Mother and son play lovers in a play

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The tension between Josh and his mother on the drive to the theater was almost palpable. You could have cut it with a knife. The rehearsal was going well right up to the love scene. After the fourth time the director yelled cut and admonished the lovers for faking it. Mary made eye contact with her son. In that glance she gave all the permission he needed. The next time the director yelled action the two started the same as always.

Josh stripped his mother’s costume dress off in a passionate rush. He pulled her voluptuous body in and hugged her to him tightly. He whispered in her ear ,”Are you sure?”


Mary looked up into her son’s eyes and nodded ever so slightly. She unfastened his belt and drew his pants down. He stepped out of them. Mary wrapped her arms around Josh’s legs as she pressed her face into her son’s crotch. She inhaled deeply as she savored the smell of Josh’s swollen cock.

The director was pleased. He indicated to the lighting man to bring up the lights a little. The lover’s angle was such that a clear view of Mary taking Josh’s hard cock into her mouth couldn’t be seen. Mary spent some time on her knees just giving her son pleasure. Josh was responding to her mouth and tongue. It looked convincing to everyone at the rehearsal.

Josh pulled his naked mother up into his arms again and kissed her full on the lips. There was more passion in that kiss than Mary had ever experienced in her whole life. She almost lost consciousness from the intense feelings it warranted. After the kiss Josh laid Mary down on a bed the lovers had made of hay and a heavy quilt. She let her son mount her between her legs. She slipped her hand between their bodies and took her son’s hard tool and guided it to her wet pussy. Then she looked her son in the eyes as he pushed his way back into the pussy he had come out of. She gasped as he began making love to her. They both moaned and grunted. They were very convincing. Then on cue the nun comes into the barn and sees the lovers. She retreats to report her discovery to the mother superior and the priest. All of whom come to the barn and interrupt the lovers before they climax.

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One of the hardest things for Josh and Mary to do was to stop. But stop they did. The director was ecstatic with their performance. He said that they finally got it. Now if the two could just maintain that level of passion the play would be a huge success.

After the full dress rehearsal was over the entire cast was congratulating Mary and Josh on their stellar performance. All the two actors wanted to do was escape to their humble apartment to finish what was started on the stage. With the final duet sung they both tried to extricate themselves from their fellow thespians. However protocol demanded that they attend the traditional gathering for champagne and socializing. This is what was done to mark the last day of rehearsals and celebrate the inevitable opening night.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity Mary and her son were free to go home. When they arrived home they barely got thru the door of their apartment with their clothes on. Josh spun his mother around and pulled her light knit dress up over her head. He planted a passionate kiss on her full lips and hugged her nude body tightly to his. Mary broke the kiss and pushed Josh back at his waist. Then she deftly unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. Then just like in the scene she knelt and pulled her son’s throbbing manhood to her face.

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