Bengalee Film Queen 29

“SNAP…… Picture four” Kader announced as he took the final picture.

He came down from the bed…. placing the hd camera and the printed photographs on his desk. The first one was starting to develop clearly by this time. He then walked over the little sink in the corner to wash his dick and dry it.


“Fucking hell Rachanaji, I never get tired of you.” Kader said in very matter-of-fact tone as he towelled himself down, without looking at the ‘Didi No.1’.

“You really know how to suck a cock….. don’t you….. you horny slut? I bet your driver might have a great time with you in your house!”

“Thanks Kaderbhai…….” Said Rachana happily. However she became surprised to know how Kaderbhai was able to know her sleazy encounter with her driver.

“But you…..” She uttered somehow.

She contemplated…… grabbing the photographs of her sluttish proofs and decided to torn them apart but quickly changed her mind. He had plenty more where they came from….. even videos. She knew he had enough degrading material of her previous sexual escapades with him that took place two yrs ago.

So it wouldn’t be worth…. by risking his anger and to ensure the pictures of her nasty facial in the hands of the media. It might even mean that video of her…. with her driver which he had mentioned….. might see the light of day.

To be continued……

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