Parents get a shock when they go to a new swingers club

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“So you want to see my pussy?”

“I saw it earlier tonight. Some guy had just finished fucking you and you were lying there wide open. That was just as you saw your mother.”


“What did you think?”

“It looked great. I love freshly fucked pussy. I was about to climb between your legs and fuck you before I realised it was you.”

“Play with me daddy while we watch.”

With that she lifted her right boob up to my mouth and placed my hand on her pussy, pushing a finger between her lips to massage her clit. Damn she was wet.

We sat and watched as Josh continued his slow stroking inside his mother in law’s cunt.

We could hear them whispering to each other.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes I love it. You go so deep and fill me. I feel stretched inside.”

“Oh, that is so hot,” from Melissa.

She stood up, took my hand and led me to the bed.

“Come on daddy. I need a good fucking.”

With that she lay down, spread her legs and pulled her lips open.

“Lick me first.”

I went down between her legs and touched my tongue to her clit. Not knowing how many loads of cum were in her, that was as low as I was going to go.

Gently she pushed my head to her pussy as I licked. I loved the feel of her engorged clit and swollen, puffy lips against my face.

Despite my doubts and guilt I was now getting desperate. I stopped licking her and crawled up her body. She and her mother were holding hands as Josh continued his slow strokes in Sue.

Sue saw what I was about to do.

“Are you going to fuck her? Fuck your own daughter?”

Josh butted in, “Oh yes, that is so dirty. Fuck her. She loves old guy cock.”

Melissa looked up at me, put her hands around my neck and pulled me to her.

“Fuck me daddy.”

She pulled me down to a full open mouthed kiss and as my tongue slipped into her mouth my cock slid very easily into her well lubricated cunt. As I bottomed out in her she lifted her lower body and wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper.

We stayed like that for what seemed like ages, overcome with the feeling of my cock buried deep in my daughter’s cunt as our tongues intertwined in the deep kiss.

She broke the kiss, “Do you like that?”

“Your pussy is incredible. You are so hot and wet and tight. It feels amazing.”

She pulled my head down to her shoulder and whispered, “I love your cock inside me daddy. I never dreamed that I would ever fuck my own father. It feels so naughty but so good.”

“Fuck me now daddy. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

With that I lost my doubts and thrust hard and fast into her as she continued whispering, “Fuck me daddy,” in my ear.

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