Tracey and I take on Clive and his son again. With other BBC

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My best friend Tracey and I recently had some excellent fun with four big black cocks.

Following the relaxation of lockdown rules, I spoke to my friends down in Dorset and after chatting Clive and his son Henry decided to come up to Scotland on a visit.

I have been desperate to sample their big, black cocks again and got very hot and wet while talking to them on the telephone.

I arranged for them to come up and they readily agreed to spend the weekend with myself and my friend Tracey.

We booked a nice hotel on the outskirts of Glasgow for a dirty weekend of fun with our big dicked black studs.

As I was chatting to Clive he asked me if it would be okay for his brother (who is three years younger than him) and his nephew to also pay us a visit.

He informed me that he had spoken at length about the fun we had enjoyed with Ron and Sam, and that his brother Trevor was desperate to join in the fun.

“Baby girl,” he said to me. “He can’t wait to meet you and he is another big boy too. My ma and pa only had big sons,” he laughed.

His nephew was around the same age as Henry and he was ” a cocky so and so,” Clive informed me. “He thinks he is god’s gift to women!”

This was all delivered in his wonderful, soft lilting Jamaican accent. I was melting as he spoke to me. My panties were being eaten alive by my wet cunt as we chatted!

I eagerly agreed, thinking the more cock the merrier.

I was a little bit surprised that his friend Denzel didn’t want to come up to visit but he told me that sadly he had other plans for the weekend we had arranged unfortunately.

I was very excited to be arranging this hot meet with these two very well hung guys and their relatives. Knowing that the fucking I had taken from the father and son combination had satisfied me immensely.

Mike was extremely excited at the prospect of me getting some more big, black cock and teased me mercilessly for the few days before the meeting was arranged.

Tracey chatted to me on the phone telling me that she was extremely horny at the prospect of getting some new cock, and she delighted in me telling her how myself and my friend Louise had taken on several of the men whilst down in Dorset.

I was feeling extremely slutty and turned on, as the rather taboo nature of father and son at the same time again had me dripping wet with anticipation.

In preparation for the weekend we had planned, Mike ordered me some new lingerie and some temporary tattoos unbeknownst to me.

The plan was that we were to meet the guys at a bar after their flight arrived at Glasgow airport and then head to the nice hotel that we had booked.

We had booked three rooms (not expecting to use them all for most of the weekend!) and knew that we would look a little bit odd. Two middle-aged white women, with four black men of varying ages.

The lingerie arrived in the post and Mike was eager to show me what he had bought for me.

Two new sets of stockings arrived along with suspender belts, panties and bras.

One pair of nylons was the standard black in colour with a thin seam running up the back and a patterned motif running around the top band. This was accompanied by a see-through pair of panties and bra set along with a matching suspender belt.

The other pair of stockings were copper coloured (dark tan), again with a nice seam up the back. This was accompanied by a red suspender belt and matching see through red panties and bra.

I told Tracey what Mike had brought me and she admitted but she had also treated herself to some sexy new undies for the weekend.

A pair of white crotchless pantyhose and a full laced bodystocking.

Along with the lingeri Mike had bought me was a set of temporary tattoos.

There were several different word designs on the sheet, ranging from ‘cumslut’ to ‘dirty whore’ to ‘black cock slut’.

Mike told me he thought it would be nice for me to wear a ‘tramp stamp’ or two for the guys who were going to enjoy me over the weekend.

As usual I trimmed and shaved my pussy so it was completely bald and smooth and treated myself to some very slutty red lipstick to wear for my black studs.

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