Husband plans to be cuckolded by wife’s brother

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The food and drinks were fantastic. Ansh drank little since he wanted to stay sober for the drive back. Ishika was soon buzzing with all the wine she drank. It soothed her nerves and when Ansh asked her for a dance, she readily agreed. A band had been playing throughout the evening and after dinner, the lights were dimmed and the band started playing some songs for those who wanted to dance.

Ansh led her to the dance floor and they started waltzing among the other couples. Ishika’s senses were buzzing with the wine and Ansh led the dance moves holding her hand and waist. Soon, only a few couples were left on the floor as families started leaving for the night. The lights dimmed further and the band played slow melodies as the remaining couple just waltzed slowly. Ansh pressed Ishika closer to his body, roaming his hands on her back. He was aroused being so close to his sister and got an erection. He pressed his hard cock against Ishika’s lower belly, making her aware of his arousal. She pressed back tightly, embracing him, looking up at him with dreamy eyes.


Ansh leaned forward slightly and Ishika pulled his face towards her, planting her lips on his. The brother and sister kissed passionately on the dance floor, while others around them remained oblivious. Her hand travelled down and felt his hardness through his trousers. The band finished their last song and the lights came back on. She jolted and disengaged from him. She looked around, guiltily, scanning the room to see if anyone was watching them.

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“We should go,” she said and walked out of the hall.

Ansh followed behind awkwardly, trying to hide his erection. He didn’t know what was going in his sister’s mind. They reached the parking spot and got into the car. He waited for her to say something but she didn’t. He started driving.

On the way back home, Ishika kept her eyes on the road, looking out the window. She didn’t look at him. He tried to spark some conversation a few times but she didn’t respond. His cock was still hard and uncomfortable in his pants. The road was straight and almost empty. He took her hand and placed it on his thighs. She removed her hand and took it back. Few moments later, he tried again. This time she was slow to remove her hand. Finally, he took her hand and placed it on his erection and was pleased that she didn’t remove it.

“Didi, tum bahut sexy lag rahi ho. You’ve made me so hard,” Ansh said. Ishika said nothing and just stared ahead on the road. She however, kept her hand on his erection. “Didi, please. I can’t go back like this. Please kuch karo na.”

She was still silent, her hand resting on his bulge. Few moments later, she said, “Take the next left.”

Ansh slowed down and turned the car into the road on the left. The road was narrower and looked deserted, without any street lights. He stopped the car and turned off the ignition and the headlights. In almost complete dark, he quickly unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out of his boxers and trousers. He then guided his sister’s hand in the dark and placed it on his erection.

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