn’t quite as big as his son’s but he certainly knew how to use it.

The other two guys I obviously hadn’t met, but I had spoken to Clive’s brother (Trevor) on the telephone and he sounded a real chirpy, confident, smooth talker. Again with an accent that could melt hearts, and cause wet pussies instantly!

I kissed Mike goodbye telling him to have a lovely time with Ryan, who he was picking up later. As far as my son knew I was going away for a nice spa weekend with my friend Tracey. We had told him that I was going away for some pampering.

I smiled to myself thinking little did he know but I was going to be well pampered, but not in the way that he thought. I would be pampered and spoilt by four huge, big, black cocks fucking every hole of mine, cumming all over me and making me climax intensely over and over again.

I drove across to Traceys dressed quite conservatively in a pair of jeans and simple t-shirt.

Once there Tracey and I started to tart ourselves up in anticipation of meeting our older lovers later that day.

After our showers we applied some slutty make up again,me using my new red tarty lipstick. Probably a little bit too heavily made up for during the daytime, however we wanted to look as tarty as possible for our hunky studs and black lotharios.

We giggled and laughed together choosing our temporary adhesive tattoos.

Tracey opted for a large Gothic design with the words ‘Dirty Whore,’ which was applied to the small of her back.

A smaller tattoo was popped on her right ankle in the shape of a cock and balls with the word ‘slut’ underneath it.

Tracey then helped me choose my two tattoos, again one was applied to my ankle. I opted to apply it to my right ankle as I also wore my thin silver anklet on it.

The tattoo was a design from a pack of playing cards featuring a black spade with the word ‘Queen’ written above it.

I knew this was meant to be a reference to the term Queen of Spades, which I believe is meant to indicate a white wife who willingly takes black cock for her enjoyment and with the consent of her husband.

A further larger tattoo was also applied to the small of my back in the classic tramp stamp position. This tattoo was the phrase, ‘Married cumslut,’ in a very nice Arabic font style.

Tracey and I got dressed after having applied the dirty accompaniments, and decided that we wanted to wear something that would show the tattoos off on our ankles.

I opted for a fairly short, black and white striped mini skirt with a nice white blouse. A tiny white lacey, see through thong and matching bra.

I tied my hair in a single ponytail and put a pair of large hoop earrings in to top off what I thought was a very sexy look.

Tracey popped one of her favourite short blue mini dresses on. It is so short that when she bends over, her gorgeous arse is often on display and her massive tits look fantastic spilling out in the tiny outfit.

A pair of black heels for me and white heels for Tracey topped off the sexy looks for both of us.

Once ready we jibed each other saying that we looked like a right pair of scrubbers, laughing saying that we hoped a few men would get hard cocks from seeing the site of us as we set off to meet our friends.

We got some admiring looks as we took a taxi to the train station and further looks of disapproval from some wives and girlfriends, with admiring glances and smiles from a few men.

A train journey later, with a couple of drinks followed by a further taxi took us to the bar that we had arranged to meet the men in.

We had phoned ahead thinking you still needed to book a table because of Covid regulations but were informed that this was no longer the case.

We settled in the bar, again receiving admiring glances from a couple of the older men who were sitting nursing their pints in the middle of the early afternoon.

One of the guys asked us whilst we were ordering our drinks from the bar if we were headed away on a hen night out as he thought it was a bit early. Also noticing the small cases we both had with us.

We replied saying that we probably did look like we were heading out clubbing or for a dance but we were just waiting for some friends coming from down south on a flight.

The old guy was very charming but was clearly enjoying the view he had of both my legs and Tracey’s fantastic shapely figure in her tiny blue mini dress.

He asked if our friends were as pretty as us, to which we both smiled and laughed saying we thought they were good looking, admitting they were men and not more women.

I noticed both him and his friend who had now joined us looking at my wedding ring and also at my anklet and both Tracey amd my tattoo.

I felt a tingle thinking they may be guessing we were a couple of sluts, me a married one, on the prowl for extra cock.

It felt deliciously slutty to sit in a bar as only two women with only a few older men and a couple of younger guys playing pool in a room at the back of the establishment.

My fanny was already feeling the tingle of excitement as Tracey and I chatted quietly and discussed what we expected to happen over the coming hours.

I told Tracey that I had cum off so hard on Henry’s big cock that I had visibly shook, and that Clive was an expert with his tongue and that he had brought me off to a few crashing orgasms as well.

We messaged the guys to find out if their flight was on time and were pleased to hear that everything was going according to plan.

A further round of drinks for Tracey and myself helped us settle our nerves a bit and again some further chat from both of the old men at the bar as we ordered our drinks had us both feeling horny as well.

It was clear the old guys were letching after us and we both played it up. Wiggling our arses as we walked back to our table and on one occasion when I went through for a pee, I made sure that my heels clicked and clacked, drawing attention to my legs and I hoped once more for my anklet and tattoo as well.

We received another text message from the guys saying they had arrived safely and we’re just waiting for a taxi to bring them into town to meet us.

We both had butterflies at this point as Tracey was telling me that she felt like sticking her hand into her panties and giving herself a good frigging as she felt so fucking turned on.

Within a few minutes the guy’s taxi had arrived and our four handsome men were strolling through the door.

It was obviously a bit of a surprise for four big black men to be standing in a bar in the centre of Glasgow during the day, and the two old guys smiled and nodded at both us and the men as we greeted each other.

Clive was every bit as dashing as I remembered him. He was dressed in a very smart black suit with his crisp white shirt open at the neck. Henry was dressed a bit more casually in a pair of jeans and a nice tight burgundy shirt.

We were introduced to the other two guys in turn. Clive’s brother Trevor was quite simply gorgeous.

He has his brother’s accent and easy manners and a close cropped head of black hair and a smile that lights up any room and he is built!

His son Daniel was equally handsome and dressed in a very smart grey suit with a white shirt, quite open at the neck showing a very nice chest.

On seeing us the guys had walked over to our table immediately and Tracey and I automatically stood up and were hugged and kissed by each of the guys, one after the other.

Not deep snogs, but plenty of pecks on our cheeks until Clive and I saw each other and he swept me in his arms, his big hands reaching around and grabbing my butt as he planted a wet sloppy kiss on my lips.

I opened my mouth like a good slut should. Our tongues met.

After our introductions and more kissing and gentle fondling, Tracey and I settled back down as Clive went to the bar to order drinks for the men and top-ups for Tracey and myself.

I could see him chatting to the older guys at the bar as he ordered the drinks, and hoped that everything was okay as I know some older people can be a little bit funny when it comes to matters of race.

I needn’t have worried as one of the older guys had been in the army and had served with many black soldiers he had told Clive.

They were chatting away at the bar quite the thing, and I got the feeling that the topic of conversation was possibly Tracey and myself.

Clive returned with a tray full of drinks and we soon all chatted away as though we’d all known each other for years.

Tracey was clearly a hit with the guys as each of them kept telling her how gorgeous she was and that I hadn’t been lying when I had told them what a looker she was.

She was complimented repeatedly on her figure, with Trevor being quite forward saying that she had a stupendous pair of tits and that her legs were stunning.

All of them clearly knew what they and both myself and Tracey had came for, and whilst the chat was quiet, it was soon quite explicit and sex charged.

Trevor simply said that his brother had told him all about the fun with Louise and myself and that he couldn’t wait to have his cock very deep up inside me.

I licked my lips provocatively saying I couldn’t wait to have my lips around it, because if it was half as good as his brothers and half as nice as his nephews then I was in for a fucking treat.

Tracey was being equally as flirtatious and was soon allowing young Daniel to run his hands on her bare legs as we sat chatting.

The conversation continued in the same vein for several minutes with Tracey and I flirting outrageously with all of the guys, as I told Henry I couldn’t wait for some more of his monster cock again and that Tracey was literally sopping at the gash thinking about having such a big cock to play with.

The guys all laughed and we asked if it wasn’t awkward with the family connections, but Henry and Daniel confided that they had shared a few girlfriends in three ways before, shocking their fathers a little bit.

We asked what the chat at the bar was to which he told us one of the old men had been a serviceman and that he had told him he had served with several coloured soldiers back in his time in the army.

I apologised for the term but he smiled saying not to worry as there was no offence in what the old guy had meant and that he wasn’t over sensitive about being called coloured or black.

He also admitted that the guy had enquired if we were heading out for some fun together and Clive had said that there would be plenty of fun and games being had with the gorgeous women that they have come to meet.

One of the guys had said, “I noticed that they both have tattoos on their ankles. Both look like dirty fuckers who like the black meat,” to which Clive had said he hadn’t noticed them yet but that he would get us to show him and that that both of us were there exactly for that, some black meat.

Clive added that I was married and a notoriously dirty tart.

Apparently the two guys at the bar were stunned by this and looked delighted at the thought.

Our chatter at the table was delightful with Tracey and myself being showered with compliments and returning them to each of the men telling them how hunky and good-looking they were.

Trevor and Daniel commented on my legs saying that they were pleased I was wearing such a short skirt that showed them off.

Clive asked us to show the guys the tattoos that we had on and we did so brazenly displaying them proudly, not caring about the two old guys at the bar both watching us showing our legs off and ankle tats to these four black men.

Henry smiled saying that he loved the cock and balls that Tracey was tattooed with, and Tracey smiled back saying, “Thanks honey. The word underneath it is absolutely right as well. If you think Anna is dirty you’ve got no fucking idea how filthy I am going to be for you.”

This started off a round of raucous laughter with Trevor admitting that if we weren’t careful he was going to cum in his pants.

We all agreed that we should be heading off to the hotel to book into our rooms and it was obvious that the first session of fun would not be long and starting either.

Tracey and I needed a pee and went to the bathroom again, wiggling our backsides as we walked brazenly to the loo together. Feeling all eyes on us as we did so. We now knew that the two old men sitting at the bar were openly staring at us knowing that we were a couple of cock hungry slags, and that we were going to be getting fucked by all of these four big handsome black men and we didn’t care.

Once we returned we sat down again and were treated to more groping and fondling of our legs and asses as we did so.

The bar was still quiet and we just let the men feel our legs up, openly allowing them to slide their hands up to our thighs and at one point Trevor had his hand on my wet, see through panties.

Tracey and I were not caring that the two old men at the bar would basically be spectators.

Clive and Trevor needed to pee so they both went to the male toilet and we noticed that one of the old men followed down after a moment or two.

Both our hunks were soon back with us. We asked them what was said in the loo and Clive admitted that the old guy had bluntly asked if what he thought was going on was actually happening.

Clive had asked him to expand and the old guy said,” Well I think you are meeting these two tarts to fuck them.”

Clive had replied back saying,”That’s exactly what’s going to be happening mate. We’re just about to take them back to the hotel that we have booked for the weekend and we are going to be fucking both of them silly and sending the married slut back well used to her husband on Sunday.”

Apparently Clive thought the old chap was going to pull his cock out and wank it off; he was so excited in asking questions about what was going to be happening.

Both Trevor and Clive had said to him,”Don’t worry mate will give them both one for you and your pal. In fact, we will give them several for you.”

The tension was now very high, and whilst waiting for the taxis the chat got more explicit with Tracey and myself both feeling extremely turned on. Both from the comments from the two guys at the bar and the nice feeling up we were receiving.

Trevor and Daniel now had both their hands high up on Traceys thighs, with me receiving the same attention from Clive.

Henry seemed content to sit watching and quietly smiling to himself enjoying the show.

Within a few seconds our legs were open and both sets of hands had found their way to our wet, damp panties.

Daniel took the lead and slipped his hand inside and slowly began to play with Tracey’s soaking wet cunt as she spread her legs behind the table.

“The bitch is absolutely soaking,” he said quietly, moving his hand and showing glistening trails across his dark fingers.

“Go on then, get a couple of fucking fingers up me please,” she barked the order quietly under her breath.

Daniel smiled and replaced his hand inside her panties once more, but this time sipped two fingers deep inside my friend and slowly began to finger bang her as she sat with her legs spread wide.

I looked across at the two guys at the bar and winked as Clive had his hand further up my leg pushing my skirt up. I’m pretty sure the two old men would have had a view of my panties, my legs slightly parted.

The two taxis arrived in the nick of time as I think that Tracey and myself were feeling so hot we would probably have ended up taking a good, loud and obvious finger fucking and possibly even trying to suck a cock whilst sat in the bar.

We straightened ourselves up and wiggled our arses again as we left pulling our small suitcases. The two old men smiled at us saying, “Have fun.”

We replied cheekily, “Don’t worry sweetheart we’re going to have plenty of fun,” feeling deliciously sexy and being so brazen and open about the fact that we’re about to be fucked by these four for big black studs.

Clive went over and shook hands with the two men, again exchanging words and I would find out in the taxi journey that he was telling them in no uncertain terms that he would be, “Balls deep up the blonde slut within the hour.”

I was in a taxi with Clive and Henry.

Tracey had the company of Trevor and his son Daniel. The journey was only about 30-minutes and again filled with lots of great chat.

My legs were receiving plenty of attention in the backseat from Henry and at last I could receive a good kiss from one of my studs.

His tongue snaked into my mouth as we shared a deep, passionate kiss locked in each other’s arms.

Once we arrived at the hotel grounds and Tracey’s taxi pulled up I could tell from her dishevelled state that she had been receiving a good mauling in her cab as well.

She got out of the cab and her mini dress was exposing a very wet pair of panties and clearly she was in a state of very high sexual arousal as she was practically eating Trevor.

Very quickly we settled ourselves down to try to look a little bit more demure on booking into the hotel and then headed off to the three rooms that we had booked.

Tracey and I had barely put our suitcases into our double room when a knock at the door came and young Trevor was in like a flash putting Tracey against the wall, his hand automatically going in between her legs which she parted eagerly to let him access inside her panties once more.

“Fucking hell you two. We’ve just literally got here and look at you,” I chuckled.

“Oh fuck Anna. My pussy is on fire and I need fucked now and I need fucked hard,” my friend was saying in between French kissing this extremely tall,muscular handsome black man.

Tracey was panting,”The dirty fuck. He had three fingers up my cunt in the car and has made me fucking gagging.”

There was another knock at the door and this time the other three men entered being welcomed by the site of Tracey spread legged with her panties now down around her knees as Trevor finger reamed her hard.

“I see my boy is already getting to work,” Trevor smiled as he walked over further into the room.

“He’s got fantastic fingers,” Tracey panted as Trevor was joined by Henry at his side. “They feel like a fucking cock they are that big.”

As he started feeling Tracey up he joined his cousins fingers in slopping around my best friend’s wet quim with her legs spread wide.

Clive and I were now in a deep embrace, him kissing me and gathering me in his arms as we kissed deeply for the first time in months.

“I have actually been dying to meet you again,” I kissed and smiled back at him.

“I can see that baby girl,” he said as we once again exchanged tongues.

“We have brought you some really nice underwear and sexy lingerie for us to put on for you,” I laughed.”But it looks like we’re going to be not needing that just now.”

Trevor smiled and replied saying,”I’ve got a cock that’s ready to burst here.”

Clive responded, “There’s plenty of time for us to see you in all your finery baby girl. I think all of us just need to relieve the tension.”

Across the room Tracey’s panties were now fully off, and Henry, ever being a gentleman, had picked them up and put them on to the dressing table.

She was quickly helped out of her blue mini dress, leaving my friend now just standing in her bra which her tits were spilling out of, and her white high heels.

“Stunning,” Clive said looking across at her. “Anna said you had a gorgeous body but we had no idea.”

“Look at the size of those fucking tits,” Daniel said as Tracey’s bra was unclasped and her massive melons spilled out.

“I gotta get me some of that action,” Clive excitedly replied.

“Oh yes!” I smiled back.”So a big pair of tits and that’s me brushed aside then is it.”

Tracey now had four sets of black hands pawing all over her naked body.

Daniel had two fingers smashing in and out of what sounded like a very wet pussy. Clive and his son Henry we’re both licking on a tit each, teasing her hard nipples with their tongues and Trevor was content running his hands all over her gorgeous ass and down her legs before he also joined his son’s fingers at my friend’s cunt.

“Oh yes. Play with my fucking clit,” Tracey barked the order at the two men.”Play with my clitty whilst you’re son finger fucks the hell out of me.”

I had made myself comfortable on the bed and started stripping myself watching the action, my hand had hardly left my sopping pussy I was so turned on.

“You get naked too baby girl and I will be across to take care of you shortly,” Clive smiled as I was undoing my blouse and stripping naked myself.

Once I was completely naked save for my heels, I spread my legs wide on the bed and lay back. I circled two fingers around my hard button watching my friend receiving some expert attention from four, experienced hunky studs.

“I love the tattoo and anklet you little slut,” Clive said, smiling across at me.

In between furiously pounding my friend’s fanny with his fingers, Daniel said he loved Tracey’s tattoo as well.

She was panting and replying, “Well I do love cock and balls, and I am a slut so it is quite accurate.”

Watching my diminutive friend with the four men around her, and her massive breasts being fondled, licked, sucked and felt all over by such dark skinned, big men was almost like having a porno playing privately for me.

I was diddling my clit faster, my pussy was really juicing up nicely as I watched the action unfolding.

Tracey was trying her best to feel each of the men in turn, grabbing her hands out and rubbing a crotch here and there and stroking a bulge.

The guys began stripping off their shirts to expose their muscular manly chests.

Traceys hands found each of them, running her tiny hands over the naked, bare black flesh.

Trevor began to unbutton his trousers to which Tracy panted breathlessly,”Oh yes come on guys, let’s get those big fucking cocks out. I’ve heard so much about them.”

Daniel kept working on my friend’s pussy as the other three men unbuckled their trousers and removed them along with their socks and shoes so that Tracey now had three completely black naked men in front of her.

Her tiny white hands moved to each of their pricks in turn. Even though none of them were fully hard, Traceys small hand easily couldn’t fit all the way around them as she slowly began to pull on them.

“Look at the fucking size of these things,” Tracey smiled as Daniel had now joined the others in tripping off.

Her pussy received a little bit of respite from the attention it had received for the past few minutes.

She had Trevor in one hand and Clive in the other and was slowly wanking the two older brothers. “Fucking hell you’re not even fully hard and my hands can hardly fit around them,” she said.

I was so turned on,”Wait till you get the horse hard,I’m telling you it will take two hands to do it.”

Daniel was now fully naked as well so all four dark skinned studs were ready for action.

Tracey was still slowly fisting her hands, wanking Trevor and Clive as each brother slowly began to get up to full length.

I was impressed with Trevor’s cock, it was slightly bigger than his brothers and with a thicker girth.

“Bloody hell.You weren’t lying,” I smiled, “You’re ma and pa didn’t have small boys did they!”

“They are all flipping huge,” Tracy said. “Fucking hell, I can’t wait for these bastards to be stretching me out.”

She slowly released her grip on both and started working on the two younger men.

“Jesus Christ almighty!” she exclaimed as she got hold of Henry’s. “Fucking hell look at the size of this thing, it’s a foot long isn’t it.”

It was true no one could compete with his length and whilst Daniel had a good size cock on him it was clear who was at the front of the queue when size and girth was being handed out in this family.

“Come across here please and lick my pussy,” I said to no one in particular. “Please lick me out.”

It was Trevor who made the first move and came across to me. I looked him up and down thinking that this gorgeous man was one of the most attractive men I had ever seen.

“You are gorgeous,” I said,looking him up and down and licking my lips.

“Thank you very much, pretty lady,” he said to me. “I may not have been gifted with the size of our Henry but I like to think I am the looker out of the family.”

I smiled, my two fingers still circling my hard clit with my legs spread wide.” I can tell you that you definitely are,” I said, which had Clive laughing.

“Oh yes, so that’s me being forgotten about as well is it.”

I replied that he was gorgeous too but he responded saying,” I know I can’t compete in the looks department with clever Trevor there.”

Trevor’s big hands found their way underneath my wide spread legs as he positioned himself lying on the bed as his mouth moved towards my wet damp fanny for the first time.

“Nice heels and great legs,” he commented.

Tracey was now on her hands and knees with Clive’s cock in her mouth whilst his son Henry and his nephew Daniel enjoyed Tracey working on them with her hands.

“That’s a good dirty girl,” Daniel said, “You get yourself busy”.

Her head was bobbing back and forward trying to take much of Clive’s big cock as she could, spit drooling along his dark shaft.

Henry started slapping the side of her face as she sucked hard on his father, leading Tracey to alternate between sucking on Clive and then trying her best to suck hard on his son’s massive cock.She also lapped around their ball sacks, sucking on their big nuts.

She then tried sucking hard on Henry.

“I can’t get the whole thing in my mouth,” Tracey said on removing it. “It’s so fucking big.”

Not wanting to be left out Daniel pushed in and Tracey now began to have three cocks at her face at the same time, alternating between sucking on one with two slapped against her face.

Strings of spit were covering each of their long, black shafts as my friend licked and sucked at some of the biggest cocks we have ever enjoyed.

“I am loving this,” Daniel said. “I had no idea that they would be so hot,” he said to his uncle.

“I told you that my baby girl and her friend would be a couple of the hottest white sluts you ever had.”

Trevors tongue now found my clit and he was slowly licking me up and down my slit length and dipping his tongue deep in my pussy.

“Oh that’s it, yes that’s the perfect spot,” I smiled “Lick my fucking cunt. Eat me out, lick it as my friend sucks the fucking spunk out of your son.”

Across the room Tracey had moved onto tit fucking the three guys as she cupped her massive tits. Henry slid his full length between them and she started to slowly use her breasts to wank the massive black shaft up and down, licking the head and sucking it the best she could as she did so.

“Oh yes tit fuck the bitch. Tit-fuck the white whore, she’s fucking loving that,” Trevor said in between paying my pussy some excellent attention with his tongue.

Daniel now had his cock deep between my friends melons and was receiving a good tit fucking from her as Henry and his father Clive repeated the beating around Tracey’s face with their hard ons.

Tracey loves having her tits paid attention too and I knew she would be literally dripping and soaking wet.

Daniel’s father was now eating me out violently, his tongue probing my wet open cunt and his face was pressed hard against my quim sucking on my clit.

Across the room I heard Daniel announce he was getting close.

“Go on then splash the slut,” his uncle Clive forcefully said.

Daniels cock was now being wanked furiously in between Traceys mammoth titties as she readied herself for a cum load.

“Give it to me then,” she said. “Come on spunk all over me.”

He began spunking with the first spurts forcefully landing on Traceys face.

“Oh fuck yes,” was her simple response.

His second and third spurt were equally forceful and my friend was receiving a hosing down with cum.

Her tits still wanked on him, now showing the glistening trail of cum that was running off her face and down onto them.

He kept on spunking.

“That’s it son, fucking cover the bitch,” his father said proudly as he took a breather from eating me out.

Clive and Henry watched on as further ropes of spunk splattered Traceys face, hair and covered her huge tits.

Trevor’s cock was now fully engorged. The sight of his son spunking up all over my best friend, with her big tits, lovely legs and white slutty heels had him as hard as granite.

“Bloody hell,” Daniel laughed. “I’ve never cum so hard. Not even with the wife.”

With spunk all over her face and massive tits,I heard Tracey say, “I need a cock-up me. I need fucked now. Which one of you dirty fuckers is going to do me first?”

I looked up to see Clive literally pick my friend up and pin her against the wall, her legs spread wide.

Cum dripping off her face and tits, she looked stunning in just her white heels embraced by this big black man with his cock nudging against what was already a sopping wet fuckhole.

“Go on then fuck it, fuck my white cunt until I cum all over your big, black cock,” I heard her saying.

Trevor had now moved to the head of the bed and was feeding me his cock as his brother was about to start screwing Tracey for the first time, his son’s spunk still running down her pretty face.

I licked his swollen glans and his cocktip and then ran my tongue up and down the full length of his engorged black glistening shaft.

I gobbled greedily sucking on him.

“That’s it Clive go on fuck my friend and tell me how much you enjoy her wet pussy.”

The session had started brilliantly as young Daniel, his cock softening joined his father with me and replaced him eating and licking at my pussy as I sucked noisily on his father’s hard cock.

I heard Tracey gasp and moan and the words,”Oh fuck yes.”

I knew she had been impaled on Clive’s big black cock cock for the first time.

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