Mother and son play lovers in a play

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The fact that mother and son would be playing the parts of lovers hadn’t fully sunk in yet as the two celebrated their good fortune. Then almost simultaneously the two friends realized their predicament. Mary’s hand went up to her mouth as she gasped in shock at the revelation that she would be required to play out the part of lover to her own son.

Josh picked up on the problem and his eyes grew wide. He offered, “If this is a problem mom, I can turn down the part and take a different role.”


Mary waved her son’s offer off and replied, “If anyone is going to give up their lead role in this it will be me son. If you think it would be too awkward to play the part of my lover, I will step aside and let them give the role to someone else. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.”

“Mom, we can do this.” Josh replied. “I would never forgive myself if because of me, you lost this chance to shine, like I know you will. Let’s just do it. We got this mom. I know it will be a little awkward at first but it’s just acting. The show must go on and all that, you know?”

“Right, it is just acting after all. We can and we will do this.” Mary said trying to sound more convinced than she really was. In the back of her mind she harbored doubts about playing the part of lover to her exceedingly handsome son. She was also feeling butterflies in her stomach over the prospect.

Mary was from old money but had been disinherited when she became pregnant with Josh. Her entire family had turned their backs on her when she told them that she would be having a baby out of wedlock. Josh’s father was as handsome as Josh if not more so. He split town when Mary told him of her predicament. She had moved away from all she ever knew. She settled in a small mid-western town and took a job as a cashier at a local grocery store where she still worked to this day. She had raised Josh entirely on her own and he was her whole world.

Mary had never accepted promotion at her job because her time with her son was precious. She went to work at eight every morning and was off by three thirty every afternoon from Monday thru Friday. She made it a point to spend time with Josh everyday and she saw to his every need. Josh excelled in school and sports but his real passion was theater and singing. Mary encouraged him to pursue his dreams. She also taught him that he could do anything he wanted in life if he tried hard enough and never gave up.

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Josh had picked up on what his mother taught him. He was very tenacious when it came to what he wanted out of life. He didn’t even know how to give up on anything. Once Josh set a goal for himself he stayed with it until he either got it or something better. Working as a freelance personal trainer he could set his own hours. He charged more than the other trainers. He made good money at it too. Josh got results. He was tough on his clients, always pushing them beyond what they themselves thought they were capable of. He was voted best personal trainer four years in a row.

As soon as Josh was old enough to legally have a job, he did. Josh had been helping his mother pay bills ever since. He never griped about it. He just figured everyone in this world should pull their own weight if they could. Josh was kind to other people and he was very thoughtful of others. Almost everyone who knew him, liked him.

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