Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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‘Maybe a station' I said ‘you wear the blanket around you and sit. I hope no one comes.'
I was wrong. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I opened it and to my horror I found a group of Bihari guys standing there. They were hefty, totally black complexioned and I noticed that they were from the lower labour class. They wore lungis. I could smell the sweaty odour emanating from their bodies clad in vests. There was also the stench of cheap liquor. They were .

A huge guy stepped forward. ‘Saab, we have 2 seats here' he said ‘but we are six, we didn't get confirmed tickets so we will share. I hope you 't mind. He came inside and saw my in the blanket. In a hurry Manasi had not wrapped the blanket well and one of her bare shoulders glistened in the dim light. Anyone could easily make out that she was underneath.
‘Memsaab bhi ayi hai' muttered the big guy in Hindi with a knowing grin.
‘Darwaze ko bandh kar dena' he ordered.

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They trooped inside and took their places. They removed their vests and became topless. They were huge and hairy. The sweat shone on their bodies.
The big guy (Bhushan) was obviously the leader. He was a massive black guy like an African and he stared hungrily at Manasi for a long time apprising her. ‘Hum log bhi sath jayenge' he quipped at her and before I could react he sat down beside my wife. I noticed that he sat noticeably close to her purposely.

‘Kya bolte ho?' he asked Manasi, his face close to her's. I was sure he could smell her up-close.
‘Ha' she replied.
‘Dekha, ye samaj gayi.'
‘Dost banoge' he said offering his hand to Manasi.

She had no option but to take his hand. The movement caused her blanket to slip down and her bra clad was suddenly in open view of all. They were staring. Her breasts appeared to be larger at that than usual and were ballooning out in defiance before them. They glistened in the dim light. I noticed that some guys had their hands on their cocks, they were having erections.

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‘Bohot sundar ho' the one called Haria remarked as he walked up to her and shook hands. He squeezed her hands. One by one each one came near her ogling at her and shaking hands.
I was forgotten. All the attention was on her. They had her surrounded.

‘Aap upar chale jao' a guy told me sternly.
‘Tum us side beth lo, Memsaab beech me bethegi.
‘Kyu chalegi na Memsaab?' he asked Manasi. He was still holding her hand so that she could not cover her breasts.
‘Ha' Manasi replied weakly.
‘Tu achi hai samajti hai' Haria said as he sat on the other side of my wife.
During the adjustment Manasi had to stand up to allow Haria come beside her and the blanket slipped to the floor.
In a flash she stood naked before the six Biharis in the flimsy dress.
‘Achi dress hai' Bhushan remarked as he apprised her from top to bottom. I could make out his eyes linger on her open .
‘Bilkul randi lag rahi ho' Haria commented.

Manasi was feeling terribly shy for being called a ‘randi' before so many guys. She stood demurely exhibiting herself to them and her eyes avoiding theirs, face downcast.
‘Tum aise raho hamare sath koi pareshani nahi' Bhushan said ‘ek sath safar karne wale hai to phie sharmana kya?'
‘Rahoge na? Bolo?' the other, Haria asked.
Manasi nodded.
‘Chalo betho hum dono ke beech me.'
‘Usko sardi lag jayegi' I protested weakly ‘kambal de do.' I did not like all of them raping her with their eyes.
‘Chinta mat karo' the leader said looking at me ‘kambal de denge.'
Haria caught her hand and made her sit.
Now the blanket was raised so that it covered all three of them together.
‘Aab thand nahi lagegi' Bhushan said.
‘Thand lag rahi hai aapko?' Bhushan asked Manasi.
‘Nahi' she replied.
‘Nazdik chipak ke betho' he said and both edged close to her. Their faces almost touching hers. I was sure she could smell their sweaty bodies now.

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