Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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Manasi was groaning like a slaughtered sheep.
They made long hot love.
‘Kaisa lah raha hai bolo' he repeated.
‘Achi lag rahi hai' Manasi replied.
‘Ye hui na baat. Ab teri gand marungi' Sitaram hissed.
‘Nahi' Manasi croaked but the guy had already entered her .
‘Pura ghus gaya. Bohot tight hai re tu Mansi.'
He defiled her ass for nearly thirty minutes before filling her with his hot thick scum.
Soon five Biharis had shot her with . The sixth was an oldish Bihari of about 50. His name was Baldev.
‘Tum mere upar aajao' he ordered Manasi.

‘Ha aise. Pura lund andar le lo aaur chodo.'
The had begun.
‘Zor zor se.'
‘Aaur zor se.'
‘Bariya. Chodo chodo. Mera maal nikal lo.'

Now I could hear Manasi moan with full pleasure.
‘Jaldi karo, Baldev' Bhushan spoke up ‘iski pati jagne se pehle muje isse phir chodna hai.'
‘Ha ha' there was a chorus of approval.
‘Sali naagi beth rahi thi kambal ke niche' Haria commented.
‘Iski nangi photo nikalungi' Sukhlal suggested.
‘Batti jalao' someone snapped and the lights came on.

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I peeped. Manasi's hair was in shambles. The red lipstick was gone all sucked away. Her boobs were flushed red due to hours of rough handling. She was sitting on his lap and fucking the old Bihari from top like a real slut looking as ever. I realized for the that she was really good at it. Baldev's was in her . He was hairy and I could see the hairs rubbing her pussy as she stroked him passionately.
‘Dekho kitni pyaar se Baldev ko chod rahi hai' commented Mannu.
Mansi was jerking her ass against Baldev.
‘Randi hai Sali' Haria added.

Suddenly Baldev grabbed Manasi by the buttocks and rammed her hard onto his dick. Holding her in a vice like grip, full cock in her pussy, he ejaculated. I could see his buttock tendons swell spasmodically as he released loads after loads of his scum into her.
He was trying to remove his pennis from her cunt.
‘Ruko Baldev' Bhushan intervened ‘maal andar jane do puri tarah. Tu iski lund nichor le' he told Manasi patting her on the head.

She was looking gorgeous. Her breasts were fully naked before them but the skirt was still on her waist. It was no impediment at all.
‘Chal chut se uski lund daba' Haria urged Manasi kneading her boobs.
Kyu Baldev dabati hai?

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Ha re sali ustad hai maza aa raha hai,' Baldev was smiling and I could see his tobacco stained teeth.
Manasi tried to get up but Baldev was holding her steady, cock still fully inserted in her pussy.
‘Lund lete huwe bohor sundar dikhti ho aap, hath upar karo' Bhushan ordered and Manasi obediently raised her hands.
‘Jhatka do Baldev ko me video bana raha hu' Sukhlal interjected.
Manasi obeyed. Her boobs swayed as she thrust backwards and forward.
‘Uski dudh ka video banao' someone pointed out.
They took her snaps and made videos.
‘Muje ise chodna hai phirse' Bhushan said.
‘Muje bhi' Haria added.

Everyone wanted a second round. Bhushan and Haria were lucky because they fucked her again. Sukhlal also fucked her pussy under the lights as he had promised.
Then the train reached the station.
They were going to get down. Bhushan looked at Manasi who was now in that black bra and skirt. He took some snaps.

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