Fucked my Innocent Mommy

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“Why not mom? See here is your inner. I can feel it. Maybe this area will make you sweaty”

“Stop it, Ajay. What now? Are you going to put your hand inside to wipe sweat?”

“Nice idea, mom,” saying so I slid my hand inside and caressed her back everywhere including bra straps.

“Enough, Ajay,” she wriggled away.

“This is fun.” I went nearer and again put my hands on her.

She gave a fake sigh, “This is why I said I’ll sleep alone.”

“No. Sleep with me”

“Mind your words, Ajay.”

“Mind your body, mom,” and again I slid my hands inside and started going to the front this time. She moaned “What now, monkey?”

“Ma, this is tight in front let me release the pressure.” Saying so I started pressing and squeezing around her boobs.

“Ajay! What are you doing?” her drama grew weak.

“Just relax, mom,” I kept on squeezing her boobs like dough.

This reminds me of kneading dough. At times, in present, my mom will be kneading the dough for chappati. She will be all sweaty. If I’m lucky, we will be alone. So I go behind and tell her

“You are all sweaty, Saro,” putting hands on her shoulder as my mom stands in her saree.

“No need. Don’t need your help.”

“I will,” and gently caress her bare hips from the sides to the front navel ending a finger inside her navel button.

“Now I know why you ask chapati all the time.”

“Go away. I’m kneading dough.”

“Me too,” saying that I’ll take my hand up to her boobs and started kneading the boobs.

“Is this your dough?”

“Shh. Keep kneading. I’ll stop when you stop,” closing my eyes. l keep on squeezing and squeezing. Slowly taking my hand inside her blouse. I’ll knead her bare boobs like dough. My mom knows very well that asking chapati is a signal for action and removes her bra purposely.

My mom having eyes closed moans and slowly kneads the dough taking a long time. Reaching a high state, I whisper in her ears. “Saro, when will chapati be ready?”

“Do you really want chappati?” she replies in a husky voice. Kneading continues. “Something is poking in my blouse. Attend that first.”

“Oh, this?” I catch both ber nipples and pinch and squeeze them.

“Saro, paal venum. (I want milk)”

“After chapati. Ok?”

“Ok.” kneading continues.

But back in my first experience, the kneading was different as I squeezed her boobs lying next to her,

“Ajay. Stop it,” saying that she wriggled away. I didn’t leave her. Girls always love men putting the extra effort which is no different in my mom’s case who is a child at heart.

“I’ll forgive you for this okay? You cannot catch me. I’ve come this far,” she would laugh just lying a few feet away.

“What if I catch you?” saying that I went near and put hands on her ass this time.

“Idiot. What do you think? You know which all places I sweat?”


“See. This is the place where I sweat more” she lifted her arm and pointed at her armpit. Without thinking I went for her armpit all in a sudden and licked it over the cloth.

“What? Ajay!’

Since her nighty was almost sleeveless, I just rolled it and started licking her bare armpit.

“Sorry, mom. Couldn’t control.”

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